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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Clearer


Well once again it’s been another week and the mission is almost out
of money. It’s getting pretty hard here. we’ve had to tell everyone
that all reimbursements are stopping until the next month. Can you
believe this next week will be the nine month mark. I hardly feel like
I’m getting anything done and i really hope the second half is not
faster than the second. This mission is flying by and that’s good and
bad. I’m not sure I’m so happy about how fast its going but Im glad that
Christmas is coming soon. It’s going to be hard to find a time to get
all of us in that day. There will be 3 Brasilians and I think 3
Americans here all using Skype. So who knows I know some of them will
be slow I just know it. Oh well just can’t wait to see you guys as

Anyways how’s work and school? Schools probably not going to get out for
Connor until the 24th. This week has been kind of a lame one. Not too
many lessons. We had some trouble with that I think every day we had
one fall through. So this Tuesday we are going to have a district
secret Santa. I think its going to be good but we can only stay for
the first half of the day. when lunch comes we have to be going back
to work at lunch. I’ts going to be a fun day.

I’ve started rereading the Liahonas of the conference talks in Portuguese
and I must say I’m loving it. I’m started to find things I never noticed.
Things that didn’t really have any meaning in English have become more
clear to me. When I’m reading I can now get almost all of it in
Portuguese. Both the bible and the Book of Mormon. I really feel for
Austin, i can imagine how hard the Bible must be in German. Normally
the church uses easier language in the Book of Mormon than the Bible
does. It’s really nice because some people begin the hold on to the
Book of Mormon because it is easier for them to read. I must admit
It’s nice to know that i can read and understand what i read. It’s hard
when your investigator reads you a scripture from the Bible telling you
its why they won’t join the church and you don’t even know what it
says. If you guys haven’t read the Book of Mormon edition of the
Liahona you should because it is great. We use the time lines to

I love you guys. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys on Christmas. I
miss you guys but I know that I am supposed to be here. I’m am glad
that I got to working the office even though I didn’t think I’d be here.
I have learned quite a bit been here that i will never forget. I know
the Lord has his purposes even if we can’t see them at the time. oh and
by the way Brynn I got your yellow puffy pack. Thank you all the
things in there made my day. Love you guys.


Elder Fullmer


Elder Tyler Fullmer – Big news

Bom dia tudo mundo,

The big news is that Skype with video has been approved. I will have
45 minutes to talk to my family on Christmas day and yes we can use
the video feed. Turns out that there were some irregularities in the
missions and so many people were asking so the Area Presidency called
the missionary department and then it got all the way to the first
presidency that have approved it for the whole world. That’s what you
get for complaining people. You get to talk to your family on Skype.
Seems like Dallas is changing right before your eyes. By the way HOW
MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN THE TOWN? I thought I’d get an actual number
because Brazilians really like to know. They think its crazy that you
could live in a very small town.

Let me try and answer your questions. No I haven’t gotten around to
sending the SD cards home I always forget….I’m bad enough about
writing paper mail home and no I’ve never gotten Brynn’s puffy yellow
pouch. I hope it didn’t get lost. No Connor, It doesn’t snow here…hehe
well I guess that’s now true. There is a town close to Lages-SC that
actually did get some snow. It didn’t stay but I sure did make all the
Brazilians here freak out. Most of the time I just gets cold and
freezes. As of right now however it’s a good 80 degrees and sunny
here…well at least it feels like 80 its probably less. It’s supposed
to just keep getting warmer. Its crazy humid here. I know know what
dad was talking about Thailand because man its hot here. At least I’m
not up north or it would be like this all the time.

Well not much news here. They celebrate Christmas, kind of. It’s not
so wide spread as it is in the United States. They, being a catholic
country, celebrate a lot of saints. The holidays are mostly religious
and they celebrate a Halloween type holiday in July I believe. Because
Halloween is taken more literally here and is called “Dia dos brushes”
or “Day of the witches”. I don’t think I’ve seen more people dressed up
like zombies in my life. That’s what they all dressed up as one night
we only saw people dressed up like zombies. Brazilians are so crazy.
My English class is a little bit better, because we call it a
conversation class. So I just sit there and talk to them or in all
reality they just talk to me. They like to talk so they just go off.
They being 50 year old men, have a lot to say.

Well I’ve been teaching a lot this week. We have had a baptism last week
hence the pictures. As you can tell we ran out of baptismal clothes
and those were the only ones our ward has. So ones were using child’s
clothes and the other was using a baptismal dress. Oh well I think
the bishop is going to go looking for more. We have a Zone leader
council this week so they will all be coming in which means I get to
see my trainer again. He might have just been written off though.
That’s why you don’t go on a mission with a woman waiting. Even if you’ve
been dating for five years. Anyways love you guy miss you guys and ill
see you guys on Christmas.

Oh and dad, how much of Luke 2 do you have memorized?


Elder Fullmer

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Roasted Chickens

Bom dia tudo mundo,

As you can tell I’m going to have another baptism today. He asked
one of his friends to do it so That’s going to be nice. The friend is
actually a recent convert as well. I’m excited to see how it all goes.
I hope his family comes. The baptism was kind of fast and he was 18 so I
never had to go meet his parents. Just hoping it’s a good experience
for him. I really wanted to speak but i don’t think I will. They
normally only have one speaker and that will be the kids friend so i
will probably just hang out being the missionary. That’s one of the
things that i really love doing now. i love giving talks. Sadly the
missionaries here don’t give them all to often cause the wards here
are very much independent from the missionaries. They can do these
things themselves you know. Haha just thought that was funny but keep
trying to do things with them. This baptism has really got them a
little bit more excited than usual.

I’m glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. I wasn’t quite sure how
hard it would be to explain. No one here gets the point. We taught
them the story but they just don’t seem to get it. Just doesn’t make
sense. We didn’t have the time to do something special. My companion
wanted to buy one of the roasted chickens that they sell here but that
was a bust. Mostly because I went and did a division (exchange) with another
Elder. It was the first one of two that I did this week. We’ve found
lots of people to teach but not all of them are in my area so were co-
teaching them for the time being. That sound really weird but oh well.
President was gone all last week. He had a lot of interviews to do so
he was always somewhere else. We got a new Elder while he was gone. I
had to burn a lot of papers…it was a fun week while he was gone. You’re
probably wondered why I was burning any papers in the middle of
Floripa but it’s simple. I had to get rid of some of the old documents
and its easier to burn them than to cut them up. That was of course
until the neighbors started to complained and me not being Brazilian
enough to talk my way out of it just gave up and said ok I’m done.

Anyways we don’t have all the details about how we are going to call
home. As of right now we know only phone calls because president has
not got the ok to use Skype right now. We’ve heard other missions can
so I’m thinking we will but as for length and how we’ve got to call I’ve
got nothing. I’m thinking we will have a thunder storm today cause the
skies are black and its really hot so if it starts to rain its going to
be crazy. It’s gotten so hot here right now and the people here are
saying that’s its only going to get worse. Im sorry it’s so short today
Im kind of running around crazy because we forget to factor the (baptismal) font
into play and its having problems again.


E. Fullmer