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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Mediums

How are you doing? I am doing well here; this week has been a lot better. We taught a lot more. We actually got a reference from some other missionaries for this woman who has diamonds implanted in her teeth. They look like the brackets from braces without the wire but they are actually “diamonds”. I didn’t have the heart to ask her if they were real or not or take a picture with her for that matter. She seems way cool but that seemed a bit odd for a first visit. We also went to visit another reference that was a lady who works for the cleaning company who cleans the chapels. Let’s just say she’s been to ever chapel known to man. She was with her sister and her husband. She and the diamond lady both said that they already know that the Book of Mormon is true but we’ll see what happens when we go back. I really hope they read it because I think that they could be really strong members of the church. I’m scared about Rosa´s, (diamond lady) family, they seem like their kind of sketchy so I am hoping that they are a lot like her. The same thing about the other ladies’ husband. He was….well let’s just say he was pretty strongly against the baptismal invite. Oh well, we are going to work with them.


Me and my comp have been working on a different way to teach the first lesson. For the last few times we’ve been using more examples of Joseph Smith. Using his search as a way to teach people about how he learned the things he did while still teaching the parts. Like talking about the scriptures as he would have most likely read and thought about them. It still needs some work but the one thing I believe we as a companionship were lacking as we taught was really showing people who Joseph Smith was and after the first lesson in my mind if people don’t go away thinking about him than you didn’t teach what was important. I however think this will reinforce his story and will give them the desire to read the Book of Mormon. Which is what they really need. Well last night we had a huge thunderstorm. It was right above us and you could feel the shakes every once and awhile. It was really nice. I love thunder storms here. The thing about them is that it means that it’s going to be really humid and that’s the only bad part about them.


Well not much more is going on here. We are just working, working, working! We have this other investigator that says she is a medium and meaning she can see and talk to spirits. Frankly the crazy thing is that after the mission I don’t quite doubt that. The sad thing was that she asked us told us something kind of sad in our last lesson. I quote “I feel like God has left me alone. I have decided to do something about it because I don’t want to feel so alone. What I am going to do is call forth a guardian spirit. This means that I’ll always have it with me and I’ll give him offerings so that good things will happen to me.” I must admit I’ve never seen Elder Batemans jaw drop so fast. She then asked “Do you think that would be alright?” Elder Bateman said he didn’t know and I tried to explain to her that the only spirit that is from our Heavenly Father that could stay with her is the Holy Ghost which we receive only after baptism. Oh well i hope you guys are doing good.



Elder fullmer



Elder Tyler Fullmer – It’s really freaking cold here

SO I have 4 points you need to listen to, and need to tell Jonathan and Scotty.
1. Mostly for Scotty… it’s freaking cold here. You don’t have a dryer… bring 2 towels. Most of the time the one is slightly soggy and that’s no fun.


*** I told him to buy a stupid extra towel then…geez***


2. Bring a photo book,  I need one please, just full of random family stuff and the Brazilians love it, and their so sad to know you’ve only got 2 pictures and NONE OF YOUR MOM.


*** Told him waahhhh, I don’t do pics of me, but I’m actually putting together one to send.****


3. Make sure you know how to cut your toe nails. Ingrown toenails are not cool and fun fact I just got over one and it’s not fun. Really hurts and the tithing has to be used so please warn them. Can I just say it hurts a lot and no one wants it to get infected.


***Am I the worst mom ever….thought the toe nail thing was a no brainer  🙂  ***


4. It’s really freaking cold here. 14c and it felt way colder. Plus Sunday naps are something to cut out. Sundays are killing me here. Anyways be prepared for the cold.

What I mean is we get refunded when we have a medical problem and that’s tithing money. I felt dumb asking to go to the doctor for something preventable.


The coat and blanket have come in handy so much I can’t even tell you. Right now because of that I’m doing good.  I don’t need anything else, but thank you for asking. It makes me laugh because people made fun of me for having both of those things.  There’s this one area named chapeco where the mission had to buy a space heater and sometimes their clothes freeze.


*** I made him take his fleece blanket and heavy duty wool coat.  He didn’t want to squeeze them in but I insisted.  Glad he didn’t ditch them in the MTC***


Anyways I was really worried about the fast and testimony meetings, but surprisingly they are so much better here. There are actual testimonies. I gave mine for the first time and everyone is always surprised when I start talking and I tell them I’ve been here for two months. Plus yesterday was my first time giving the spiritual thought at a lunch.


The thought is just like, after we eat we give them a little message you know. The missionaries do it here too. Pretty much it was just asking for help. I used scriptures about missionary work and then one about not being scared because the lord is going to strengthen us.  It went well and I think they understood.

Man,  I eat so much here. I’m going to be fat when I go home. I was up 20 pounds in the MTC. I don’t think I’ve gained more,  and I’ve come to love rice and beans… haha.

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Life in the Sao Paolo CTM

The city is so big I can´t believe it. The biggest city I have ever been in, which is not saying much I know. There are sky scrapers everywhere and you can’t see the end of the city.

On the flight over here I sat next to an LDS convert with an amazing testimony. His wife, son, and daughter all died in a car accident involving a drunk driver and he still has so much faith. I don’t know how he does it.

The way we got processed here was way different, because we went from the MTC with 2000ish missionaries, to the CTM just breaking 300. So we all got to personally meet and talk to the mission president. Hopefully he sent out an email to you with the picture in it.

My room is a little more cramped but everything is nicer. The reason we do not have as much room is because we have 6 people to a room. 4 Americans and 2 Brazilians and I must say they are multilingual. They help us so much with the language and in turn we teach them English.

The main difference is that the CTM on P-day lets us leave and we can go out around a couple blocks and talk to people, and we actually go to the post office.  Here the CTM doesn’t have one.

The thunderstorms are so cool here it is one of the best parts. The wall looks like a water fall because its tile and there is so much rain.

I must admit that the first money exchange we had in the airport was the biggest hit to me that I was not in the US anymore. Holding reai (their money), and yes I got more reai than the amount of dollars I gave, so yes the dollar still is important, and seeing the difference hit me that I was in brazil. Then seeing how much city there was made my mind blown. We just got back from the temple and it is so beautiful. The second best I have been to I would say. It has some of the coolest stain glass ever. There were a lot of us, so the session was in English even if the workers didn’t speak it.

My comp is way cool, our Brazilian roommates address us as “Oi American boy, Cowboy Como voce esta?” HAHA the first day he showed them his pictures of him doing rodeo and he got his nickname. His twin just got here today and it’s so weird everyone kinda freaked when they saw him.

Well it is warm here but it’s not unbearable until you go to gym. Then you wish it was cooler. My district is a little unfocused and they use our air conditioner too much but that’s about it. Our teachers are way laid back and like to joke around but we have learned so much here, me and my comp.

Well time to get out of my long sleeved shirt. Goodbye for now, love you all.
From, Elder Fullmer