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Elder Austin Fullmer – Annaberg-Buchholz


Well guys, I am officially not in Bergedorf / Hamburg any more. I can’t believe that my last email actually was written in Bergedorf. I feel like I have been in Annaberg for a long time already. The city of Annaberg-Buchholz is beautiful. We are right next to the Czech Republic in the Mountains. It pretty much went down like this: some German a thousand years ago was hiking through the mountains and thought to himself this mountain top is pretty…. let’s build a city right here on top. I think it is beautiful. It is a quite a change from Bergedorf. Hamburg is really just a German version of NYC or Chicago. Annaberg has a population of about 22,000 while Begedorf itself has about 222,000. The Annaberg area is also about three or four times the size of the Bergedorf area.

The Ward here is awesome. It is a really big Ward for how small the population is. We have about 80 to 100 active members every Sunday. That is way bigger than the Ward in Bergedorf where we had about 40 people each Sunday. Elder Van Miltenburg and I sing in the choir here. And this Saturday the Ward Choir is singing at the opening of the Weinachts Markt, the Christmas Mart. I am way excited about it, but also way nervous. Sister Richter the Choir director was sort of really, really excited when she heard Elder Van Miltenburg and I singing before choir practice. She promptly declared that is was wonderful that she had two missionaries that could sing and gave us to duets to sing at the performance. Meine Gute. We are singing Jingle Bells and The First Noel. It is this Saturday. I will let you know how it goes.

So this week is Thanksgiving, I think. I think it is the third Thursday in November. No one here celebrates Thanksgiving. It is way American. So my district is celebrating it today. I have a small district again. Only four elders ( side note: Elder Stovall one of my MTC Companions is in my district. Way Cool). After this Elder Van Miltenburg and I are going to go buy food and then we are all going to cook it together. I would like to take a moment to think about the things that I am grateful for. 1. I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 2. I get to spend Christmas in Annaberg, Germany. 3. I have an awesome family that loves me. 4. I have amazing friends all over the county (Connecticut, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Utah and Michigan to name just a few). 5. I was privileged to attend the USCGA for two years. 6. I have an awesome ward and stake president in both Connecticut and Michigan. 7. I am starting to understand German better. 8. Prayer is real.

The pictures. The first one is of me in the Harbor in Hamburg. You might think me a nerd, but I say that Buoy and I thought, ‘oh my goodness I buoy. I want to be an a buoytender some day.’ so… I took a picture with the German buoy. The second is of me and me last companion. I finally got him to take a picture with me. I think you can tell that Elder Guthrie does not like taking pictures with me. The third picture is of my new desk in Annaberg.

Also I the address I gave you was sort of wrong. I talked with Elder Van Miltenburg over the phone to get it and I heard him wrong. I accidentally wrote E instead of B in the street name. Also there are no dashes. So here is the correct address:


Elder Austin Fullmer

Karlsbader Strasse 25

09456 Annaberg-Buchholz.


If you already sent something it will probably get to me anyways.

You guys are awesome. Good luck this week and for you all at the Academy: two day ’til Thanksgiving break. You made it.




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Girlfriends

You guys have the main news of the week already.
I’m sending 2 pictures of families that were way cool in Cricúma so watch out for those. The big family is the Machados (I think) and I don’t remember the other families last name. They were both way cool and it helps that both of them always fed me when i went there right. That was always a perk. But really they were way nice the really big family had children with every problem known to man. I felt really bad because they were all way cool and the mom helped us out so much but the dad didn’t really help and then only one son went on a mission and is active in the church. I think their missing kids in the picture that I sent. The other family was a family that we tried to reactivate and they were really close when we left so lets see how that goes. I really hope they start to go back. Because they really were close. I must admit in Brasil she makes the best bread and cake I have had here but once again two of their kids are not in the picture with them cause the other kids are not home.
The sad thing about this country is that every one works a whole lot and they don’t make a whole lot of money but they are always away working. Always always always.
Anyways the other pictures are of me in my office. That’s right I have my own office. I am one of two people in the mission that have offices, and the other is president. Pretty soon there’s only going to be two of us here. right now we have 4 but once im trained the other 2 will leave. President doesn’t want to have the other two in here any more. What the old financial secretary doesn’t know is that normally you stay 9 months and he’s only staying 6 because president wants him gone and out. For good reason to.
Sadly all is not well in wonderland. I wouldn´t call the staff the good ol´boys club but it sure feels that way. We’ve got a lot of people that know who they like and help them out more. In fact we have a AP who most of the rest of the people are fed up with here but I kinda like him. He does things to make people a little annoyed. Nothing big but I guess one of the things he does is tape the door bell so it always rings and he did it the first night I was there and the old financial secretary runs out into the hall, yelling blood in his eyes, throws him up against the wall yelling and said some pretty dumb things and almost hits him. He gets pulled off and goes straight to the phone and calls president to recount the story which went a little something like this.
“Hello president, yes something happened Bingham well……he tapped the door bell and……..well its been going on for a while and we told him to stop…….he does other things too and this time I was just done……….so this time I well I grabbed him I kind of yelled and threw him into the elevator…….No I didn´t hit him I just lost my temper…..But he does this all the time so I just wanna say the blame is all on him this wasn´t me.”
I mean I know Bingham and the things he does can be annoying like everyone else, but the blame was not only his. We’ve also got problem cause when the other companionship of AP´s get together with the other 2 staff who are going to leave in their mind they are in control of everything. I think president is making the necessary changes he already split up the AP´s put them both over 2/3 zones each gave them a newer comp and sent them out and they will change areas every 2 weeks and just try to help the zone.
Now he’s got me training and I think he wants me to be self sufficient in 2 weeks so I can do all this by myself and he can get the other two out of the office. So im trying to get this done. He’s already taught me how to do all of the reimbursements, which is why my training will go slow cause they take up a lot of time. I also know how to take money out of the bank, pay electronically the bill and things that we have. so it will be good im learning fast.
Other than that the time here flies by. We are in here from 10-5 and then we become normal missionaries again. Some times we´re here really late. It’s a good life I chill writing emails and things like that.. Input a lot in the computer.  I just really hope I don´t accidentally screw anything up. I know I won´t but oh well. I had a talk with Elder Bingham and I said “I never wanted this I just wanted to stay junior turn senior and then stay.” It got really quiet and Bingham was like “with President Quiroiz anyone in the office was going to be LZ and very likely AP so good luck buddy” But hey I got 9 months here so it should be a good time to learn. If president wants me to be an LZ or AP I guess that will come anyways. It’s really cool being here and having this time with president but kinda sad seeing the other side of the AP´s when they are going around you don’t see this whole contention and the sad thing is the AP’s are all trying to get me on their “side” you know? Like their almost trying to get me to see things only their way. Well i’ll stop talking about this sad stuff.
We teach an english class which is way cool. In fact we are trying out a new way of teaching the class. This is because president doesn’t want to have them anymore. But that’s another story. It should be a lot better, were using a new form of videos (from the church) and the Liahona to teach everyone. The good part was that every one loved it. They all wanted to keep the talk that we used they wanted to see all the other Mormon messages. My comp said that it was the first time he had felt the spirit in the English class and of course the most important part they all loved me. They all kept asking if I was going to be the teacher or not. “He’s going to stay right? Elder Fullmer is going to be our teacher?” haha actually I got a girl asking “did you leave a girlfriend behind?” To which I responded “no” and another girls (sharp intake of breath) “Really??????” to which the first girl responded “well you move fast”.  Of course my comp being smart was like “we can’t date on the mission” and the one girl who yelled really all embarrassed said “I know..umm…thats not what I meant….but I mean when you guys are done you come back right?” and just to cut everything of that type off he politely said “Actually the leaders of the church tell us never to go back to where we serve our mission to try to keep those two lives separate.” haha
Well I think that is about it, love you guys. until next week.
E. Fullmer

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Goes to AA

This week has been good. I can’t believe Connor is soooo old now. It’s really crazy. The transfers are coming up. They should happen on the 10th but I won’t find out till this Saturday if i’m leaving or not. We had the festa dos pioneros in our ward today and it was actually kinda fun.  Lots of good food and stuff like that.

I’m sorry about how short this ones gonna be [because] I wrote a long letter to grandpa. In this area we’ve been working with the inactive members a lot. In times past we’ve had bishops and councilors that went up to people and said, “If you’re not going to change right now, never come back [because] we don’t want you here.” At some point Elder Hansen and I have been wanting to go and strangle some people.

We also went to the AA to see one of our inactive members, sober for 8 years, and see how it is so that we can bring investigators to it. I also met these ladies the other day who said that in 1 Corinthians 11 it says that women can’t cut their hair because their power is in their hair and if one hair on their head is cut all their power is gone and they just need to have a shaved head. They also told us that no one could paint Christ cause no one seen him so all pictures of him are wrong, a little crazy but these are the people we have to teach. Haha.

However I have a story to that point. We were giving one of the blessings we do and this lady was like “oh good we need one” [and as] we talk, [we] throw in a video about Christ ask them what things they’d ask Christ for. Then she says “oh can you bless Celesia´s daughter?” we say yes to which she responds “good well go get some clothes of hers” haha she ran off to the room with Elder Hansen yelling “we don’t need her clothes to bless her.” Oh they crazy people I meet.

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Dead Lizard

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Not that it makes a difference here but 4 random people and the guy (who lived in America and loves all things American) told us.

I’ll start out with the obvious one the scarves got here [we sent him a pair of Portland Timbers scarves] and I thought I said that in an email but I guess not. I’ll have my comp take a picture with me and him wearing them and ill send them next week.

So as I sit here on I see all the many things I have to give up to be on this mission. I’m half crying here thinking about grandpa and looking at all the pictures you guys have been sending. ‘Ive been terrible about them this week. Man it just goes to show that it is the greatest thing in life to know that we have the ability to know about the plan of salvation. Keep going strong tell grandpa I love him and i’m sad that I can´t be there but keeps me going knowing that im giving the same hope that we have to other people all over Santa Caterina.

I’m going to apologize to Connor cause this week was full of many exciting bus rides whoop. In all I spent like 8 or 9 hours on the bus towards the end of the week. The beginning of the week was normal we got a lot of lessons in not a lot of time. Then as this feeling of amazement at home many of our plans were working my comps job as Zone Leader kicked in. We got 4 calls about baptismal interviews that needed to be done by the end of the week so how this worked out was impressive to me cause for some reason in Brazil at the end of the week busses run less.

On quinta feda (Thursday) We went to Tubaraõ to rededicate the Sisters house. They had white washed the area of Elders and then because of problems rededicated the house. All fine but just wanted to be sure.Then scince my comp served in that area before we went to a guy the Elders stopped going to and prepared him for the sisters.  We had missed lunch but we had the Irma make up a pack lunch for us. Then that night we had enough time for a lesson and then on a bus for a baptismal interview in Içara. Which went well and she’ll be baptized on the 9th. Got home [and] passed out.

The next day we studied got some lunch then had to get on a bus around 430 for Imbituba so we had to leave straight from lunch. The bus was a ping pong (makes a whole lot of stops) so we got to Imbituba around 830. Ate some dinner and then went to bed. They next day we did splits and i went with the other ZL and went back to Tubarão for an interview and then Elder Hansen went to another city for another. The walk from the Rodoviaria was really long about 30 min and then the lunch was 45 min past that. so by the time we got back to Imbituba it was 7:30 pouring rain and we had to walk 40 min for a church invite and then get on a bus back to Criciúma [and] here is where the fun started.

The buses in Criciúma stop around 12 so we called a member and said if we get in and there are no busses can we CALL you for a ride. Well we got back all was fine went to bed and passed out. We get to church and the member is pissed he just decided to go to the Rodoviaria and wait there instead of for us to call. He waited till 12:45 to call(the wrong number), 2 to go to our house, and at 3 return to the Rodoviaria. So my comp had a fun talk with him before priesthood and then the next 2 hours are fine and he gets up to bear testimony and was like “I got a call from the missionaries to give them a ride and then I waited for the missionaries at  the Rodoviaria till 3 but anyways my testimony is on service….” I was embarrassed and mad. Cause we said we could get a bus but if we didn’t could we call him. We have hard times getting the ward to help let a lone after that i was mad.

The rest of the day was good. Lunch was good we had beef and pork chorrhasco. The beef was salty but the pork was perfect. We saw some of the Emma Smith movie hey speaking of which if you can get me the “Joseph smith: Prophet of the Restoration”. That would be sick. It’s a long movie, not like the twenty minute movie, “The Restoration”. Sunday was good we taught a recent convert family that night and they know a lot so we watched”The Testiments” with them and my comp proceeded to give his little message and then they talked for ever so I didn’t give a message. A lot of times he and everyone else forgets i can talk about the church stuff. Oh well its hard to butt in[to the conversation] but if we don’t get time oh well.

So the pics are one of the house. The yellow thing is the mail box your letters are always shoved in and if it rains sometimes the stuff in there gets wet haha. Theres two of me and the card is talking about my pet lizard who escaped and got squished between two Books of Mormon gross right. Well one is of my district on a bus coming back from the mission conference this time it was a rented bus(were missing a sister and my comp Oops). Last is of this kid my comp baptized and he’s pretty thug right haha

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Like the Academy

I can not believe that it has already been a week since last preparation day (my p-days will always be on Monday – at least at the MTC). We got to go to the temple today. The Provo Temple is gigantic. These Utah kids have no idea who lucky they are. Living in Utah (albeit the MTC) has affirmed to me that I want to raise my own kinds elsewhere. I guess that is good because with the Coast Guard there is exactly a 0% chance that I could live in Utah anyways.

Thanks for all the letters from Dear Elder. They are awesome! I still really like my district and two companions. The MTC is very similar to the Academy in some ways and very different in others. I still wear a uniform 24/7 and we have big meetings like Corps-Wides. I am so grateful for all my friends at school who helped me get though it. Both of my companions have trouble staying awake in those large meetings. If felt reminiscent when I kept poking Elder Burnett with my elbow.

So the craziest thing happened to my district. You remember me talking about Andreas? He was the investigator we were teaching. We knew he was a member of the church, but we thought he only spoke German. Well on Thursday some teacher walked into our room (not Bruder Evans) and told us that were no longer teaching Andreas. Everyone was really sad (1) because we had already taken the time to prepare our next lesson for him and (2) we had become very attached to him. The teacher showed us this video of Andreas that was supposed to be of Andreas in the future. Then the teacher left. Five minutes later Andreas just walked into our room. Our District basically exploded. We were so excited to see him. He was wearing church clothes and a name tag like Bruder Evans. That was weird. It turns out that his name isn’t really Andreas, it is Bruder Decosta. He is an American and our second teacher at the MTC. He and Bruder Evans will take turns teaching us. The first week and a half he was pretending to be an investigator. Soooooo crazy. The craziest part was when he started speaking in English.

On Sunday we watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was awesome. It got me starting to think about my history. Would a Fullmer Family History Buff (ie Uncle Bill) be willing to send me the story about John Solomon Fullmer in the Jail with Joseph Smith? I started to tell my companion the story but realized that I didn’t know the whole thing.

Mom, would you please send me a couple prints from the family pictures we took before I left? I have my pictures of Cori, Cate, Tom, Zach, Almi, Ryan, Drew, Phil, and a couple of others, but I want some of the family. Note to everyone else: I love pictures of people, so if you get some good ones in the next two years send some my way!

I love you all very much! The German is coming a long a little better. I guess, I’m not as worried about it anymore. There are too many people praying for my success and literally correcting me as a speak (ie Elder Burnett) for me to have fear.

I hope to hear from you!

auf Wiedersehn,
Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Beans, beans, the magical fruit

Ok so im trying more pics I don’t know why it didn’t work.  Anyway, this week has gone ok. We have a baptismal date for the 4th but……….she didn’t come to church so now we have to push it back. I mean she prayed about the Book of Mormon and said she saw a ball of light and heard that the church was true, I mean how much more does she need.  Except she does have a coffee problem. So there’s her, and we had three other investigators  at church and the mom of the two daughters met her old bible study friend who is now the wife of the 1st counselor in the stake presidency, so that was a blessing. Who knows what will happen with that, but we can hope. The member seems like she knows what we need help wise, so that should be good.

I’m sure dad wouldn’t tell you I mean, come on its dad. He won’t tell you anything.

***I was telling him in my email that we now have to open the second overflow on Sunday’s to fit everyone and it seems like we should be splitting the ward, but that if Bill knows, he’s not saying  🙂  ***

I figured the pictures out so that’s helpful.  Yeah life is good here, but our area is huge. So big we can’t get to barely any of it. Food is great as always and I’m always eating beans haha.

Sorry about not getting the address to you, but we’re in the middle of some emergency transfers and I don’t know who’s going yet. This mission has had some problems with rules. So letters sent to the mission home I get not very often, but until things get figured out it’ll have to do.
Elder Fullmer

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Two weeks before Elder Tyler Fullmer hits the streets

Hey, this week has been crazy. I asked pres. and he said I could take a camera to temple once so I could get a picture.  Well our whole district did, so I quickly got a picture today. I can’t believe I have officially 2 weeks left at the CTM today.  That’s so crazy. I feel like I just got to Provo.

We went out to the busiest street in São Paulo last Friday and placed three mores Books of Mormon and got way more funny rejections that day. One guy found out we were Americans and just laughed at us and said he wouldn’t believe since we were Americans. Then some guy was nice till we introduced ourselves and then he just angrily walked away. I guess one of the books maybe doesn’t count, because the guy was crazy and probably homeless, but he wouldn’t leave us alone so we gave him one.

So the other day I met Elder Halstrom(a member of the 70) and Elder Marco Antionio Precito( an area 70). I love it here. It’s so small you meet a lot of people.  We didn´t talk to Elder Halstrom for too long, but Elder Precito´s wife talked to us for a long time.  She just told us to keep working hard and we’ll do a lot of good down here.

Well our teacher just quit and nobody knows why. Just didn’t show up for a couple of days and then they told us that he quit, so now we have a new one. He’s good and he’s really pushing us to cut out English in his class, and by that I mean he doesn’t respond to English haha. Well other than that not much else new here.

I get your letters really often. About every other day. Sometimes I get 2 at once. Everybody in the district thinks it’s crazy that I get so many, but I love it, thank you. Half my district is going crazy in the CTM. Our Brazilian roommates leave next week.  Hopefully we will get new ones, because they are amazing people and extremely helpful.

As for Brazilian food I don’t know how I could describe it. It’s not so different and my teacher tells us that it isn’t even close here to what it will be. What I eat outside though is really good. Like I said last week, I had some wild boar and that was really good. The main thing is that they spice it differently and they use a whole lot of fat. They don’t seem to mind it that much, the fat I mean. The desserts in the CTM aren’t that good, but there’s a drink here called guadana that is really good. It’s made from a fruit only found in the Amazon. Speaking of the fruit here, they have the best pineapple, and its white. When I first tried it I didn’t know what it was, but yes it is white pineapple, and way better that the U.S.

Well I love you guys.

Elder Fullmer