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Elder Austin Fullmer – Merry Christmas

Dear All,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We want to let you know that the Fullmer family email has changed to

26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope your Christmas was really good. I had an amazing time here in Annaberg. Actually, Christmas is still technically going here in Germany. There are three Christmas holidays in Germany; Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the today, the 26th of December. Christmas Eve is the biggest of the three holidays. For lunch, we went to a younger couple’s home. We ate this soup that is called “Lenz” (I think). Anyway,  it is this delicious soup that is very traditional in Erzgebirge (the mountain region where I am serving). Way good.  For Heiligeabend (Christmas Eve, or Holy Evening), we went to our Bishop’s house for dinner. Their family is really young and way cool; they have three kids. Everything is very traditional in this part of Germany. Sis. Sacher, the Bishop’s wife  put half of a loaf of bread, that we didn’t eat, and some salt, that we didn’t use, on the table. They were supposed to be for good luck. Then she lit a candle and placed some coins underneath, also for good luck, I think. German children get to open all of their presents on Christmas Eve too, so we got to watch all of the Sacher children open up their gifts. It was a really enjoyable evening.

We had transfer calls this week. I am staying in Annaberg. I am pretty excited about that. I like Annaberg a lot. My companion Elder Van Miltenburg got transfered to Delingsdorf which is a part of the city of Hamburg, so he is going up close to my last area. We also got to go to the Temple this week. That seems like forever ago, but I guess it was just about six days ago. It was awesome. The Temple is in my Zone, and so that is why we are allowed to go. It took us about an hour and a half by train to get there. We went as a district, so four Elders. The cool thing was that another district in our Zone ended up going on the same day as us. So I got to see my friend and MTC Companion, Elder Burnett.  We have been able to see each other three times this transfer which has been pretty sweet. We all talk for a while afterwards, took a lot of pictures, and then went and got lunch. While were buying lunch this man came into the tiny little Turkish restaurant dressed like Santa Claus, ordered food, and then gave us some sketchy candy. The crazy thing was that I actually ate the sketchy candy he gave me. I have not died yet, so I suppose that I’ll make it through.

I am really grateful for the Christmas season. It is a really awesome opportunity for us not only to reflect on the Savior’s birth, but also his atonement and death, for that is the reason that he was born in Bethlehem. I know Christ died and suffered for us.

I also got to talk to my family yesterday. It has got to be the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. Honestly, it sort of felt like I was back at the Academy, just calling my parents on a normal Sunday evening. Can’t wait for mother’s day when we get to call again.

We you guys are awesome. Thanks for your support, emails, and prayers. I am thinking and praying for you. Enjoy the rest of Christmas Break.




Elder Austin Fullmer


Elder Austin Fullmer – Easter already?!

12 December 2011,


Well another week has gone by. Weird how fast the time flys. I have been in Annaberg for a month now and we only have two more weeks until the next transfer call. There wasn’t a whole lot of significant stuff that happened this week, but I will fill you in with what did happened. My favorite appointment of the week was with Sister Christa Pfob. She is a member of the church, but is really, really, old and can’t come to church anymore because she has to stay in the Old Folks home that she lives in. When tried to visit her twice this Friday, but both times she was busy with Old Folks home activities. She is young enough to realize who we are and that she wants to meet with us, but too old to know when she would be free. So we tried visiting here a couple of times. Finally, we meet with there at 1500 on Saturday. We read with her one of my favorite scriptures from Deuteronomy. It says ‘Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.’ That didn’t take too long, because she doesn’t talk very well, so I asked her is she gets to read very often from the scriptures. She said no because she can’t see very well. So I thought, ok let’s read now. I asked her where she wanted to read she said Mosia (which is Mosiah im Buch Mormon). We read chapter 2 together. I just felt so good reading out loud with her and my companion. The entire Old Folks home was listening to us. When we had to leave I shook hands with Sister Pfob and the other old lady at the table with us. The other woman took my hand and put it up to her face like a lot of old Germans will do to you. That or they will take their hand and rub your face with it. We are going back this Saturday too.

We had the Christmas Party at our Ward on Saturday, actually after the appointment with Sister Pfob. It was beyond fun. Germans know who to celebrate Christmas. They had this little play that that the Primary President wrote in which the Elder Quorum President played Santa Claus oder auf Deutch der Weinachtsman. It was way funny. Then families in the ward took turns singing songs or reading from Christmas story books to the congregation and to Santa Claus. Elder Van Miltenburg and I sang Jingle Bells together. Then Santa Claus handed out Christmas Presents to all the little kids. Once he and Mrs Claus (the Primary President) had finished with the kids they said that they had two other special kids. They call the two missionaries up. It was pretty funny. They gave us a bunch of German candy, socks, body wash, and some tissues. The whole thing ended up way funny when Mrs. Claus said there was no one to give Santa a Present. So the Elder Quorum President’ First Counselor came out dressed in an Easter Bunny costume came out and gave him a present. It was very funny because this guy is one of those giant mountain German men and he was dressed up as a bunny with two buck teeth. I died laughing. Then we ate a lot of good food.

I appreciate your prayers and support. I pray for you back in America.






Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Big news

Bom dia tudo mundo,

The big news is that Skype with video has been approved. I will have
45 minutes to talk to my family on Christmas day and yes we can use
the video feed. Turns out that there were some irregularities in the
missions and so many people were asking so the Area Presidency called
the missionary department and then it got all the way to the first
presidency that have approved it for the whole world. That’s what you
get for complaining people. You get to talk to your family on Skype.
Seems like Dallas is changing right before your eyes. By the way HOW
MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN THE TOWN? I thought I’d get an actual number
because Brazilians really like to know. They think its crazy that you
could live in a very small town.

Let me try and answer your questions. No I haven’t gotten around to
sending the SD cards home I always forget….I’m bad enough about
writing paper mail home and no I’ve never gotten Brynn’s puffy yellow
pouch. I hope it didn’t get lost. No Connor, It doesn’t snow here…hehe
well I guess that’s now true. There is a town close to Lages-SC that
actually did get some snow. It didn’t stay but I sure did make all the
Brazilians here freak out. Most of the time I just gets cold and
freezes. As of right now however it’s a good 80 degrees and sunny
here…well at least it feels like 80 its probably less. It’s supposed
to just keep getting warmer. Its crazy humid here. I know know what
dad was talking about Thailand because man its hot here. At least I’m
not up north or it would be like this all the time.

Well not much news here. They celebrate Christmas, kind of. It’s not
so wide spread as it is in the United States. They, being a catholic
country, celebrate a lot of saints. The holidays are mostly religious
and they celebrate a Halloween type holiday in July I believe. Because
Halloween is taken more literally here and is called “Dia dos brushes”
or “Day of the witches”. I don’t think I’ve seen more people dressed up
like zombies in my life. That’s what they all dressed up as one night
we only saw people dressed up like zombies. Brazilians are so crazy.
My English class is a little bit better, because we call it a
conversation class. So I just sit there and talk to them or in all
reality they just talk to me. They like to talk so they just go off.
They being 50 year old men, have a lot to say.

Well I’ve been teaching a lot this week. We have had a baptism last week
hence the pictures. As you can tell we ran out of baptismal clothes
and those were the only ones our ward has. So ones were using child’s
clothes and the other was using a baptismal dress. Oh well I think
the bishop is going to go looking for more. We have a Zone leader
council this week so they will all be coming in which means I get to
see my trainer again. He might have just been written off though.
That’s why you don’t go on a mission with a woman waiting. Even if you’ve
been dating for five years. Anyways love you guy miss you guys and ill
see you guys on Christmas.

Oh and dad, how much of Luke 2 do you have memorized?


Elder Fullmer

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