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Elder Austin Fullmer – Glückliches Viertel von Juli

4 July 2011

Mom, Dad, and Family!

This week has been a good week. Yesterday was Sunday and my District performed a special musical number during Sacrament Meeting. Our Branch is about 40 to 50 people. We sang “All Creatures of Our God and King.” First verse unison, Second and Third verse parts. The last part of the 3rd verse we sang a Capella. I think we sounded really good. It was also fast and testimony meeting, so I went up to bear my testimony. I think I did well. My German is getting better. I didn’t have to use any notes for my testimony. I don’t write any sentences down either when I’m teaching with my companions. I thought I was going to be released yesterday as District leader. My three weeks were up, but I was not released. The Zone leaders changed, but none of the district leaders did. I love my District, so I’m excited to have the opportunity to keep serving.

Happy 4th of July! We celebrated as a MTC on Saturday. There was a big devotional. We sang a bunch of patriotic songs and the keynote speaker was a Branch President here. He is also a advisor to the President of the United States. How he has time to advise President Obama, visit Iraq, China, and Lebanon in the last two weeks and maintain a calling at the MTC is unfathomable to me. The last half of the program was a bout freedom, the restoration, and missionary work. Bagpipes and drums were played and some missionaries were chosen to march out of the stands down to the stage with many of the world’s flags. Then they let us watch the fire works that BYU puts on. It was pretty awesome. I was wondering how the international missionaries were feeling during the first half. Then I found out that the MTC took all of them to Temple Square and the Salt Lake Temple. I guess to make up for forcing them to come to the Independence Day Celebration. An Elder from the UK in my branch said that going to the SLC Temple was an awesome experience. I bet it was!

Las night our devotional was by Sister Jenny Oaks Baker. She is a famous musician within the church. She is also the daughter of Elder Dallin H. Oaks and she was AMAZING. Her violin playing was the best that I have ever heard. She went to both Curtis and Julliard and played in the National Symphonic Orchestra. She played in the NSO until she decided to stay and be with here children at home. Now she records. I bet here CDs would be amazing. Her husband also spoke and here children played. Her 9 year old was on the violin, the 8 year old was on the piano, and the 6 year old was on the cello. We never clapped for Sister Baker because it was a church setting, but when these three little girls finished the whole MTC stood up and clapped for them. A 6 year old was playing the cello! CRAZY. They were amazing. She shared with up Deuteronomy 31: 6. It is a cool scripture. I would look it up.

3 weeks from today or tomorrow, I will be flying to Berlin. CRAZY. I am super excited, but also way scared. One of the Sister Missionaries who is leaving for Germany next week. gave an amazing testimony. She told us that she was so scared to go to Germany, but that her faith outweighs her fears. I guess that is the way I am. My faith outweighs my fears. We get our travel plans a week from this Thursday. Hopefully on the 14th.

Good luck to everyone at the Academy this week. The second week of Swab Summer. I think it should be Tom’s first week, so Good LUCK! I wish I could be there with all of you.

Mom, you asked me for my favorite scripture for the plaque. It is still 2 Nephi 4: 27-28. It is so good. Also everyone should watch this short video I found. Go to and on the homepage there should be a link to a video called, “Moments that Matter Most.” The picture next to it is of a little girl on a swing. It is an awesome 4 minute video about the moments of life. It really makes you think. I highly recommend it.

I love you all,

auf Wiedersehn,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


Elder Austin Fullmer – A brother named Dirk

Dad, Mom, Family, and Friends!

I cannot believe that it has already been three weeks. Well, almost. I guess the three week mark is actually this Wednesday. It has been a very rewarding but difficult experience. My friend Nate wrote to me that he thought the MTC sounded a little bit like Swab Summer. In a way it does. While nobody is yelling at me, the schedule is really fast paced as Swab Summer was. It feels like we are always going to the Cafeteria and once I even forgot what meal I was going to. The days feel really, really long, but the weeks have gone fast so far. It is already another P-day.

We get to hear from awesome people here at the MTC. Last Tuesday, Elder Kikuchi from the 1st Quorum of the Seventy came to speak to us. He was awesome to hear. He talked about missionary work (I guess that is pretty obvious), the First Vision, and his own conversion. He lived in Japan during WWII during which his father died when a US Sub destroyed his father’s commercial fishing vessel. He grew up paying for his high school education by working during the day at a factory and then taking night classes. When he was 14 or 15 he got really sick and had to go to the hospital. At the hospital he was scared and prayed. A couple of days later two American missionaries knocked on his door. He was the only one home and answered it. He told the two missionaries that he hated Americans and that they should leave (remember that his father just died because of an American sub a few years earlier). The missionaries told him that they had a message about a young boy just his age. He told them that he would give them ten minutes. Within those ten minutes he felt the spirit and now is a General Authority. What a powerful testimony.

On Sunday, President Dunn called my two companions and I into a class room. President Dunn is my Branch President. He is awesome! Anyways, he talked to my companions and I about our companionship and how were getting along. My heart was beating so fast, because I new it time for new leadership in the Branch. He asked me to serve as the District leader for my District. I guess I’m excited. I don’t really know. The last three weeks our District leader was Elder Hymas and for the next three weeks it will be me. The final three weeks with be somebody else. My job is to lead the District for the next three weeks (right now there are four districts, three of which all reported in on 25MAY like me). I’m supposed to conduct meetings that we have as a district, check the mail twice a day, interview with all the senior companions, and report to the Branch President. I also have to go to Branch Council on Sunday mornings and Leadership Council on Tuesday evenings. President Dunn asked me what type of leader I thought I should be. I told him my philosophy was servant leadership.

Ok, so for some comic relief: Yesterday when I was walking to the temple (we get to go on temple walks every Sunday) I passed beneath a tree and felt a thump on my head. Why did I feel a thump on my head you may ask. I was cautiously asking the same question. I slowly reached my head toward my head and touch the top of my head. When I brought my hand down and saw my finger tip I started to laugh. A BIRD POOPED ON MY HEAD. I told everyone that was around me. Half the MTC probably knows that I got pooped on. Then I walked into the nearest MTC building and proceeded to wash my hair. What on earth are the chances of that!

We had two districts of Elders leave for the field today. I will really miss a lot of them. Fortunately my favorite, Elder Whitehead, is going to Berlin. I really hope that I will get to be his companion at some point. They all got here at some point in April. So there nine weeks ended in June. A new set of Elders and Sister will be coming in on Wednesday. New German-speakers come every third Wednesday. All of these missionaries will be going to the Alps mission which includes part of Germany, part of Switzerland and then all of Austria. Pretty cool.

I am still really loving my district. They are all awesome people. My companions too. Elder Burnett and Elder Stovall are really helpful and are fun to be around. We’ve become good friends. I’m glad that we are all going to Berlin, so that we won’t really have to say goodbye. I’ll be sad when we have to say goodbye to the four Elders in our District who are going to Frankfurt.

I have a new favorite Hymn here at the MTC. It is now “Come Thou Fount.” It is an original German hymn that used to be in English Hymn book, but isn’t anymore. I love it. My favorite part about learning German is singing in German. So Good. The German is coming along. Slowly, but surely. I’ve set some concrete goals for my language training, so I think that will help.

We are teaching two new “investigators.” One is Bruder Evans who is playing a Swiss man named Marcello. The other is Bruder DeCosta is playing a German named Dirk. It is way cool to have this sort of practice at the MTC. It makes teaching way more personal. I find myself thinking about these investigators all the time. How I can help them.

I love you all! I’m sorry if these letters are two religious for your liking. I’m primary writing to my parents and then to a variety of friends and family! That is sort of the nature of the next two years of my life.

Also, I only have a week more of teenager-hood. I turn twenty next Monday. Weird.

auf Wiedersehn,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer