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Elder Tyler Fullmer – The house

My comp and me are going to be trunky for a week because of the last “Harry Potter”, haha.  Anyways it’s going good with Elder Torres but he is very annoying and now my comp was like i understand your stories about him now. His comp is not in a good mood and its been this way since Elder Torres got here so that’s not a good sign.

I had to give a talk last Sunday and that was cool but scary. Everyone came up and was like “good job I understood you” but im scared they didn’t actually listen to what I was saying. I tried to awaken our ward to a sense of wanting to reactivate the army of less active people that we have but well see. This week was kinda lame with pictures sorry.

I got your last package sadly the silly putty did not make it through the mail the same i when you sent it. That or silly putty has become really lame. Thank you for the blue drink and can i just say that beef jerky is so much better than the last stuff you sent. One of the AP´s was there and tried it and was utterly disgusted by it. Not much else happened. The APs love me which might not be a good thing. We are having more work but still no baptisms marked. I want to get an email off to Scotty and Jonathan but I don’t know if I will have time today whats Scotty’s adress?

The APs were here to tell us to clean the house and then rededicate it [be]cause of some problems in the mission. It seems like the new pres is getting a work out already man. We’ve heard of a couple of emergency transfers and one affected us so it seems like things are hitting home for him already.

That’s about it for here love you guys I might send some more later.

Elder Fullmer

A little explanation for the last one that’s us our ward mission leader (Sergio) e our gospel principals teacher (Francielle) they’re not married but our secretary wanted us to take a picture with them.

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Arrival at Criciúma

I got sent to Criciúma and its way nice here. I love it. I’m going to try to send pictures in a separate email. I haven’t had time to take some here, but I’ll send some I took from the CTM.

The only letters I’ve gotten here so far were ones that got sent to Provo after I left. They got sent on to the mission, not the CTM… haha… so I got a couple old ones and no packages have made it through yet.

I’m Really glad I did not get sent to Floripa. They call my Zone the pit, says my comp, but the area is one of the best in the mission. Sadly yes, my mission president is going to change in a couple of weeks, but he’s been good and the mission has been improving massively. He’s also close to having to shut his job down. It’s gone down the toilet since he’s been on his mission. So that’s kind of sad, but you can really see that they love the missionaries they work with. We’re all going to miss them.

Well I had my first lesson a couple days ago and not much to say there, because I didn’t say a word.  I had my First ward activity and that was way cool. Broke my shoes in playing soccer, and no shock, was being beaten by 12 year olds. We had some good old fashioned churasco(bbq) I hope that’s how you spell it.  It was way good.

We haven’t had too many investigators lately.   They, the previous elders(and my comp admits it), focused a little too much on four people that were close to baptism, and they were baptized.  We have been working hard to find new investigators though.

Yesterday was interesting. It was the 50th anniversary of the church here, so the two wards had a special meeting.  Oh there’s 2 areas and 6 missionaries( 4 elders in my area and 2 sisters in the rich part). It was cool, I didn’t get a whole lot out from it, but it was cool to see. Then we had lunch, which is a topic of interest.  We have very small breakfasts, huge lunches, and no dinner, but we have a snack at like 930 or 10pm when we get back. The members do a lot for us and we do eat a lot. They say we never eat dinner, but members feed us, or investigators feed us, so we do get a lot of food.   Its always really good.

So we taught a lesson to a inactive family. We got invited over for cake and my comp started in about the sacrifices of the early members in Criciúma and moved into Joseph Smith and the early members, and that temples are so important.  He put in a DVD clip from “The prophet of the restoration”, great movie, and at that point one of the daughters started getting teary and I knew I had to think of something and prayed for the spirit. Well, the movie got done and I know I’ve got to say something, so I break out D&C 124:135 I believe, where it mentions David Fullmer, and talked about the early church, our family, and temples. Which in and of itself is not crazy, but I was near tears, half the family was crying, and I didn’t stutter, I spoke correctly and without mistake. I can’t do it now and the only explanation was that the spirit gave me what I needed to say.

And so here I am on a computer in a lanhouse(an internet cafe without food) telling you that it’s all good here. I know I’m out doing God’s work no matter how many people look at me like I’m crazy.

I love you guys, I’ll email you next week, bye.

Elder Fullmer

So he did send pictures, but in a weird nonformat.  Sooooooo…..still no pics.  I emailed back that he needs to send them again, but he needs to upload them in jpeg.  It’s killing me to have NO pictures.  Sigh!