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Elder Tyler Fullmer – 9 months

Hey guys,

It’s been 9 months since the day I left you guys in the Portland
airport. It seems like time has been flying by. Well at least it has
for me. I’m not so sure about why it’s happened that way buy i kind of
like it. I think it’s just because we have Skype coming up. I’m
actually going to be spending the 24 with president and his kids. So
that’s going to be cool. We’ve got the two mission Christmas conferences
this week and I’ve got to help the church close the years finances. I
never knew that would be such a pain in the butt. Who knew finances
were so hard hehe. I have learned a lot and one of those things is that
I don’t want to work with finances for the rest of my life.

I love you guys and it’s been a weird week. I hate seeing all
the people that are going home because it gets me so trunky. I did get
to see all the news though. Tell Elder Mitchells parents that he got
her fine with just one small delay. His flight to Floripa got
cancelled but they found one for later that day. I actually got the
chance to wait for him at the airport. Tell his parents that he will
be a great missionary. He walked off the plane talking to some and the
guy had given him fifty reais just because, so his mission started out
great. I must say for a new missionary he was speaking really well.
When I was at the policia federal (federal police) with him I was near
sleeping and all of a sudden I just look over and he’s talking to these
two ladies from Peru no problem and yes he was speaking Portuguese.
The only time I had to help him talk to them is when they asked him
where the chapel on the island was. They have a son ready to serve
that speaking really well already.

The video I put on was what happens in Brasil when it rains just a
little bit too hard. It was really crazy and as always it was a nice
way to welcome the new missionaries. When you’ve got water gushing from
the ceiling it’s always a fun day. This elder was like “ok so we’ve got
some water coming from the ceiling where are the buckets?” Closely
followed by the shoeless missionary yelling “there’s too much water
buckets won’t help.” All in the day of a missionary, right? The celling
almost falls down and you’ve got to clean up your chapel.

I’m glad you guys are doing good I forgot Brynn’s birthday was so close.
I always forget these types of things. It’s difficult when in Brasil
but I should be better at this kind of stuff.  Im sorry Brynn, but
Happy Birthday! Next year you guys will actually get things for your
birthday but it’s just weird this year. Hey I love you guys but I gots
to go. Have a happy Christmas and I’ll see you guys Sunday.

Elder fullmer


Elder Austin Fullmer – Pictures from the MTC-Provo

Just a few pictures that Elder A. Fullmer has sent back of his experience at the MTC in Provo.

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – The final week, playing cards

Elder Fullmer spent the final week visiting with family and friends. Here are a few pictures as we celebrate Grandpa Snowden’s birthday.

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