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Elder Tyler Fullmer – The roots run deep

This first part i am writing for all but specifically make sure this gets to Austin…..

“E. Fullmer I get your emails and I can´t help remembering what it was like to be a kid and running around with you thinking up crazy things and here we are running around speaking different languages trying to bring people to the gospel of Christ. Actually I think one of your AP’s is a friend of an elder I’m serving with. I don’t remember the name of the AP but his friend is Elder Eide. I wanted to write you about an experience I had this week. I’ve been down on myself because of my new “calling” and because of the problems that have been going on. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say salt lake actually sent a big sum of money out to half of the mission. I’m lucky most of the elders are honest here. Then we found out were going through another audit, but this one is going to be in depth and 2 or 3 days. But missions always have high points. One thing that I wanted to say is remember your heritage. Remember the rich beginnings we have in the church. I know people here just think well this happened in the USA and doesn’t reach out here. If you didn’t know, our family has a relative in D&C 124 something. It’s a random list of names but our great great great…….uncle is in the list David Fullmer. I use that for members more than investigators, but I have a story for you.

We were teaching a girl and she had major problems about Joseph Smith and all I could think was I need to testify, I have to testify and my comp didn’t give me any space, but he did something I didn’t expect he said, Come to the church at 430 tomorrow we’ll watch a movie with you. The movie is Joseph Smith prophet of the Restoration. I love that movie, and it also has our ancestor in it. Not a name just a part where Joseph is leaving to go to Carthage and 6 other men are riding on horseback with him. One of them is our ancestor. So after the movie I got to testify using that image. I told the story of why he was baptized and all. By the time I was done I was crying, my comp was crying she was crying, and we were all testifying. In the end she looked at us and was like I know I have to say yes, because we gave her a baptismal date, but something is telling me go home now be alone and pray. She left and I have no doubt she will be baptized. The spirit was so strong I can’t help but wonder why our name is embedded in this history, but is relatively unknown. I do know one thing that it can make all the difference when you’re testifying about something that “doesn’t matter” when your history is
embedded there.

Fica Firme,

Elder Fullmer.”

Well know you know the best part of my week I don’t know what else I can say that will live up to that. We have that new auditor that’s
coming. Should be fun, president is kind of freaking out and at the same time just saying “eh we’ve been here for two months so before if
there’s a problem it’s not our fault.” Although I’m not as confident as he is but let’s see what will happen. He was going to come this coming Monday but now it’s going to be to Monday after.

Plus everybody left the house, well everybody but one of the assistants. He and his comp are staying in our house for the time being. The other two were kinda mad because they thought that they would have left as ZL’s, But one left as senior and the other as a
junior. We’re going to have a counsel of the ZL’s this coming week, so that will be cool. I get to speak to them all and act like I’m some one important hehe. It’s been getting better here. I’ve just been trying to forget things and just do my job but it’s just odd coming in here. Every day going to work just looking at computers and working with paper. I’ve been able to use English a lot here. There has
been times where we’ve had people call that only speak English so that was nice to know that I had been able to do some good but really
nothing beats the experience that I want Austin to get. I love you guys a lot and it’s nice to know you guys don’t live on the east coast.

Tell the ward I’m thinking about them and that I know for sure that their sons and daughters in Brazil are being taken care of. People
here are really nice. You get fed well, I mean look at how much weight I gained in criciúma because of the food I was eating. So the
pictures today are this.

1. The Wedding invitation that was made for our baptism(they’re poor and her dream was to have a wedding with invitations and a cake and the ward has really pulled together to help.)
2. Just one of the pictures of them
3. Is a picture of this lady from the area where my comp used to live.
4. She was selling food he hadn’t eaten in a long time so we took a picture of the food.

-the bun was made of mashed and fried white beans
-it had shrimp (the part i didnt like)
-a pepper sauce
-and mashed veggies/roots

My comp asked her for photo which was funny because this other lady that was from the same area came up and was……well crazy to say the least but she took the photos for us so it was nice. Well that’s about it for me see you guys and stay safe.

Elder Fullmer

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Sad for the Sayers so that’s why Hillary never answered more than one of my letters but that’s really sad for Shelby. She was so nice. As for me after office hours i get to be a regular missionary. Should be cool right but it just kinda sucks to leave and go out. Some days you’re just really tired. We’re working on a lot here. We’re trying to change the way our mesadas(allowance) works and that’s a pain but after its done i won’t have to do so many reimbursements and as well were working on getting all of the water and electricity bills paid by me so that’s been a bigger hassle but will be good as well. We live in an apartment building a ways away from the mission home. We have a dryer…a dryer mom I’m so happy hehe. As for my comp he does the same thing but he buys passages, makes what we call DVD power (DVD with video clips to help us teach), all the travel stuff. So he’s doing things when I’ve got my stuff. I think by the end of this week hopefully I’ll be doing all of this stuff by my own.

Well The English classes are going good. The ward here is a little better but it’s really weird being out of a small town. Criciúma was big but still felt really small. The apartment buildings are dumb i don’t like them at all. It’s hard to do the work here but like you are going to see we have a lot of not favelas but barrios that don´t have the apartment buildings. My new comps a little odd but i like him. He’s had a hard life and I’m surprised he’s even out here so that’s really good. I don’t have a whole lot this week. WE don’t teach a lot but it think we’re going to have a wedding/baptism in October. That’s crazy but he’s stopping his marijuana habit and here coffee habit is coming a long a little slower but were working.

The hardest part of Brasil is that no one is married. Marriage is nothing here and it’s really sad but this is happening worldwide.

I’ll talk about the pictures right now. So the picture of the rock was we were walking along a “beach” to get to a recent converts house cause were now teaching his mom. So i decided to take pictures and I’m not sure my comp was happy but there was nowhere to contact and no one to talk to so i stopped. The same with the other beach picture.

The next two one is of a hill we went up and then the other is of the backside of that hill. It killed me and my comp was like “wow i didn’t think it was going to be this bad. It was crazy but the back side was kinda cool looking.

I don’t have too much more to say. I love you guys. I hear that Austin’s doing well. There’s a guy Elder Eide whose serving in my mission who has a friend who is one of the APs in the Frankfurt mission i don’t know if that’s Austin’s or not i can’t remember right now. I love you guys a lot. One phrase that we say a lot is ” Fica Firme” and I like it a lot more than what is in English “stay strong” I don’t have any doubt you guys won’t have any problems but like with Shelby anything can happen.

Eu sei essa vida é dificul as vezes mas nós temos que fica firme. Sé nós não podemos fazer isso essa vida não vai vale a pena. Que dor na? Realmente eu tenho um conhecimento que eu tenho que servir aqui eu não sei por que mas eu sei isso. Jesus cristo sofre para todos nós e agora nós temos que fazer todas as coisas certas. Eu amo portuguese e eu quero usar portuguese para minha vida entera não sei como mas eu vou. Eu te amo.


E. Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Financial Clerk

Hey guess what your son is moving up in the world. We got to see the “rege”, the list of where everyone is going this next transfer, and E. Fullmer was listed as the SF. Yes that’s right I get to spend the next couple of transfers on a computer. It will be fun I guess. It’ll at least be a different aspect of the mission. I’m really excited to be closer to the president and his family. Plus i’ll get letters and packages right when they get here. So stop sending them to Criciúma im moving out yay. Its was a build up that culminated with me yelling “what ive got than 3 months in field and they want me to be what………?” I’m not quite sure what im going to be doing but I know part of it is about the reimbursement that get going. So that’s something im really excited for.

My comp was gone a lot this week. He had to leave Tuesday night to go to a training in Floripa for all of the Zone Leaders so he was gone till i think till Wednesday night. So I was once again blessed with the opportunity to stay with Elder Eide again. Man it’s always great days when im with him. We found this one older gentleman who had a lot of questions about where we go after this life so that was cool to talk to him but also he had so many questions about what we teach about in the restoration. So we are going to tell the next people to go back to him. We then contacted the heck out of that street and found one lady who was really hit by our message. We taught about Joseph smith and she started crying and said that she wanted to go to church before she accepted a date but would be baptized. It was really cool did some contacts visited more people although we never found any more cool people that day.

The next day however was just as good talked to good people in the same new area that I had decided to go to but this time it was me Elder Eide and Elder Rolim a brasileiro. We found a crazy lady who when we told her we were missionaries and representatives of christ ran away screaming “just go….leave me alone…just go” or that’s kind of how it translates. It was kind of weird and it felt odd cause the house was really nice but she looked like a……well this sounds mean but an oger crazy lady. It just didn´t fit. Then we found our shinning investigator. We found flavia cause I made a joke like “let’s go contact that green house they look loaded” but as I saw her house I thought “we could contact that house her door is open” and felt like I should. Pushed the thought away and as we passed I felt as if something was telling me “go contact that house”. So I turned around companions looking at me like im crazy and contacted her. She let us in and she was really excited to talk to us. She participated and we went back the next saturday she accepted the Book of Mormon and I think she’ll be baptized. Its one of the few things that makes me sad to leave this area. I find one person who is really ready and I have to leave.

Other than that this week was not all that memorable. We dropped so many people in the knowledge that me and elder Hansen will leave this area to two new people who are going to come in. The new LZ was here for a couple transfers and now he’s coming back. Fun for him right? IM really excited i cant even tell you guys. I’m excited for this change and to let you know i think my p-day might change to Saturday now but im not sure.

Hmmm what to say now. Brasil is a really beautiful place. The coastal side where im at is really green. I’m not so sure about chapeco but I think it’s the same way. We don’t have too many fruit trees just hanging all over the place but when its humid you remember that you re in a tropical country. It thunders quite a bit which makes Brasilians happy because I sware they love loud noises. Itll be broad daylight, cloudy, mid day and you’ll hear a fire work go off. Probably because of a soccer game but they don´t even see them. It’s really odd. It’s actually raining way hard today, much to my companions unhappiness. Well got to go email my president. I’ll email again after if I have any more thoughts.

E. Fullmer