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Elder Tyler Fullmer – The roots run deep

This first part i am writing for all but specifically make sure this gets to Austin…..

“E. Fullmer I get your emails and I can´t help remembering what it was like to be a kid and running around with you thinking up crazy things and here we are running around speaking different languages trying to bring people to the gospel of Christ. Actually I think one of your AP’s is a friend of an elder I’m serving with. I don’t remember the name of the AP but his friend is Elder Eide. I wanted to write you about an experience I had this week. I’ve been down on myself because of my new “calling” and because of the problems that have been going on. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say salt lake actually sent a big sum of money out to half of the mission. I’m lucky most of the elders are honest here. Then we found out were going through another audit, but this one is going to be in depth and 2 or 3 days. But missions always have high points. One thing that I wanted to say is remember your heritage. Remember the rich beginnings we have in the church. I know people here just think well this happened in the USA and doesn’t reach out here. If you didn’t know, our family has a relative in D&C 124 something. It’s a random list of names but our great great great…….uncle is in the list David Fullmer. I use that for members more than investigators, but I have a story for you.

We were teaching a girl and she had major problems about Joseph Smith and all I could think was I need to testify, I have to testify and my comp didn’t give me any space, but he did something I didn’t expect he said, Come to the church at 430 tomorrow we’ll watch a movie with you. The movie is Joseph Smith prophet of the Restoration. I love that movie, and it also has our ancestor in it. Not a name just a part where Joseph is leaving to go to Carthage and 6 other men are riding on horseback with him. One of them is our ancestor. So after the movie I got to testify using that image. I told the story of why he was baptized and all. By the time I was done I was crying, my comp was crying she was crying, and we were all testifying. In the end she looked at us and was like I know I have to say yes, because we gave her a baptismal date, but something is telling me go home now be alone and pray. She left and I have no doubt she will be baptized. The spirit was so strong I can’t help but wonder why our name is embedded in this history, but is relatively unknown. I do know one thing that it can make all the difference when you’re testifying about something that “doesn’t matter” when your history is
embedded there.

Fica Firme,

Elder Fullmer.”

Well know you know the best part of my week I don’t know what else I can say that will live up to that. We have that new auditor that’s
coming. Should be fun, president is kind of freaking out and at the same time just saying “eh we’ve been here for two months so before if
there’s a problem it’s not our fault.” Although I’m not as confident as he is but let’s see what will happen. He was going to come this coming Monday but now it’s going to be to Monday after.

Plus everybody left the house, well everybody but one of the assistants. He and his comp are staying in our house for the time being. The other two were kinda mad because they thought that they would have left as ZL’s, But one left as senior and the other as a
junior. We’re going to have a counsel of the ZL’s this coming week, so that will be cool. I get to speak to them all and act like I’m some one important hehe. It’s been getting better here. I’ve just been trying to forget things and just do my job but it’s just odd coming in here. Every day going to work just looking at computers and working with paper. I’ve been able to use English a lot here. There has
been times where we’ve had people call that only speak English so that was nice to know that I had been able to do some good but really
nothing beats the experience that I want Austin to get. I love you guys a lot and it’s nice to know you guys don’t live on the east coast.

Tell the ward I’m thinking about them and that I know for sure that their sons and daughters in Brazil are being taken care of. People
here are really nice. You get fed well, I mean look at how much weight I gained in criciúma because of the food I was eating. So the
pictures today are this.

1. The Wedding invitation that was made for our baptism(they’re poor and her dream was to have a wedding with invitations and a cake and the ward has really pulled together to help.)
2. Just one of the pictures of them
3. Is a picture of this lady from the area where my comp used to live.
4. She was selling food he hadn’t eaten in a long time so we took a picture of the food.

-the bun was made of mashed and fried white beans
-it had shrimp (the part i didnt like)
-a pepper sauce
-and mashed veggies/roots

My comp asked her for photo which was funny because this other lady that was from the same area came up and was……well crazy to say the least but she took the photos for us so it was nice. Well that’s about it for me see you guys and stay safe.

Elder Fullmer

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Like the Academy

I can not believe that it has already been a week since last preparation day (my p-days will always be on Monday – at least at the MTC). We got to go to the temple today. The Provo Temple is gigantic. These Utah kids have no idea who lucky they are. Living in Utah (albeit the MTC) has affirmed to me that I want to raise my own kinds elsewhere. I guess that is good because with the Coast Guard there is exactly a 0% chance that I could live in Utah anyways.

Thanks for all the letters from Dear Elder. They are awesome! I still really like my district and two companions. The MTC is very similar to the Academy in some ways and very different in others. I still wear a uniform 24/7 and we have big meetings like Corps-Wides. I am so grateful for all my friends at school who helped me get though it. Both of my companions have trouble staying awake in those large meetings. If felt reminiscent when I kept poking Elder Burnett with my elbow.

So the craziest thing happened to my district. You remember me talking about Andreas? He was the investigator we were teaching. We knew he was a member of the church, but we thought he only spoke German. Well on Thursday some teacher walked into our room (not Bruder Evans) and told us that were no longer teaching Andreas. Everyone was really sad (1) because we had already taken the time to prepare our next lesson for him and (2) we had become very attached to him. The teacher showed us this video of Andreas that was supposed to be of Andreas in the future. Then the teacher left. Five minutes later Andreas just walked into our room. Our District basically exploded. We were so excited to see him. He was wearing church clothes and a name tag like Bruder Evans. That was weird. It turns out that his name isn’t really Andreas, it is Bruder Decosta. He is an American and our second teacher at the MTC. He and Bruder Evans will take turns teaching us. The first week and a half he was pretending to be an investigator. Soooooo crazy. The craziest part was when he started speaking in English.

On Sunday we watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was awesome. It got me starting to think about my history. Would a Fullmer Family History Buff (ie Uncle Bill) be willing to send me the story about John Solomon Fullmer in the Jail with Joseph Smith? I started to tell my companion the story but realized that I didn’t know the whole thing.

Mom, would you please send me a couple prints from the family pictures we took before I left? I have my pictures of Cori, Cate, Tom, Zach, Almi, Ryan, Drew, Phil, and a couple of others, but I want some of the family. Note to everyone else: I love pictures of people, so if you get some good ones in the next two years send some my way!

I love you all very much! The German is coming a long a little better. I guess, I’m not as worried about it anymore. There are too many people praying for my success and literally correcting me as a speak (ie Elder Burnett) for me to have fear.

I hope to hear from you!

auf Wiedersehn,
Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer