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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Mediums

How are you doing? I am doing well here; this week has been a lot better. We taught a lot more. We actually got a reference from some other missionaries for this woman who has diamonds implanted in her teeth. They look like the brackets from braces without the wire but they are actually “diamonds”. I didn’t have the heart to ask her if they were real or not or take a picture with her for that matter. She seems way cool but that seemed a bit odd for a first visit. We also went to visit another reference that was a lady who works for the cleaning company who cleans the chapels. Let’s just say she’s been to ever chapel known to man. She was with her sister and her husband. She and the diamond lady both said that they already know that the Book of Mormon is true but we’ll see what happens when we go back. I really hope they read it because I think that they could be really strong members of the church. I’m scared about Rosa´s, (diamond lady) family, they seem like their kind of sketchy so I am hoping that they are a lot like her. The same thing about the other ladies’ husband. He was….well let’s just say he was pretty strongly against the baptismal invite. Oh well, we are going to work with them.


Me and my comp have been working on a different way to teach the first lesson. For the last few times we’ve been using more examples of Joseph Smith. Using his search as a way to teach people about how he learned the things he did while still teaching the parts. Like talking about the scriptures as he would have most likely read and thought about them. It still needs some work but the one thing I believe we as a companionship were lacking as we taught was really showing people who Joseph Smith was and after the first lesson in my mind if people don’t go away thinking about him than you didn’t teach what was important. I however think this will reinforce his story and will give them the desire to read the Book of Mormon. Which is what they really need. Well last night we had a huge thunderstorm. It was right above us and you could feel the shakes every once and awhile. It was really nice. I love thunder storms here. The thing about them is that it means that it’s going to be really humid and that’s the only bad part about them.


Well not much more is going on here. We are just working, working, working! We have this other investigator that says she is a medium and meaning she can see and talk to spirits. Frankly the crazy thing is that after the mission I don’t quite doubt that. The sad thing was that she asked us told us something kind of sad in our last lesson. I quote “I feel like God has left me alone. I have decided to do something about it because I don’t want to feel so alone. What I am going to do is call forth a guardian spirit. This means that I’ll always have it with me and I’ll give him offerings so that good things will happen to me.” I must admit I’ve never seen Elder Batemans jaw drop so fast. She then asked “Do you think that would be alright?” Elder Bateman said he didn’t know and I tried to explain to her that the only spirit that is from our Heavenly Father that could stay with her is the Holy Ghost which we receive only after baptism. Oh well i hope you guys are doing good.



Elder fullmer



Elder Tyler Fullmer – Christmas Parade

Hey guys just throwing you off a small email. Don’t want o write about anything really cause I would want to run out of thing s to say tomorrow but here’s a video I shot of the “Parada do Sonhos” here in Florianópolis. I have to send them in two so you’ll get one now and the other latter.




Elder Tyler Fullmer – The card

This week was a real mess. We got a lot of new missionaries in and
that is always a pain to handle added with the fact that we had a
transfer of 80 or more missionaries. This time it was a “Let’s guess on
who will stay not who will go.”  President was really secretive about
the whole thing, it was really funny. Well now Elder Machado is off in
Chepéco and he still calls us every day with a problem. Seems like he’s
about ready to die out there. Hot and he’s not used to actually working
as a missionary. He got really used to the way things were here in
the office. I however have still got a crap ton of things to work out
seems like things never stop going wrong but that’s life I suppose.
President left to go to São Paulo and participate in the mission
president conference there. It was to supposed to be just me and
Elder Bateman here but what do you know! One of the Assistants who just
(doesn’t) seem (like) to want(s) to leave decided that he was too sick to go to an
area and has been here with us. Flip it’s so aggravating. Me and E.
Bateman are going crazy with him.

This p-day was way low key we had a lot of time sleeping which was a
nice way to go and then we played War-cards. (It’s like) the normal version is
Risk but they also turned it into a card game which was way cool. It
took us an hour and a half to finish I ended up winning much to his
surprise. We probably won’t ever play it again because we both were
getting so aggravated. I wanted to sleep in the hammock but I forgot
how little time we actually have and also how much time I was going to
sleep for.

We met this really cool family. One daughter is inactive (according to
one of the sisters in the ward) and the other is serving a mission.
Elder Bateman swore he heard something about sons but they didn’t
really say anything about sons so we didn’t push anything. They have
been taught by everyone and their dog but were dropped a long time ago
so were hoping to try and help them learn and gain a testimony. The
daughter says that the dad is a little scared and the mom just doesn’t
want to change. I’m thinking that the dad is just scared to change
without his wife so let’s hope we can help. They really are really
cool and seemed to like our visit but let’s see if they will be
willing to change their religion. We’re hoping to go back this Sunday.

So it’s already November that’s really crazy. It’s been over a year since
I got my call. Pretty soon ill have a year and then it’s just a countdown not up he he. I know i know stop looking so far in advance but I can’t help it I got really trunky this week. My ZL and DL both went
home and the better AP is going home the next transfer. I really don’t know what I’m going to do if we get another AP like the one we have right now I’m done dealing with this one. He’s lazy, prideful and just
does things that make you wonder if he’s really being the best example. I know we all have our things we are working on but I’ve lost all respect for this assistant.

It’s good to hear that things are going all good back at home. I got “THE CARD” from the Sayers. I received their card and was like oh nice they sent me a card…cause i was remembering the package they sent. I stared to feel it and was like this is a thick card….and I feel a bump in the card and yes one would think that all of those things would have led to one thing but it wasn’t until i saw the special paper that I understood what exactly I was looking at was a wedding invitation. Yes it’s happened I got the first one yesterday but what made it even funnier was that the guy’s name is “Spencer John Hansen”. Take out the middle name and that’s the name of my first comp so as the secretary I’ve got a phone that can  call anyone in the mission so I asked him if there was any relation, there’s not but he laughed and was
like “what are the odds. It was very funny. Tell them I wish them the best.

Oh we had this random person with a member come up to us and was like “you think you have time to teach me a little bit about the church?” So we were like heck yes we can. Good thing no one including our instructor for the Gospel Principles class showed up. Sad but nice at the same time. We taught a great lesson then we had the Primary program right after that class. I used to really dislike that Sunday
but can I just say that i is one of the greatest days to bring an investigator to. You could just feel the spirit there so strong and all the kids were funny as always. It was really nice. I won’t take it for granted any more it really was a great Sunday to have an investigator there.

Anyways love all you guys not sure i have anything else.

The pictures are us and part of the English class. They gave us all
ties in commemoration of the first class. My hair is way long in these
pictures rest easy it has since been cut.

Love ya,
E. Fullmer

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Glückliches Viertel von Juli

4 July 2011

Mom, Dad, and Family!

This week has been a good week. Yesterday was Sunday and my District performed a special musical number during Sacrament Meeting. Our Branch is about 40 to 50 people. We sang “All Creatures of Our God and King.” First verse unison, Second and Third verse parts. The last part of the 3rd verse we sang a Capella. I think we sounded really good. It was also fast and testimony meeting, so I went up to bear my testimony. I think I did well. My German is getting better. I didn’t have to use any notes for my testimony. I don’t write any sentences down either when I’m teaching with my companions. I thought I was going to be released yesterday as District leader. My three weeks were up, but I was not released. The Zone leaders changed, but none of the district leaders did. I love my District, so I’m excited to have the opportunity to keep serving.

Happy 4th of July! We celebrated as a MTC on Saturday. There was a big devotional. We sang a bunch of patriotic songs and the keynote speaker was a Branch President here. He is also a advisor to the President of the United States. How he has time to advise President Obama, visit Iraq, China, and Lebanon in the last two weeks and maintain a calling at the MTC is unfathomable to me. The last half of the program was a bout freedom, the restoration, and missionary work. Bagpipes and drums were played and some missionaries were chosen to march out of the stands down to the stage with many of the world’s flags. Then they let us watch the fire works that BYU puts on. It was pretty awesome. I was wondering how the international missionaries were feeling during the first half. Then I found out that the MTC took all of them to Temple Square and the Salt Lake Temple. I guess to make up for forcing them to come to the Independence Day Celebration. An Elder from the UK in my branch said that going to the SLC Temple was an awesome experience. I bet it was!

Las night our devotional was by Sister Jenny Oaks Baker. She is a famous musician within the church. She is also the daughter of Elder Dallin H. Oaks and she was AMAZING. Her violin playing was the best that I have ever heard. She went to both Curtis and Julliard and played in the National Symphonic Orchestra. She played in the NSO until she decided to stay and be with here children at home. Now she records. I bet here CDs would be amazing. Her husband also spoke and here children played. Her 9 year old was on the violin, the 8 year old was on the piano, and the 6 year old was on the cello. We never clapped for Sister Baker because it was a church setting, but when these three little girls finished the whole MTC stood up and clapped for them. A 6 year old was playing the cello! CRAZY. They were amazing. She shared with up Deuteronomy 31: 6. It is a cool scripture. I would look it up.

3 weeks from today or tomorrow, I will be flying to Berlin. CRAZY. I am super excited, but also way scared. One of the Sister Missionaries who is leaving for Germany next week. gave an amazing testimony. She told us that she was so scared to go to Germany, but that her faith outweighs her fears. I guess that is the way I am. My faith outweighs my fears. We get our travel plans a week from this Thursday. Hopefully on the 14th.

Good luck to everyone at the Academy this week. The second week of Swab Summer. I think it should be Tom’s first week, so Good LUCK! I wish I could be there with all of you.

Mom, you asked me for my favorite scripture for the plaque. It is still 2 Nephi 4: 27-28. It is so good. Also everyone should watch this short video I found. Go to and on the homepage there should be a link to a video called, “Moments that Matter Most.” The picture next to it is of a little girl on a swing. It is an awesome 4 minute video about the moments of life. It really makes you think. I highly recommend it.

I love you all,

auf Wiedersehn,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – A little about food

So these last couple of weeks have been full of walking, but they have been good because we’ve been finding a lot of new investigators. We have hopes that this week we will have a lot more lessons. I’m still loving my comp, his name is Elder Hanson. He’s a great guy and he’s from Sacramento.  Where do uncle dennis and aunt willy live in Sacramento? Anyways he swam as well and since he swam, also plays water polo.  Yeah he’s pretty sick and we get along really well which is good. Bread here is so cheap and we never get it at lunch and it makes me really sad.

However we went to an investigators house to teach the first lesson and to see how the blessing went and she just filled the table with food. All of it some bread product and it was so good.  I really miss bread so much. I mean, I love rice and beans, but sometimes you want a good roll or two.  Really the food down here is way good and they feed us a lot more than they should and sometimes you know it’s all they have. I haven’t had to deal with a whole lot of fish though.

So the pictures I’m sending are me and my comp at the study desk  It’s my last two weeks in the first transfer.

Anyway, so we had to go give an interview for baptism, well my comp did, in a town called Atenangua? I don’t know if that’s how it’s spelled, so we got there all right and did all the interviews, 4 boys, the parents aren’t married yet so in about 30 days someone will be going back, and everyone passed, some good news there. We’ve had some problems with people just passing people to pass them, but these are good people. The parents are going to be married soon. They fed us cachorro quench(hot dog), you eat it here on french bread and its cut up and their more boiled in a sauce and its so good. It sounds really weird but its not at all. Oh fun fact for connor on hot dogs and hamburgers they they put things like peas and corn on them and its sooooo good.

So before we ate we called the bus service, sorry connor, I ride a lot of busses, and the bus we took out was the last one going to our city so we stayed there that night and were late for church the next day. We were freaked out, well my comp was, cause he had to speak.

My companion went to talk to our new converts, who we got to go to the temple, but she hates skirts. So when she asked what they needed to bring to the temple, we neglected to say you need to wear a skirt in the temple. So she shows up in pants to the bus which is normal cause its way cool and all the women were wearing pants and changed into skirts, but guess who didn’t have one. That’s right our recent convert. So they couldn’t go in…………….but we luckily had a member that was driving up and lied saying “oh yeah I never planned on going in but here is a skirt for you to use”, so we got them in. It was all happy in criciúma brazil.

Hey I gotta go, but I love you guys. Wish I was there playing games with you guys. When we get our money and reiembursments ill get more bread haha bye.


***I had written that if he misses bread and it’s cheap, why not buy some….ha****