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Elder Austin Fullmer – Iron Mountains

Familie und Freunde,
This week was an interesting one in the Iron Mountains of Germany. We were sort of all over the place in our area. On Monday we taught an American. It was really weird to teach some one that is not only speaking English, but has an American accent. He is from Virginia, but works here in Germany. Tuesday was up to the Temple in Freiberg, Germany. I love being able to serve in a city that is close enough to be able to go. Freiberg is a very beautiful city. It is bigger than Annaberg, but small enough that its city infrastructure did not really get to messed up by the DDR. One Wednesday we taught a woman who has been investigating the church on and off for about 20 years. That is sort of crazy. She is really fun to meet with and is about 85. Her stories about the war and DDR time are pretty cool too. We also teach a old man about the same age. The other day he told us how he not only fought in the 2nd world war, but served three years in a prison of war camp in France. CRAZY.
The weather in Annaberg and the other parts of our area have been really crazy. This past week we have had a storm just sitting on Annaberg, but funny thing is that the temperature kept dancing around 0 degree C. So one day it would be freezing temps and snowing, but the next day it would be warm enough to rain. I got pretty wet this week. Lets just leave it at that.
We had another appointment with a member of our ward that is from the Philippines. Her husband is not a member and is not super interested in learning about the gospel right now, but they still let us come by. Sis Hänel made us some awesome Filipino food and then we taught them a short lesson about the Restoration. We watched a movie in German with English subtitles. The subtitles because Sis. Hähel can’t speak German.
The past couple of weeks I have been trying to finish reading the New Testament. This morning I read 1st John. So, not the gospel of John, but rather the 1st epistle that he sent out. It is towards the end of the Bible. I really liked it a lot. He has some cool thoughts about the Lord, and love.
God is love.
I hope that you have success this week.
Elder Austin Fullmer