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Elder Tyler Fullmer – A little hike


So this week was pretty crazy. It went by really slowly. Mom i’ll try
and get off the sd cards that I have with me to you guys in this letter that I send off and pictures are going to come in another letter.

Oh well so I hear that it’s fall there and kinda cold? It’s flipping hot here and now we’re six hours apart well most of us. I do really like it here. President is making  changes so that’s always nice. People are
getting their visas like crazy right now so I’m thinking the kid from
our stake might be coming soon, but who knows. I hope he does so I can be here to welcome him. That’d be so sick. Actually you will get the pictures and stuff in this letter. I’ll have to find a better way to do this next week. I’ve got some movies for you guys cause I’m sure you all want to hear me talk hehe.

The baptism went well in my extremely small baptismal pants
which made my companion and the lady I was baptizing laugh to no end . I sent you a picture of that. This file is going to be really big. Sorry guys.

I really miss you guys. We got 3 new American elders from the
states 2 days ago. They’re pretty cool.  One of them is going to stay with Elder Machado so good luck to him. He seems like a good kid.

So today was quite the day. We most literally hiked a mountain but it wasn’t a “hike” because we were on a road. It took us so long to get up. Mainly because of the sun that we are “privileged” to be
getting. I am quite literally the most tired I have ever been. I’m going to pass out tonight.

I’m glad things are going ok back at home. I’m glad
to hear that Jana is back or was back for a little while. I’m going to try and get around to making a package for you guys one of these days. I don’t send them mostly because there is not anything to buy and send back to you. It’s not like this is Paraguay. It really very similar to the EUA and there is not much cool things besides food.

So speaking of food we found this great place supermarket for rich
people that has make you own pastries. It’s like a pastry subway and it’s only around 3.50!!!!!That’s crazy. It’s so crazy I almost bought 2. So were going to be going back there a lot I believe.

Ugh I’m so tired right now I’m sorry this letter is a little short.

Love you guys,

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Gifts of the Spirit

So guess what… I found out something I thought was really cool. We have someone from our stake coming to this mission. I don’t recognize the name, maybe he is new or something. His name is Patrick Andrew Mitchell. The funny thing is that I didn’t even recognize that he was from our stake. When I looked at his “profile” I just saw that he lived in Sheridan and thought “wow that’s close” then

saw that his bishop(not the ward name) lived in Grand Ronde. I had already clicked away before I really got what was going on. So I jumped back and saw President Peterson’s name and was like ” this is crazy I can’t believe someone from my stake is coming here.” I don’t know him though, maybe you guys told me he was coming but I don’t remember and I thought it was cool. I hope he gets his visa so he comes when I’m secretary and  can welcome him here. If you guys see him, or more likely his bishop, tell him we’re all praying for his visa because we need more missionaries. I think we’ve got 4 people stuck in the US. One was liberated that we know for sure we think.  Two more are, but not for sure, and the other one still has visa by his name so he doesn’t have it.

So today is the big day. We have my first baptism today. It’s a baptism and marriage. Should be way cool. I’m not baptizing her. I made my comp ask her who she wanted to do it. He just wanted to be like “Oh and by the way Elder Fullmer will baptize you”, but he asked and she quietly, like something was wrong with her choosing one, asked him to do so. It’ll be nice, he wants me to talk, but of course I don’t know what I’m going to talk about. So that will be fun. Her whole family is coming, we think we’ll have around 70 nonmembers there. We just hope we have enough food.

My comp is training the new executive secretary so we’re in a group of three right now. We had some major problems with one AP and president was like “I’m done, he’s going to be demoted to senior his last transfer” so we did some changes in the set up and now my third comp for right now is Elder Bateman. He’s cool, I like him a lot. It’s cool to have an American comp again, but the odd thing is that he’s got less time in the mission than I do right now. So he’s kind of freaking out like I was when I got called here, but as we can see things are going good now. It’s going to be good cause he’s really ready to work and just go go go which I kind of need right now.

 The postal service is still out-of-order….. because the time has come for the government to decide how much more they will all make next year. So Elder Machado says that this happens every year but last time was shut down for 30 days. All of the missionaries are freaking out. No letters mean that everyone here starts to die. Today was way sunny to start the day out, but now it’s all cloudy and dark. I do love this town a lot. I need to find a safe way to send my two sd cards home. I’ve got a lot of pictures to send home. And I still have a third to use. Thank you memory cards.

So we met a Baptist today who was this crazy American guy who wanted to talk in English but got stumped by some 19 year old guys haha. He told us that you can’t do anything to gain salvation just accept Christ. If we try to do anything good, that’s trying to buy your
way into heaven. I was like “well we need faith and a scripture says ‘faith without works is dead…..I’ll show you my faith through my
works…..” and then he cut me off to say” no no no that’s trying to buy your salvation and Christ already paid.” He showed us a picture
from “the Passion of the Christ”(which was disgusting) and was like, “he paid.” then he said that he didn’t want to argue just was nice to talk in English, and then this struck me as funny he said “Man if I could have the gift of tongues that would be such a blessing, but we know that those things stopped in the first century.” Haha… he has been here for 4 years and doesn´t know how to speak very well.
I wanted to say “I have 6 months and I know this language better than you. That’s the gift of tongues showing you the right church.”

Anyways my job is to sit at a computer and to put all of our financial things into the mission system to send to São Paulo to be approved. Then if we have a problem, I have to make the calls to fix it. I go to the bank and make payments, but the thing I do the most is make sure things are filled correctly and make sure that all our payments are going smoothly. For example, I just got word from São Paulo that two of our land lords have banks that the church can’t work with anymore so next Tuesday I have to talk to them about how I can change that or if we need to cut that house. I just make sure things go well. A lot of times I’m just making sure missionaries are getting the money they need.

Anyways this picture is something that someone spray painted on a wall close to our house and I thought it was funny. There is also a
fountain I need a picture with, but there’s always a doorman there and I bet he’ll think I’m odd if I’m taking a picture with this fountain.

Oh mom, I had an investigator freaking out over your album the other day. She was like “oh my gosh I can’t believe your mom scrapbooks as well.” Hehe so you might need to do some more.

hey last week if forgot to write about my audit, but I don’t have time this week someone write me and remind me about it next week. Let’s just say it went ok.

Love you all,


Ty is off and somewhere over Mexico right now

We talked to Ty for about an hour today as he was on a layover in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.  He shipped out with 8 other guys, some where heading to madagascar, the others to sao paulo with Ty.  He’s pumped!!!!   They were flying out of Dallas at 7:30pm and scheduled to arrive in Brazil sometime around 7am.  Long flight but so exciting.

As he and another missionary were standing in line for lunch at the Salt Lake Airport, he motioned for the man behind them to go ahead because they hadn’t decided what to order.  The man responded that they better hurry up and choose because he was buying them lunch.  Awwwww…..if only he knew how much a mother appreciates someone looking after her son when she can’t.

I know he’s going to do a great job, and it was great to hear how excited and ready to go he was.  Well, when he gets to the Brazil MTC he will find out when Pday is and send out an email hopefully.

Ty’s Visa came through!!

Hooray, Ty’s Visa has come through.  He will fly out of Salt Lake City tomorrow at around noon, get into Texas at 4:30pm, and leave from Texas to Brazil at 7:30pm.  We are looking forward to talking to him from the airport.  3 other missionaries will also be flying down with him.  He’s so excited and ready to go. Here is his new address, and of course the email address stays the same.  We won’t know what day his pday is until he gets there.

Elder Tyler Fullmer

Brazil Florianopolis Mission

Brazil MTC

Rua Padre Antonio D’Angelo,

121 Casa Verde

02516-040 Sao Paulo-SP