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Elder Austin Fullmer – Woltorf

24 October 2011

Hallo everyone,

Good week here in Begedorf, Deutschland. I hope that it was a good one for you all in the grand old USA. We did not have as many appointments as usual this week, but the ones that we did, were very good. We met with a woman name Brigett Boysen. Elder Lingard and I met with her often the first two transfers that I was here, but we sort of lost contact with her. She called us this week and asked it we could meet. It was convenient and I am pretty convinced that is what the Lord wanted seeing as we had an appointment fall out five minutes before we got here call and we were maybe 200 m away from her door. We talked about prayer and how important it is. We read from the Doctrine and Covenants Joseph Smith’s prayer in Liberty Jail. It was cool.

We also met with the Lekhler Family. They are Russian, and don’t believe in God. We talked with them about our pre-earth life and then read Alma 17 with them. For those of you that are familiar with the Book of Mormon, you might wonder why we would read that particular chapter of the Book of Mormon. It gives an account of a prophet missionary named Ammon, who goes among a group of people who do not believe in God. Chapter 17 is about how he wins the trust of these godless people. We asked the couple to read Alma 18 this week and we would talk about it with them when we met this next week. Chapter 18 describes the interactions and discussion that Ammon has with the King about God. Pretty cool.

In the evenings this week we went door to door in a city called Woltorf. We are finished with half of the city. We haven’t seen a whole lot of success there, but missionaries have done much in this city for a very long time.

Sorry this email is short this week. I guess nothing too excited happened. I do want to leave you with a scripture from Doctrine of Covenants 25. This section was revelation directed to Emma Smith, the wife of Joseph Smith. Verse two says, ”A revelation I give unto you concerning my will; and if thou art faithful and walk in the paths of virtue before me, I will preserve thy life, and thou shalt receive an inheritance in Zion.” May we walk on the paths of goodness.



and as always, peace,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


Two weeks before Elder Tyler Fullmer hits the streets

Hey, this week has been crazy. I asked pres. and he said I could take a camera to temple once so I could get a picture.  Well our whole district did, so I quickly got a picture today. I can’t believe I have officially 2 weeks left at the CTM today.  That’s so crazy. I feel like I just got to Provo.

We went out to the busiest street in São Paulo last Friday and placed three mores Books of Mormon and got way more funny rejections that day. One guy found out we were Americans and just laughed at us and said he wouldn’t believe since we were Americans. Then some guy was nice till we introduced ourselves and then he just angrily walked away. I guess one of the books maybe doesn’t count, because the guy was crazy and probably homeless, but he wouldn’t leave us alone so we gave him one.

So the other day I met Elder Halstrom(a member of the 70) and Elder Marco Antionio Precito( an area 70). I love it here. It’s so small you meet a lot of people.  We didn´t talk to Elder Halstrom for too long, but Elder Precito´s wife talked to us for a long time.  She just told us to keep working hard and we’ll do a lot of good down here.

Well our teacher just quit and nobody knows why. Just didn’t show up for a couple of days and then they told us that he quit, so now we have a new one. He’s good and he’s really pushing us to cut out English in his class, and by that I mean he doesn’t respond to English haha. Well other than that not much else new here.

I get your letters really often. About every other day. Sometimes I get 2 at once. Everybody in the district thinks it’s crazy that I get so many, but I love it, thank you. Half my district is going crazy in the CTM. Our Brazilian roommates leave next week.  Hopefully we will get new ones, because they are amazing people and extremely helpful.

As for Brazilian food I don’t know how I could describe it. It’s not so different and my teacher tells us that it isn’t even close here to what it will be. What I eat outside though is really good. Like I said last week, I had some wild boar and that was really good. The main thing is that they spice it differently and they use a whole lot of fat. They don’t seem to mind it that much, the fat I mean. The desserts in the CTM aren’t that good, but there’s a drink here called guadana that is really good. It’s made from a fruit only found in the Amazon. Speaking of the fruit here, they have the best pineapple, and its white. When I first tried it I didn’t know what it was, but yes it is white pineapple, and way better that the U.S.

Well I love you guys.

Elder Fullmer