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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Families are forever

Hey how are you guys doing?

I am doing ok this week has been a good week. Not the best but better than others. My new comp for 6 weeks is going to be Elder Rappleye. He’s way sick and I am getting to train him to be the next financial secretary. I really think he is going to be really good. He is learning a lot faster…..though I think I am training him a lot faster than Elder Egito did with me. By the way it’s been 6 months that I have been here and I know have 10 months in the mission. Isn’t that crazy? I wonder where I am going to go next. I really want to go out and baptize the world. One last year to bring it out strong. I have a feeling president might have me train a new missionary when I get out and i guess that would be cool.

We taught this old man the other day…well no I went on a division with a kid in the ward and the other two went to the diamond ladies house. I taught the guy about how families can be forever. The problem is that he has studied a lot in his life and knows a lot of church doctrine. He keeps talking to me about all of the things he knows and what I just did was straight up asked him If he thought that the church was right or not and he said that he thinks families can be forever and that all churches are different but he wouldn’t judge any one way or the other. So I asked him to read just Moroni 10:4-5 and pray about the church. So well see if he does that. I know he is going to get baptized one of these days I just hope I can be here to see it happen. The member that I was teaching walk out with me looking like I was crazy and said “how did you know?” i said “how did I know what” he then began to tell me that the two questions I asked him were the ones that he himself was going to ask but he felt to shy or out of place to do it. Just little miracles happen all the day peeps. All we can do is try to look for them in our lives.

That’s sick you guys are getting snow there. There is no sign of that here it’s so flipping hot that I am dyeing. I am going to get out of the office when the heat is going away though. It won’t be gone but it will be much less of a problem. I really hope I don’t get sent to Lages or Chapeco because right now is when it starts to get down to freezing temperatures and that is never any fun for missionaries. I do have that crazy huge coat though. Right now is when I really do need to get a package off to you guys. My comp just showed me pictures from his house and I guess they are having the worst Ice storm on record up there. Pretty crazy stuff, I don’t know what’s going on, I mean it’s hot here but were sitting pretty. Good thing you know that our house is not going to flood.

I really don’t have a whole lot to write today. I love you guys though. I want you to know I am praying for you guys and i am always happy when I get your letters and all of you emails.



Elder Fullmer



Elder Tyler Fullmer – The Future


First the card, well I am not sure I don’t think I will ever need it. I would only need it if I need glasses or dental work and I don’t know if the plan would either work in Brazil. So send it if you want to but I am not sure If I can use it here.

17 miracles, bad? Are you kidding me I loved that movie. Maybe that is just because I am serving a mission and they are the only movies that we can watch. As well they are not just about the boys who held them cross. Actually i believe that technically it doesn’t show those three. It shows another crossing but I don’t think that it is that one. Anyways enough of the technicalities of 17 miracles, although it was very well done.

That’s way cool that he found a Thai Bible in his house. I have been emailing him more regularly now. I can’t wait to get back and to be able to talk with him. It’s been really good here but it rains so much here. I really have decided that I do not want to live in a place that does not quite rain as much but I know that is not very possible. Brynn please don’t go to France hehe. The US is honestly the best country. I love Brazil and the people here but I could never live here. It’s just not the place that I want to stay. How’s our friendly neighborhood Mormon presidential candidate? Every member here keeps asking us if Mitt Romney has a chance, if he’s a good member, if he was a good governor, and things like that. It’s honestly one of the funniest things. Even the lady that works in the office was trying to get information out of us.

That sounds way sick that you’re working on sustainability. it’s a good goal and it needs people to work on it. That’s cool that you found a way in through your current job to start working with it. I am really not sure what I am going to do after the mission. I have gotten kind of muddled here in the office. Too much time to think but maybe it was a good thing. Get all of my worrying out of the way. This is something I have been thinking about a lot. It started out by thinking about where I will apply after the mission. I started out thinking about the air force academy, now don’t worry I don’t think I’ll be applying there anytime soon. I emailed uncle Shane and Austin just to see what they thought. Austin as always was very optimistic, as he always is, but uncle Shane was a little more down to earth. He said the applications for the Academies (Air Force, Army, Navy) would be and I quote “painful”. Yet something he said hit me.he said the Coast guard academy he thought would be much more doable. The weird thing is I had been looking into that as well. I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop. I won’t have to worry about any applications until way later but just want to have a plan while I am here and can plan.

We weren’t able to teach so much this week. We had a lot of things to do in the office and with English class going on it didn’t leave to much time to do anything else which I felt really bad about. We went house, to house to house, and not one of them let us in. You can’t climb the hills to get to people and everyone else is too rich to listen to want to listen to you. It makes me very aggravated but you can’t force it on anyone. Anyways I love you guys and I want you to know that I am always thinking about you guys.


Elder Fullmer

P.S – Looks like I am turning into mom now I am getting myself Christmas and birthday presents.

Oh by the way you should be proud i have lost 3 kilos since I started to run. I have been getting up at 6:15 and running with my comp every day.


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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Mediums

How are you doing? I am doing well here; this week has been a lot better. We taught a lot more. We actually got a reference from some other missionaries for this woman who has diamonds implanted in her teeth. They look like the brackets from braces without the wire but they are actually “diamonds”. I didn’t have the heart to ask her if they were real or not or take a picture with her for that matter. She seems way cool but that seemed a bit odd for a first visit. We also went to visit another reference that was a lady who works for the cleaning company who cleans the chapels. Let’s just say she’s been to ever chapel known to man. She was with her sister and her husband. She and the diamond lady both said that they already know that the Book of Mormon is true but we’ll see what happens when we go back. I really hope they read it because I think that they could be really strong members of the church. I’m scared about Rosa´s, (diamond lady) family, they seem like their kind of sketchy so I am hoping that they are a lot like her. The same thing about the other ladies’ husband. He was….well let’s just say he was pretty strongly against the baptismal invite. Oh well, we are going to work with them.


Me and my comp have been working on a different way to teach the first lesson. For the last few times we’ve been using more examples of Joseph Smith. Using his search as a way to teach people about how he learned the things he did while still teaching the parts. Like talking about the scriptures as he would have most likely read and thought about them. It still needs some work but the one thing I believe we as a companionship were lacking as we taught was really showing people who Joseph Smith was and after the first lesson in my mind if people don’t go away thinking about him than you didn’t teach what was important. I however think this will reinforce his story and will give them the desire to read the Book of Mormon. Which is what they really need. Well last night we had a huge thunderstorm. It was right above us and you could feel the shakes every once and awhile. It was really nice. I love thunder storms here. The thing about them is that it means that it’s going to be really humid and that’s the only bad part about them.


Well not much more is going on here. We are just working, working, working! We have this other investigator that says she is a medium and meaning she can see and talk to spirits. Frankly the crazy thing is that after the mission I don’t quite doubt that. The sad thing was that she asked us told us something kind of sad in our last lesson. I quote “I feel like God has left me alone. I have decided to do something about it because I don’t want to feel so alone. What I am going to do is call forth a guardian spirit. This means that I’ll always have it with me and I’ll give him offerings so that good things will happen to me.” I must admit I’ve never seen Elder Batemans jaw drop so fast. She then asked “Do you think that would be alright?” Elder Bateman said he didn’t know and I tried to explain to her that the only spirit that is from our Heavenly Father that could stay with her is the Holy Ghost which we receive only after baptism. Oh well i hope you guys are doing good.



Elder fullmer


Elder Tyler Fullmer – Movies

This week has been really weird after Christmas. With all that’s led up to new years and we just get to sit at home. It’s a rule that we can’t go out for New Year’s. That does mean however that we get to stop working at 6. For us here in the office that means a full day pday again. We’re going to watch Rango and the Blind Side tonight…..probably in Portuguese which is less fun than one would think. Movies just aren’t as cool when you are seeing them dubbed over. Because you expecting to hear one voice and another comes out. It’s weird but It nice to know that when I can get back I can bore you guys by asking you guys to put on Portuguese subtitles. So start practicing hehe. Once again it’s raining and what can you do. Its weird how missionaries just get to the point where rain and other things just go unnoticed.

Yes mother’s day is around the corner and before you know it we’ll be talking again. At that point however I’ll have over a year and to make things even crazier did you know that we only have 2 more phone calls left. Mother’s day and the Next Christmas. It’s odd to see how far I’ve come in such a short time. President has given me the go ahead to start thinking of names to give him for the next financial secretary. When the time comes I’ll give him three names and hell pray about them and then the lord will let us know who I am supposed to train.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how little time we get to serve missions and how fast that small amount of time seems to be going. At times it seems too fast but it just means that we have to be harder workers so that none of that time gets lost. I’ve been trying to make what I call mini lessons. Messages that would last 2-5 minutes and then we could give them to people who say they don’t have too much time to listen to us so that maybe we can get into more houses and have the chance to get more people excited to hear the others. I want to have ones ready about prophets and important differences like that. Things that really set us apart and show people why the Restoration is so important. Sadly the hardest part is selling my comp on the idea. We got into a fight this last week when I brought the idea up. I must admit that I think the idea is golden and you know me with that in mind I got a little locked up. He then made the defense that we could teach a full lesson in 5 minutes. So I asked him to give me one. He then rushed through the first lesson in a little under 2 minutes and gave me what I thought was an answer just to say “told you so”. So then I made the wrong choice and said “well you missed this, that , you just said this, didn’t say that…’ Well as you can probably tell that didn’t go over too well.

I haven’t brought it up since. I’ve been trying to find a nicer way to do it next time because I will admit we were both being idiots that day. I’m not saying that I don’t like me comp but there have been many ties where we have just clashed. Anyways don’t worry about me your son is asking friends everywhere he goes. We did so many contacts this week it is unbelievable. We met some really crazy Seventh Day Adventists though. We started to go this area that is full of them it blows my mind. We met a crazy lady who has about 50 stray dogs and one lady who will not get baptized for the following reasons. 1. She wears make up (which is of course a sin), 2 She can’t bear to be saved without her son, 3 She wants to stay perfect after baptism and she knows she won’t do that. So her wish is that when Christ comes again he will tell her that although she wasn’t baptized “her sins are forgiven her” just like the woman Christ didn’t stone for fornication. We then asked her what happens if it can’t be like that and she simply said the then she fine with that. So there was not much to do with her seeing as she felt up said she does and will not believe in our church. Oh well I’ll let you guy go.


Elder fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – 9 months

Hey guys,

It’s been 9 months since the day I left you guys in the Portland
airport. It seems like time has been flying by. Well at least it has
for me. I’m not so sure about why it’s happened that way buy i kind of
like it. I think it’s just because we have Skype coming up. I’m
actually going to be spending the 24 with president and his kids. So
that’s going to be cool. We’ve got the two mission Christmas conferences
this week and I’ve got to help the church close the years finances. I
never knew that would be such a pain in the butt. Who knew finances
were so hard hehe. I have learned a lot and one of those things is that
I don’t want to work with finances for the rest of my life.

I love you guys and it’s been a weird week. I hate seeing all
the people that are going home because it gets me so trunky. I did get
to see all the news though. Tell Elder Mitchells parents that he got
her fine with just one small delay. His flight to Floripa got
cancelled but they found one for later that day. I actually got the
chance to wait for him at the airport. Tell his parents that he will
be a great missionary. He walked off the plane talking to some and the
guy had given him fifty reais just because, so his mission started out
great. I must say for a new missionary he was speaking really well.
When I was at the policia federal (federal police) with him I was near
sleeping and all of a sudden I just look over and he’s talking to these
two ladies from Peru no problem and yes he was speaking Portuguese.
The only time I had to help him talk to them is when they asked him
where the chapel on the island was. They have a son ready to serve
that speaking really well already.

The video I put on was what happens in Brasil when it rains just a
little bit too hard. It was really crazy and as always it was a nice
way to welcome the new missionaries. When you’ve got water gushing from
the ceiling it’s always a fun day. This elder was like “ok so we’ve got
some water coming from the ceiling where are the buckets?” Closely
followed by the shoeless missionary yelling “there’s too much water
buckets won’t help.” All in the day of a missionary, right? The celling
almost falls down and you’ve got to clean up your chapel.

I’m glad you guys are doing good I forgot Brynn’s birthday was so close.
I always forget these types of things. It’s difficult when in Brasil
but I should be better at this kind of stuff.  Im sorry Brynn, but
Happy Birthday! Next year you guys will actually get things for your
birthday but it’s just weird this year. Hey I love you guys but I gots
to go. Have a happy Christmas and I’ll see you guys Sunday.

Elder fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Clearer


Well once again it’s been another week and the mission is almost out
of money. It’s getting pretty hard here. we’ve had to tell everyone
that all reimbursements are stopping until the next month. Can you
believe this next week will be the nine month mark. I hardly feel like
I’m getting anything done and i really hope the second half is not
faster than the second. This mission is flying by and that’s good and
bad. I’m not sure I’m so happy about how fast its going but Im glad that
Christmas is coming soon. It’s going to be hard to find a time to get
all of us in that day. There will be 3 Brasilians and I think 3
Americans here all using Skype. So who knows I know some of them will
be slow I just know it. Oh well just can’t wait to see you guys as

Anyways how’s work and school? Schools probably not going to get out for
Connor until the 24th. This week has been kind of a lame one. Not too
many lessons. We had some trouble with that I think every day we had
one fall through. So this Tuesday we are going to have a district
secret Santa. I think its going to be good but we can only stay for
the first half of the day. when lunch comes we have to be going back
to work at lunch. I’ts going to be a fun day.

I’ve started rereading the Liahonas of the conference talks in Portuguese
and I must say I’m loving it. I’m started to find things I never noticed.
Things that didn’t really have any meaning in English have become more
clear to me. When I’m reading I can now get almost all of it in
Portuguese. Both the bible and the Book of Mormon. I really feel for
Austin, i can imagine how hard the Bible must be in German. Normally
the church uses easier language in the Book of Mormon than the Bible
does. It’s really nice because some people begin the hold on to the
Book of Mormon because it is easier for them to read. I must admit
It’s nice to know that i can read and understand what i read. It’s hard
when your investigator reads you a scripture from the Bible telling you
its why they won’t join the church and you don’t even know what it
says. If you guys haven’t read the Book of Mormon edition of the
Liahona you should because it is great. We use the time lines to

I love you guys. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys on Christmas. I
miss you guys but I know that I am supposed to be here. I’m am glad
that I got to working the office even though I didn’t think I’d be here.
I have learned quite a bit been here that i will never forget. I know
the Lord has his purposes even if we can’t see them at the time. oh and
by the way Brynn I got your yellow puffy pack. Thank you all the
things in there made my day. Love you guys.


Elder Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Big news

Bom dia tudo mundo,

The big news is that Skype with video has been approved. I will have
45 minutes to talk to my family on Christmas day and yes we can use
the video feed. Turns out that there were some irregularities in the
missions and so many people were asking so the Area Presidency called
the missionary department and then it got all the way to the first
presidency that have approved it for the whole world. That’s what you
get for complaining people. You get to talk to your family on Skype.
Seems like Dallas is changing right before your eyes. By the way HOW
MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN THE TOWN? I thought I’d get an actual number
because Brazilians really like to know. They think its crazy that you
could live in a very small town.

Let me try and answer your questions. No I haven’t gotten around to
sending the SD cards home I always forget….I’m bad enough about
writing paper mail home and no I’ve never gotten Brynn’s puffy yellow
pouch. I hope it didn’t get lost. No Connor, It doesn’t snow here…hehe
well I guess that’s now true. There is a town close to Lages-SC that
actually did get some snow. It didn’t stay but I sure did make all the
Brazilians here freak out. Most of the time I just gets cold and
freezes. As of right now however it’s a good 80 degrees and sunny
here…well at least it feels like 80 its probably less. It’s supposed
to just keep getting warmer. Its crazy humid here. I know know what
dad was talking about Thailand because man its hot here. At least I’m
not up north or it would be like this all the time.

Well not much news here. They celebrate Christmas, kind of. It’s not
so wide spread as it is in the United States. They, being a catholic
country, celebrate a lot of saints. The holidays are mostly religious
and they celebrate a Halloween type holiday in July I believe. Because
Halloween is taken more literally here and is called “Dia dos brushes”
or “Day of the witches”. I don’t think I’ve seen more people dressed up
like zombies in my life. That’s what they all dressed up as one night
we only saw people dressed up like zombies. Brazilians are so crazy.
My English class is a little bit better, because we call it a
conversation class. So I just sit there and talk to them or in all
reality they just talk to me. They like to talk so they just go off.
They being 50 year old men, have a lot to say.

Well I’ve been teaching a lot this week. We have had a baptism last week
hence the pictures. As you can tell we ran out of baptismal clothes
and those were the only ones our ward has. So ones were using child’s
clothes and the other was using a baptismal dress. Oh well I think
the bishop is going to go looking for more. We have a Zone leader
council this week so they will all be coming in which means I get to
see my trainer again. He might have just been written off though.
That’s why you don’t go on a mission with a woman waiting. Even if you’ve
been dating for five years. Anyways love you guy miss you guys and ill
see you guys on Christmas.

Oh and dad, how much of Luke 2 do you have memorized?


Elder Fullmer

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