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Elder Austin Fullmer – Return of the Rubik

This week went by pretty fast. It started last P-day with a trip to Chemnitz. Chemnitz is the biggest city around us. I guess I really have no idea how big it actually is, but coming from Annaberg, which has 22,000, Chemnitz felt like New York City. Apparently back during the communist times of the German Democratic Republic Chemnitz was called Karl-Marx-Stadt. I thought that was pretty funny. There is supposed to be a giant statue of his head in the city somewhere, but we didn’t have time to visit it. I bought a Rubik’s Cube while we were there. My new Miterbeiter is really good at solving them and he has a really cool spiritual thought that we have shared a couple time that uses the Rubik’s Cube, so I am practicing, so I can get them solved in three or so minutes for the member lesson. Pretty Sweet. Elder Redd is a pretty cool guy.
On Tuesday we had an appointment in Jöhstadt planned. It is pretty far away and there are not a lot of bus connections there, so we were planning on spending most of the day there. Unfortunately the appointment fell out, luckily I guess, she called us before we left to get there. So we went back to the apartment to have a mid-day-crises planning session. It was a really pretty day and we were wondering how to find out where our bikes were. My last companion and not gotten the pass down as to where our storage unit was. Elder Redd’s MTC companion served here in Annaberg too, so we called him, got the number of the storage unit and 30 minutes later we were riding our bikes to a city south of us. Out plan was to look up two less active members. I didn’t bring our Harry Potter Book of a Map with us, because it weighs so much. I just assumed that like every little German city, there would be a town map board thing. There wasn’t, so we continued an to the next city to look up a prior investigator. Luckily, that city did have a town map so we found her and set up an appointment for tomorrow. The funny thing about the bikes was that the gears didn’t work for the first half of the day, or rather we couldn’t figure out how to get them to work. The bikes seemed to want to be in the 7th gear up the hills and then in the 1st gear down the hills. Cori, imagine that hill on the way back from Bluff Point in Groton, but in 7th gear. Tuesday was beautiful, but now we tons of snow everywhere. The past two month has had almost zero snow, but now we’ve got tons.
I am grateful for my opportunity to serve here in Germany. This morning I read in the Bible Dictionary that is the LDS edition of the King James Bible. It was crazy to read about all the history that lead to the translation of the KJB during the early 1600s. I am currently reading through the Pauline Epistles. They are way interesting. I really like Paul a lot (although he can say some pretty crazy stuff sometimes). He has a ton of great insights and must have been a huge blessing to the Saints after the death of Christ. Paul said “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Me too.
Elder Austin Fullmer