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Elder Austin Fullmer – Pig Brains

29 August 2011

Familie und Freunde,

How are you all this week. We had transfer calls this week. They were basically the highlight of my week. My companion and I got on the conference call, turned the speaker phone on, and listened. I had my little green notebook that Tom Cogley and Cate Giguere gave me (which has turned in to a recipe \ address \ quote \ thoughts \ transfer book), and wrote down all the names my Golden group. President Pimentel got on the phone and told us where everyone is going. All of my friends from my Golden group stayed in the same cities with their trainers. That means that I will be in Bergedorf in Hamburg. Way Cool. I am super excited to stay here in Bergedorf because I love the city. I have to admit I was pretty positive that this was going to happen (typically people stay in their Golden city for at least two transfers), but I was still nervous that I might get moved somewhere else. That means if anyone sends letters you can still send it to the Bergedorf address. There is still the chance that I might not get them, because of long mailing times or quick transfers. Mail to the mission office to guaranteed to get to me. Every three weeks or so it might actually be the better way. Being in Bergedorf a second transfer with the same companion means that one of us is going to stay next transfer too. So either I will be here for three tranfers or my companion will be here for four. I do not know what will happen.

This week was pretty white. Which means that your planner day is white with no writing. It was not really white, but we did have a lot of appointments fall out. People have been to busy to meet with us or just do not show up at our appointments. It was a tad bit discouraging, but I found comfort is singing hymns. I hope my companion does not think that I am too crazy, but it helps me keep a good attitude. That is one of my goals while I am here on my mission, to always have a good attitude. Frankly, it you do not love what you are doing what is the point of doing it. I want to be here and I am excited to be here; thus, I always need to have a good attitude!

I want to share a quote that President Pimentel shared with us a couple of weeks ago. I think it particularly applies to everyone at the academy where the ´´vision´´ is often lost. President Thomas S. Monson (who is the president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) said, ´´Vision without effort is day dreaming; effort without vision is drudgery; but vision, coupled with effort, will obtain the prize.´´ So often I feel that we are the second part of that quote, or at least I am. I am just running, running, running, busy, busy, busy. I do not take the time to see where I am actually going. Here on the mission my vision is to help people come unto Christ. At the Academy it becoming an officer and graduating. A shorter term vision might just be getting through the current semester. Just food for thought.

Crazy food this week! The movie “The Best Two Years”. I am not sure how many of you have seen it seeing as it is a movie about Mormon Missionaries. If your have not look it up on Netflix. It is actually a lot more like missionary work that I would have guessed. Anyway there is this part where they make the Golden eat this weird fish stuff. He holds it over his mouth and takes a bit. Then proceeds to through it up. Can you say Austin. Our Ward Mission Leader (this guy in our congregation that helps us with missionary work) invited us to his house on Monday for Family Home Evening. My Companion and I, re-acted out that scene and ate that fish stuff. So GROSS, but I am glad I did it. Other stuff I have eating, pig brain (it tastes a lot like bologna) and raw pig meat that you put on sandwich meat. We had that at our Branch President´s house. He is really cool and young, has two children and his wife is really cool too. She made me try it and kept calling it lecker which means delicious. It actually was pretty good.


Good luck with school and work this week.



auf Wiedersehn,



Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer