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Elder Tyler Fullmer – 6 months!

So as my pictures show yesterday was the big 6 months. It felt way weird to see how fast this mission goes. I called Elder Emerson and got to talk to them for a bit and I found a crappy tie in the closet that was mostly…….well completely dead and well……you see what happened. It was actually a trial to do. We had to figure out how to burn it without matches. It was nice though, Elders  Baker and Bateman helped me out a lot with it. Sad news is that correos (postal service) is down. They’re on strike. The last time it happened it lasted for 30 days.

I’m feeling a little bit better about my job here. So that’s always a plus. Transfers are here again and this time I get to say hello to the new missionaries. We just had a big emergency transfer and we closed areas and opened some. We had some people going home and
we’ve got more when the transfer completely is finished. Our wedding is going to be next week and we added another baptism marked for that day so I’m feeling a lot better about things here. The english classes help keep my mind off stuff. It’s funny we started teaching them songs to help them recognize things that we are teaching. Brynn will love this….we started with “Imagine”. It was funny the guy who works with all the house stuff had a video clip of Glee singing the song so we played that to show them what the tune was but then I felt completely unable to sing so it was kind of a terrible idea.

I cleaned my room… office was really messy and so after i went through our records of august and July I cleaned out my cabinet so that now i know where everything is. President is way cool and he’s making a lot of changes to the mission. They’re all needed but he’s got a lot of people, let’s just name the assistants as the first ones that are dying from all of the things that he’s changing. Because everyone thinks that everything that President Quiroiz did is written in stone. The major thing he did was said that he wants us all to not
practice using the picture chart that we have. It’s called the flippy and everyone can´t teach without it. We’re not teaching, whole, by the spirit. It’s really sad and it needs to change in the mission. Not going all GH (Gloria dos Homens) on you, but me and my comp started to change the way that we were teaching a while ago. That’s how we marked the seconded baptism we have for the 24th. It’s crazy september is almost done pretty soon it’s going to get hotter than heck.

But what’s crazier is that the next transfer is in November. Sorry im scraping the bottom of the barrel here I don’t know what to talk
about. I guess things are going good with Elder Machado. Its kinda bad but i was way mad at him the other night and then I got way mad at myself for being so mad about something stupid that he didn’t really mean to do, but I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him about it so I just sat around in another room until the others got there and the next day he was like why are you mad at me and I let it all lose he
was looking really sad and i storm out and i felt really bad so i went back to talk to him, but he was bawling and I didn’t know why so I
started talking to him turns out more crap with his mom happened and she was yelling at president over the phone. So we talked a lot and things are better, but I still don’t know. There’s just something about him. He’s so obnoxious at times. I don’t know what it is with the Brazilians but I have yet to live/have a companion that is brazilian the is not one of the strangest people I’ve ever met. We were sitting on the couch this morning and pulled the whole “poke, poke,poke,…..” until I couldn’t handle it anymore.

We as you can see its life as normal here. Learning to live with people who are completely different from what I was used to…well not
completely sometimes it’s like having Connor with me here. So Connor you can sleep easy your job has been taken care of here. Really everything is good here. Love you guys and please pray for me, I think we have the auditor coming this week. I know we haven’t done anything wrong but it’s still a worry they came for round 2.

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – All I really want is Old Spice

Ok so I have to start out with the Elder Fullmer vs Elder Torres epic part 2.  I almost had to be companions with him again. I had to talk to the scheduling guy about it and we got that whole thing worked out. I said, “I will be his companion if I have to, but honestly we didn’t get along.”  The guy saw Elder Torres and made a joke about us being comps and fighting.  To that he responded with, “we never physically fought, but I wanted to”. That made me laugh.  Elder Emerson, in my old district, asked him why he didn’t like me and the biggest thing he could think of is that I went to the bathroom too much. HAHAHA.  It made me laugh so hard and yet made me mad. So I will not be his companion in the field, after explaining the situation to the president.

*****So as a mom I’m torn between being irritated by some 19yr old kid being mean to my 19 yr old kid and knowing that it’s an amazing growing experience.  The lessons they learn about living with and getting along with others over these next two years are amazing.  I’m also amazed at the growth and maturity all of these interpersonal lessons will bring.*****

Anyways on to happier notes…. I did get the SD card, but nothing was on it so I didn’t see anything. That made me sad.

****At Easter we made a little “Hi Ty” video on the sd card we sent back to him, hoping he would be able to watch it on his camera…sounds like no luck***** 

We got to hold a “baptismal” service. I got to be the investigator for that one, so that was cool. We did it all in Portuguese so we could practice everything. It was legit, someone conducted, we had a special musical number, and everything. It was way cool to do.

The speakers this week were really good. One brought his daughter. She was 13 when he got his call as a mission president. So she and her older sister(back at BYU) have been here for the full 3 years. I had no idea they called people on missions when they still had kids at home, let alone a foreign one.

The next was a question and answer time with the 1st counselor in the Brazil area presidency. I was almost late for that one. My district had no idea that it started one hour earlier so we had to book it up the stairs.

****Once again details…geez I keep asking for details. Would like to hear what the topics and answers were…sigh****

Anyways, I would send you guys stuff but things around here are really expensive so until I’m in Florianopolis I don’t think I’ll send anything. People think they can rip missionaries off here.

****I told him sending a few goodies home as he goes out shopping would be awesome and not turned away..ha…we can keep his debit card balance up so no problem….sigh…us girls are dying to know what we are missing…..  🙂    ******

The only thing that I really want or need is more Old Spice deodorant, but that’s about it.

***The Old Spice commercial with the guy on the horse just went through my head….good news, the box in the mail has Old Spice deodorant in it, I anticipated the need…hahahaha, what a cheap date.  I had asked him if he needed anything in the box I’ll send this month****

I might be able to call in the airport. It would be at like 7 am here so way early there. So look out. I don’t think I will unless my mission president tells us to call, but it might happen. Oh and Dad the reason I asked about BF Johnson was because one was mentioned in our heritage.

See you guys, I love you.

*****I’m still whiny about not getting a Mother’s Day phone call and had asked him if they get to call on the way to Florianopolis.  They don’t get to call from the MTC on holidays since I suppose, there’s too many missionaries and they haven’t been gone that long if they are still in MTC…I still find it irritating…   😦     Sorry if my notations throughout were irritating, he tends to respond to some of the questions or comments that I’ve made in my emails/letters*****