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Two weeks before Elder Tyler Fullmer hits the streets

Hey, this week has been crazy. I asked pres. and he said I could take a camera to temple once so I could get a picture.  Well our whole district did, so I quickly got a picture today. I can’t believe I have officially 2 weeks left at the CTM today.  That’s so crazy. I feel like I just got to Provo.

We went out to the busiest street in São Paulo last Friday and placed three mores Books of Mormon and got way more funny rejections that day. One guy found out we were Americans and just laughed at us and said he wouldn’t believe since we were Americans. Then some guy was nice till we introduced ourselves and then he just angrily walked away. I guess one of the books maybe doesn’t count, because the guy was crazy and probably homeless, but he wouldn’t leave us alone so we gave him one.

So the other day I met Elder Halstrom(a member of the 70) and Elder Marco Antionio Precito( an area 70). I love it here. It’s so small you meet a lot of people.  We didn´t talk to Elder Halstrom for too long, but Elder Precito´s wife talked to us for a long time.  She just told us to keep working hard and we’ll do a lot of good down here.

Well our teacher just quit and nobody knows why. Just didn’t show up for a couple of days and then they told us that he quit, so now we have a new one. He’s good and he’s really pushing us to cut out English in his class, and by that I mean he doesn’t respond to English haha. Well other than that not much else new here.

I get your letters really often. About every other day. Sometimes I get 2 at once. Everybody in the district thinks it’s crazy that I get so many, but I love it, thank you. Half my district is going crazy in the CTM. Our Brazilian roommates leave next week.  Hopefully we will get new ones, because they are amazing people and extremely helpful.

As for Brazilian food I don’t know how I could describe it. It’s not so different and my teacher tells us that it isn’t even close here to what it will be. What I eat outside though is really good. Like I said last week, I had some wild boar and that was really good. The main thing is that they spice it differently and they use a whole lot of fat. They don’t seem to mind it that much, the fat I mean. The desserts in the CTM aren’t that good, but there’s a drink here called guadana that is really good. It’s made from a fruit only found in the Amazon. Speaking of the fruit here, they have the best pineapple, and its white. When I first tried it I didn’t know what it was, but yes it is white pineapple, and way better that the U.S.

Well I love you guys.

Elder Fullmer


Elder Tyler Fullmer – Life in the Sao Paolo CTM

The city is so big I can´t believe it. The biggest city I have ever been in, which is not saying much I know. There are sky scrapers everywhere and you can’t see the end of the city.

On the flight over here I sat next to an LDS convert with an amazing testimony. His wife, son, and daughter all died in a car accident involving a drunk driver and he still has so much faith. I don’t know how he does it.

The way we got processed here was way different, because we went from the MTC with 2000ish missionaries, to the CTM just breaking 300. So we all got to personally meet and talk to the mission president. Hopefully he sent out an email to you with the picture in it.

My room is a little more cramped but everything is nicer. The reason we do not have as much room is because we have 6 people to a room. 4 Americans and 2 Brazilians and I must say they are multilingual. They help us so much with the language and in turn we teach them English.

The main difference is that the CTM on P-day lets us leave and we can go out around a couple blocks and talk to people, and we actually go to the post office.  Here the CTM doesn’t have one.

The thunderstorms are so cool here it is one of the best parts. The wall looks like a water fall because its tile and there is so much rain.

I must admit that the first money exchange we had in the airport was the biggest hit to me that I was not in the US anymore. Holding reai (their money), and yes I got more reai than the amount of dollars I gave, so yes the dollar still is important, and seeing the difference hit me that I was in brazil. Then seeing how much city there was made my mind blown. We just got back from the temple and it is so beautiful. The second best I have been to I would say. It has some of the coolest stain glass ever. There were a lot of us, so the session was in English even if the workers didn’t speak it.

My comp is way cool, our Brazilian roommates address us as “Oi American boy, Cowboy Como voce esta?” HAHA the first day he showed them his pictures of him doing rodeo and he got his nickname. His twin just got here today and it’s so weird everyone kinda freaked when they saw him.

Well it is warm here but it’s not unbearable until you go to gym. Then you wish it was cooler. My district is a little unfocused and they use our air conditioner too much but that’s about it. Our teachers are way laid back and like to joke around but we have learned so much here, me and my comp.

Well time to get out of my long sleeved shirt. Goodbye for now, love you all.
From, Elder Fullmer