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Elder Austin Fullmer – Pictures from the MTC-Provo

Just a few pictures that Elder A. Fullmer has sent back of his experience at the MTC in Provo.

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Like the Academy

I can not believe that it has already been a week since last preparation day (my p-days will always be on Monday – at least at the MTC). We got to go to the temple today. The Provo Temple is gigantic. These Utah kids have no idea who lucky they are. Living in Utah (albeit the MTC) has affirmed to me that I want to raise my own kinds elsewhere. I guess that is good because with the Coast Guard there is exactly a 0% chance that I could live in Utah anyways.

Thanks for all the letters from Dear Elder. They are awesome! I still really like my district and two companions. The MTC is very similar to the Academy in some ways and very different in others. I still wear a uniform 24/7 and we have big meetings like Corps-Wides. I am so grateful for all my friends at school who helped me get though it. Both of my companions have trouble staying awake in those large meetings. If felt reminiscent when I kept poking Elder Burnett with my elbow.

So the craziest thing happened to my district. You remember me talking about Andreas? He was the investigator we were teaching. We knew he was a member of the church, but we thought he only spoke German. Well on Thursday some teacher walked into our room (not Bruder Evans) and told us that were no longer teaching Andreas. Everyone was really sad (1) because we had already taken the time to prepare our next lesson for him and (2) we had become very attached to him. The teacher showed us this video of Andreas that was supposed to be of Andreas in the future. Then the teacher left. Five minutes later Andreas just walked into our room. Our District basically exploded. We were so excited to see him. He was wearing church clothes and a name tag like Bruder Evans. That was weird. It turns out that his name isn’t really Andreas, it is Bruder Decosta. He is an American and our second teacher at the MTC. He and Bruder Evans will take turns teaching us. The first week and a half he was pretending to be an investigator. Soooooo crazy. The craziest part was when he started speaking in English.

On Sunday we watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was awesome. It got me starting to think about my history. Would a Fullmer Family History Buff (ie Uncle Bill) be willing to send me the story about John Solomon Fullmer in the Jail with Joseph Smith? I started to tell my companion the story but realized that I didn’t know the whole thing.

Mom, would you please send me a couple prints from the family pictures we took before I left? I have my pictures of Cori, Cate, Tom, Zach, Almi, Ryan, Drew, Phil, and a couple of others, but I want some of the family. Note to everyone else: I love pictures of people, so if you get some good ones in the next two years send some my way!

I love you all very much! The German is coming a long a little better. I guess, I’m not as worried about it anymore. There are too many people praying for my success and literally correcting me as a speak (ie Elder Burnett) for me to have fear.

I hope to hear from you!

auf Wiedersehn,
Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Austin Fullmer – First letter from the MTC

Mom, Dad & Family,

So the past six days, I have been thinking in the back of my head about what I wanted to write today. Believe me it has switched a lot. Hopefully this letter is a fair display of all that I have felt this past week. First, I want you to know about this cool website It is a free service where you can write to me and the me and the letter gets to my mailbox the same day. Anyone can write me this way. It also saves time. I only have ~30 minutes a week to email, so it will be nice to read letters from during the week instead of during those 30 minutes. It gives me more time to write you back. For reference my box number is MTC Mailbox #224. This service only works at the MTC, so will have to stop when I leave.

Anyways, about the MTC. Instead of having only one companion, I have two because there is an odd number of new German speaking missionaries (27 of us by the way, which is unusually high). They call us the Dritt which in German means “there are three of us.” My Companions’ names are Elder Burnett and Elder Stovall. The three of us will all be going to Berlin. Elder Burnett is from Colorado Springs, CO. He is really awesome. He helps me a lot with German; he is really good at the language, and I am not so good at the language. Elder Stovall is from St. George, UT. I like both of them a lot. We get along well together, which is good seeing as I will have to be with them 24/7 fro the next nine weeks. Oh, that reminds me: I’ll be at the MTC for approximately nine weeks. I have this little card that came in my packet that says my estimated departure date is 26 July.

The first day was pretty cool. We got our I.D.s, name tags and companions. My name tag says: ELDER FULLMER KIRCHE JESU CHRISTI DER HEILIGEN DER LETZTEN TAGE. Way cool. We also met our teacher Bruder Evans. I really like him a lot too. He served his mission in Switzerland. We also got organized into Districts. My district is my class that Bruder Evans teachers. There are nine of us in the District/Class. There are two other sets of Elders and one set of sister missionaries. Then there is me and my companions – the Dritt. Those other four Elders are going to Frankfurt and then the sisters and the three of us are going to Berlin. I really like my District alot. It is pretty neat that we all get along so well.

After the first day, I began to feel very overwhelmed to be honest. Here is a bit from my Journal entry on 28MAY11:

“Oh, my goodness. Today was the fourth day at the MTC. I have just felt so overwhelmed. My teacher is Bruder Evans. He is awesome. My companions are awesome too … Despite all this and a great district, I have just felt so much self doubt. On our third day we taught an “investigator.” He teaches her, but for the lesson he only spoke Deutsch and we had to teach him! I understood absolutely nothing of what he said. Luckily Elder Brunett understood most of it. I didn’t say a single word. Today was our second lesson. I said a broken prayer and one other sentence. Elder Brunett & Elder Stovall did the rest of the talking. THey both said they could feel the spirit so strongly, but I felt nothing. Why?! I just felt defeated, like I would never learn the language … Later that day during class, we had a moment to ourselves and I prayed. I prayed to feel the spirit. To feel some comfort … I really felt the spirit. Then Bruder Evans asked us all to to turn to Matthew 14: 24-33. I felt an immediate response to its truth. The disciples were scared. They were in the middle of the storm on a boat. Like me they were overwhelmed. They they saw a man out on the water. Not knowing it was Jesus they were frightened. When Peter realized that it was his master he walked on the water to Christ. However he lost faith and began to sink. I have felt like this the last four days. I went on my mission; I walked out onto the stormy sea, but I began to sink and I was beginning to loose faith. The language was overwhelming me and I didn’t feel like I was a asset. When I read verse 31 & 32, I felt an immense rush of of the spirit and comfort over me. I felt embraced in my saviors love. He immediately reaches his hand out for mine. What Glory! I started to cry and just felt so much peace. I know my savior loves me. With out a shadow of a doubt, I know that he loves me. What Glory! I know that through him I can learn German.”

The language is definitely hard. We were told that the German speaking branch is on the Church’s language pilot program. Which means they are making us learn by immersion. We never learned the alphabet or pronunciation. We just jumped in. This was especially hard for one of the sister missionaries and myself who never took any German in high school or college. I’m trying to stay positive. We all start as novices, you know? The better your spirit, the better your German. It doesn’t work the other way around. That I am grateful for.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was the best day. My Branch President’s name is President Dunn. He and his wife are both great and has so much love for the German speaking missionaries. Our first Priesthood meeting was great. President Dunn spoke about recognizing the spirit. He used parts from a talk that Elder Bednar gave in General Conference a couple conferences ago. Sacrament Meeting was mostly in German except for the main talk. My companions and I went to choir too. I quickly realized that I am no longer a tenor or at lease I can’t hit some of those high notes. Sunday night we had a fire side. Brother Allen and his wife spoke. Brother Allen is the director of the missionary department at Church headquarters. Oh, we got to walk up to the Provo Temple too!

Will you please send me one of those fleece blankets up in my room? I have instituted my I-am-not-going-to-sleep-under-my-sheets-because-I-never-want-to-make-a-bed routine. However just sleeping with a sheet is a little cold. Could you also send me a new bottle of Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer? Feel free to use money from my acount. Also please send me my pea coat and my colored pencils if you can find them. The color pencils should be in the desk draw up in my room.

Can I leave you with my testimony auf Deutsch? Ich weiß, dass Gott sie liebt. Himmlischer Vater will alles gut für sie. Ich bin dankbar für die Lieve. Ich liebe mein Himmlischer Vater. Ich weiß, dass Joseph Smith ein wahrer Prophet war. Durch Joseph Smith stellete Gott seine Priestertumsvollmacht. Ich weiß, dass das Buch Mormon wahr ist. Wann sie beten, werden sie das Heilige Geist in ihre herz fühlen. Der Heilige Geist hilft sie die Wharheit zu wissen. Sei sind ein Kind von Gott. Ich weiß, dass Jesus Christus sie liebt.

Finallz I waled into the Bookstore office with my companions and vocally said that I loved this paper poster of Gordon B Hinckley quote. One of the ladies there gave me a copy. It says, “Things will work out. Keep Trying. Be believing. Be happy. Don’t get discouraged. Things will work out.” This is my new motto.

I love you all very much,
auf Wiedersehn,
Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Austin Fullmer – Off to the MTC

Dear Friends,
I’m in Las Cruces, NM right now for my sister’s graduation and I am visiting friends from high school. Tonight is my last night before I leave for the Missionary Training Center. My flight leaves from the El Paso Airport at 6:10 tomorrow morning, so the day is going to start pretty early. I report into the MTC at 1:00 PM tomorrow afternoon, and I’m super excited. Honestly, I have to keep reminding myself that this R-day will not be anything like the R-day I experienced two years ago. Hopefully there won’t be twenty-somethings yelling at me tomorrow.

In the future, I’m not exactly sure how communication is going to work. For now I am a 100% sure that I can receive mail by post.

My address is going to be

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer
MTC Mailbox # 224
GER-BER 0726
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

I would love letters! I’m not sure when I will be allowed to use my email or what the rules will be with my email. Obviously you can always email me; I’m just not sure if I will be able to email you back. Regardless, I will be allowed to email my parents once a week and my mom will be forward that email to all of you!
Her email is  Also, my cool cousin Clifford has created a site for another cousin of mine who is also on a mission and myself. He will be posting all of my emails on that site. Right now you’ll find great letters from my cousin Tyler Fullmer who is serving in Brazil. The site is Hopefully my emails will start appearing there. If I get to send home any pictures, they will be at this website.

Well, wish me luck! I’m off to the MTC. Hopefully the German language treats me well.

Love Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

A note

One of the blessings of such a big family is that on occasion we have the wonderful opportunity to have several missionaries out at the same time. Currently we are experiencing such an occasion as Tyler’s cousin, Austin has now left for the Missionary Training Center in Provo as he prepares for his mission to Germany. Now as both Elder’s email home we will have the privilege of following a pair of the Lord’s servants as they diligently share the restored gospel. Each post will be marked so that it’s clear who wrote it and make sure to keep both of them in your prayers as they serve.

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Provo MTC Pics

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Ty is off and somewhere over Mexico right now

We talked to Ty for about an hour today as he was on a layover in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.  He shipped out with 8 other guys, some where heading to madagascar, the others to sao paulo with Ty.  He’s pumped!!!!   They were flying out of Dallas at 7:30pm and scheduled to arrive in Brazil sometime around 7am.  Long flight but so exciting.

As he and another missionary were standing in line for lunch at the Salt Lake Airport, he motioned for the man behind them to go ahead because they hadn’t decided what to order.  The man responded that they better hurry up and choose because he was buying them lunch.  Awwwww…..if only he knew how much a mother appreciates someone looking after her son when she can’t.

I know he’s going to do a great job, and it was great to hear how excited and ready to go he was.  Well, when he gets to the Brazil MTC he will find out when Pday is and send out an email hopefully.