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Elder Austin Fullmer – Advent of Peace

Hallo Freunden,
I have to say this has been one of the best weeks on my mission so far. So last week, I think I talked a little bit about der Advent der Wunder, the advent of miracles. Boy, has it been. This week has been pretty amazing. We have this big calender up in our apartment and every day we write down the miracle of the day. This week I have given out five Books of Mormon, we made out at least one new appointment everyday, and we had two walk-in appointments (that is when we are just going door to door, and get invited in on the spot). Pretty amazing. Truly some miraculous stuff. Yesterday night we had one of the walk-ins. Her name is Frieda. The funny thing is I thought she said that her name was Frieden, which means Peace. I thought that was pretty cool because this week is der Advent des Friedens, or the advent of peace. She lives in a house with a couple other people, but she was the only one there. She has some really cool ideas about God and Prayer. We set up another appointment for Wednesday. The sad thing is that I am going on a Tausch to Schwarzenberg that day, so I won’t get to be there for it.
Last Monday, we went to the Weinachtsmakt. It was really cool to get to go on a P-day. I bought some Christmas Presents. The whole place smells like candy, hot chocolate, wurst, and mustard (for the wurst). It is a pretty fantastic combination.
So like I said this week is the Advent of Peace. Last night my Companion and I lighted our second Advent candle and had a devotion of sorts about peace. I came to the conclusion that when I think of peace I don’t think of ‘world peace.’ I know I am a missionary and I should think otherwise, but ‘world peace’ has just never seemed to realistic to me. We I think of the Advent of Peace. I think more of inner peace. Not living a stress free life (that also doesn’t seem to realistic to me), but rather living in a way that despite your stresses and trials, you still fell peaceful. You choose to be happy, you choose to be content. In German the words content and peace are actually very similar. Zufrienden and Frienden. They are almost the same word. By no means am I always happy. I am definitely a stresser, but I try to live in a way that I can be content, so that I can have that inner peace. Not an easy thing to do. Try it out this week.
Sweet. Good luck this week with finals. I know my friends, and beautiful sister have finals at NMSU this week. Academy, you still have a week to breath easy.
Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Surprise! Another baptism

Boa tarde, quasi escrebei bom dia

This week has been good but hard. I’ve been woken up a little bit we
had a couple good lesson that got me a little more focused even though
one of the ladies is a little crazy. She says she sees spirits but she
didn’t even flinch when we told her it was probably the devil using
her gift against her. “She was like well than how do I use this for
good?” so we taught her the first lesson to here and challenged her to
be baptized and sadly she said no but she’s close. She just said she’s
54 years old and cant afford to make a mistake again. So we are
working to get her ready to be baptized.

We also marked a baptism last night. He’s come to church three weeks in
a row and we just never had a chance to teach him. Then last night his
friend’s came up to us and said that he would like to get baptized
so we taught him and then challenged him to accept baptism so it wasn’t too
scary because we knew he would say yes but I still count it as ours.
In the end when we were starting the prayer this other kid walks in
and we just sat there and stared at him. We sat there no one said
anything….then finally he breaks the silence with…….”I have
food?” and he just backed out. We were laughing so much it was so
funny. Anyways we are going to meet his family and see if we can get
them to accept his baptism.

Other than that not much has been happening. We have a new missionary
coming from the us so he will be with us for a week or two because
president is gone traveling doing all the interviews. It’s been nice to
just get to do our thing here. I think that all of this happened
directly from the Lord. The two people we taught who are really close
we didn’t even know before this week. One we taught right after the
English class she just happened to show up at. And it’s lucky because we
had an appointment marked for that time but he couldn’t do it.

Só para terminar agredicer vocês. realmente eu tou muito grato para
todos as cartas de vocês. eu amo todos de vocês. Eu estou trabalhando
aqui em nome de cristo por qué eu sei esta igreja é dele. Nos
precisamos ter fé nele para fazemos todo nos podemos para voltar.Nos
somos filhos de deus e ele nos ama.

Um grande abração, as they say in Brasil
E. Fullmer

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – He’s wrong about the pizza

So teaching has been way sick. We found a really shickey familia to teach and their story is crazy. They lost their son and a year later the dad gets in a moto (motorcycle) accident and has been in bed rest for a year and a half (included is a 3 month coma) so crazy. They were a investigators suggestion and their a little out of the way but the mom loved our explanation of the plan of salvation and after the lesson of the restoration we got the other son and dad to accept baptism(no date yet). AS weve taught them ive been able to testify about things without knowing they had a question about it. So its been amazing the spirit is very strong when we go there. The mom still has questions but that’s what we are here for.

Rodisio is sick. whether your there for pizza or chorrasco(bbq) nothings better than all you can eat when the waiters bring you the food. So this week we got the pizza place for half price because we had recent converts who bought a promotion. So this week was the first time for pizza in brazil. So much better than home. Plus they bring around many different types of pizza so you’re not stuck with just one and can i say that who in america hasn’t thought of dessert pizza. Can I just say that white chocolate strawberry is the greatest pizza in the world. The sad part is that you don’t eat the crust. It takes too much room. I ate half of mine with the crust and did not have a whole lot of room left. The funny part was that every Brazilian goes through any meal with a knife and a fork, pizza included, so i looked like the one dork not eating that way but it was really funny cause instead of that the guy yells “this kid knows how to eat pizza you must be american” hahaha. Even my comp has been here long enough he doesn’t eat pizza with his hands.

Not much else we had a mission conference. Pres e sis. Queroiz are leaving in a couple of days so the transfer conference was a whole mission affair. So that was a whole lot of people we have around 140 people in the mission right now. It’s a good time to be a missionary. They have made a new mission website that’s gonna be way cool for when i get back home and i can use it all the way. It’s really just a way that sister queroiz can keep an eye on us haha she way funny.

Mail news – I do get your letters and I got the package you sent on june 2nd when we were at the conference which was really nice. My comp thinks the thinks you put in my packages are way cool. He gets a lot of food but not so many of the funny things you send so keep it up mommy. Not to be all ungrateful and stuff but I do need pictures. Everybodys getting a little annoyed with me that I just had those two magnets cause my comp has like 3 albums haha.

I’m getting so fat here mom I don’t know what to do haha and yes its still really cold. Its was cold then 2 weeks ago warm and sunny, last weeks warmish and rainy, now its way cold buts clear skies and really windy. Everybody is getting sick cause its changing so much here. People are talking possibility of snow. What the heck this is Brazil!

Anyways that’s way cool to hear that Connor loved that part of girls camp. It’s always really exciting getting into a house and teaching the people. Its even better because our president implemented a new technique well [actually] two. One is that we use a flippy (flip chart or pictures) so that when we teach people actually pay attention to us and that helps especially in the first vision. The coolest thing is the blessings we give to people. In Luke 10 it talks about the Seventy [who] were sent out and told to bless the houses they entered with peace, heal, and preach the gospel  [and] President wondered why we didn’t do that and how none of the missions he had been in did that, so [now] we do. The first time you go to a house most of the time we talk to them and then tell them about our authority (I have to get a line of authority mom please) and we ask them what they would ask of Christ and then we bless the house. I’ve seen miracles through this. Families literally brought together through this effort.

I want you guys to know i’ll be praying for you and grandpa. I know that all us (me included) wish we could lay our hands on him and heal him instantly. Which as i’ve learned and seen happens but under the Lord’s direction. I wish grandpa could have that same blessing, who knows maybe he will. The greatest gift on this earth is the fact that we have the power to lay our hands and call down the powers of heaven for people. The second is our temples. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve talked about temples with people and they have got wide eyed and asked how they can have that. Now a lot of them don’t follow up on the things that we need to do but I have no doubt in my mind whatever happens to grandpa we will be a family forever and we will have that because of those very temples that we have a hard times getting to. I miss going once a week, [it’s] hard knowing I won’t ever got again in Brazil. I love you guys this gospel is true and we will all be together if we follow our Heavenly Father’s laws. These laws only make us happier that is one thing that is very clear in Brazil. I love you guys and I hope your call does not come soon.

Elder Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Presents

Hey guys so a lot happened in the world of food this week. We’re going to a rodisio pizza place this Friday with a recent convert couple. They are way cool and were excited for that. The wife(the two in the picture I sent like two weeks ago)made us this avocado smoothie, more like shake, which sounds really bad, but was so good. I can’t tell you. Oh so many fruit that we never eat because people don’t eat it for lunch I guess.

Well the letters you’ve sent to the house have been coming now, so you’re good. The package came to floripa a couple weeks ago but I just got it last week because my comp is a new zone leader and went to a conference, so we got our packages.

First I’ll explain the pictures. The 4 of us and the kid is of a new missionary. He’s going to the north. So the box is the present we gave him. In Brazil you bring presents to a party like that. So just so you know a deodorant you just sent and a white shirt(one I hadn’t worn yet) went to him cause he really needs it. I just thought you should know this stuff doesn’t help just me. His moms such an alcoholic that people who don’t know her think she’s mentally handicapped.  That’s how little she functions.

Thanks for all you guys send to me. The drink packages are going to help and I already ate all of the food, so thank you so much.

The work here is going really well and its getting faster. Last Thursday I had to lead a missionary around my area because his comp and my comp had to go to the conference. His comp was the old ZL and mine is the new one. The cool thing is that we did so much and I knew where to go and who to teach. It felt really good and I set up a lot of times to come back to people.

Cool to hear that Scotty finally is getting to the temple, but way sad about grandpa. Keep me in the loop. I won’t worry, but just let me know what happens.

So I love you all I’ll write you next week.

elder fullmer

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