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Elder Austin Fullmer – Pecan Ketchup

8 August 2011

Family and Friends,

I love you all so much. This computer is making me crazy because the y key and the z key are switched. Silly Germans. I love getting all off you emails. Cori, I loved the pictures and I wish you and everyone else luck in the last parts of swab summer. You will all be great. Melissa, thanks for the update. I too have yet to get the new Death Cab for Cutie CD. Unfortunately it is going to be at least two years before I get it. Think of me when you listen to it. Aunt Sarrah, as always you are the best. Uncle Bill, thank you for your letters too!

So second P-day in Deutschland. It is good. First I want to say Happy Birthday to two very important people: Trenton Fullmer and Cate Giguere. You are both AWESOME and I love you both. I hope you 14th and 20th respectivley are great. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Trenton and Cate. Happy Birthday to you. The thing with that song is that it has an unnecessary amount of the letter y in it. I typed z every single time. 🙂

Germany is great. I continue to learn a lot about the language. My favorite day this week was when I got to go on exchanges. My companion is District leader and so the Zone leaders have to do exchanges with us. I went up to the Hamburg area and was companions with Elder Thorley for 24 hours. It was a great experience. It was nice to be companions with someone new for a day. Elder Lingard is great, but he and Elder Thorley have very different priorites. So it was nice to see a different side of Missionary work. Elder Thorley concentrates a lot of finding. You know, just talking to people. I was really nervous when I heard that was what we were doing, but I sort of asked if we could do a lot of finding. Elder Lingard does not really like to talk to people on the street and I get really nervous to speak to people in German. Regardless, long story short, with Elder Lingard I ended up talking to like 30 people. I would be able to start the conversations and then Elder Thorley would finish them. Lets be honest though, most of these conversations were never really long. People are always busy here in Germany.

My compaion is a good guy. He is from Mesa, Arizona. He also is a Marine. Although he only ways like 10 pounds more than I do. He likes to concentrate a lot on teaching and having charity. That is the christ-like attribute is is always trying to work on. I am trying to get him to be more excited about finding and just talking to people. He has been on his mission here in Germany for a year and a half and is 21 next week.

On Saturday we did a lot of service. We went over to woman´s house who just recently lost her husband. Elder Lingard and I picked all the weeds from her Garden. That is sort of generous way to put it. It was not so much a Garden as a bed of weeds! 🙂 It was really great. I am glad that we could help her. Then we went over to the Richter´s home. They are this awesome couple in the ward that are ancient. Brüder Richter looks exactly like Bilbo Bagins from the Lord of the Rings. I might have already told you about them. We go to there home every Mitwoch, Wednesday, for lunch. They are super nice. They have tons of animals and a huge Garden. That is part of what we helped them with. Elder Lingard helped prune bushes and I swept the roof of their green house. Then they made us dinner. Fried egg sandwiches. A little bit of America. Except their ketchup. They have tomato ketchup, but they perfer their own type which they still call ketchup, but is actually made of pecans.

Usually we wake up at 0630. We have time to work out right when we wake up. It was pretty aweful, because I could not stay awake. I realized that if I did a set of push ups right off the bat then I would wake up. Then Elder Lingard and I take turns in the bathroom and eating breakfast. Then we have study time. Personal Study is from 0800 to 0900. Companionship study is from 0900 to 1000. Language study is from 1000 to 1100. I try to take this time really seriously. We try to leave the apartment by 1100. Then we have appoinments during the day. We have an eating appoinment about every other day and atleast one or two investigator appoinments everyday. Which is really nice. We get back to the appartment by 2100 and eat a light dinner, plan for the next day (sort of… Elder Lingard is not a huge fan of this), and get ready for bed. I usually right in my journal and then look up words in my notebook. When I hear a word that people use a lot in conversation that I do not know, I write it down and look it up when I get back to the apartment.

When we first got here in Germany, I recieved a debit card. 175€ are put onto the card at the beginning of each month. This is for food and other missionary needs. Any traveling we have to do (ie: train tickets) we send into the mission home to get reimbersed. It is really nice.

I love you all very much. As always feel free to email me at or check out the blog at Pretty sweet. These emails get posted there.

auf Wiedersehn,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


Ty’s email – 3/25/11

Sweet I’m really glad you guys got it and I got all your stuff Thank you so much.

Oh and 4 people from my district have got visas and many more in other districts. So I’m hoping that the Fullmer name will be called from the speaker in the sky. There is an intercom system that they have installed and so that’s how we find out. It seems like if pattern follows I’ll be next, so keep me in your prayers.

My days here are pretty regimented. We wake up around sixish and get ready, whether that’s to gym or class, then we have breakfast. Its kinda hard to give you my exact schedule because it changes. but we have two teachers that each come once a day and if they are not in teaching, we are not in gym, or eating then its personal or comp study.

All my room mates loved your box by the way.

So my teachers are really great and we go to a place called the TRC where we contact and teach in Portuguese. You guys are the only ones that have sent letters so far.

I do love it here, I sang in the choir for the last fireside, crazy right. We sang “Be still my soul” and I really did enjoy it so its kinda weird that I did.

Its really strict but it’s really nice and the firesides are great we just had Elder Costa come and it was way cool, that’s the one I was in the choir for.

We went to the temple today and one of the sisters in the district just happened to be in the same session as her mom, who just happened to go on our day, and she just happened to see her friends on our temple walk last Sunday. Other than that it’s amazing.

From the time we got into the temple and out it had started snowing and got a couple inches on the ground. Sundays are nice and relaxed but still way cool. We have to prepare a talk every Sunday even though we might not give it, and starting our second week it’s all in your mission language. Good thing the next 2 weeks are fast Sunday and conference.
Well love you all.
Eu sei que o Livro de Mormon e verdaje e Jesus Critso e o fihlo de deus e meu redentor.

I miss you guys and I love you if I get my visa than ill be calling you guys so if a way random number comes up it might be me.

Elder Fullmer