Elder Tyler Fullmer – Families are forever

Hey how are you guys doing?

I am doing ok this week has been a good week. Not the best but better than others. My new comp for 6 weeks is going to be Elder Rappleye. He’s way sick and I am getting to train him to be the next financial secretary. I really think he is going to be really good. He is learning a lot faster…..though I think I am training him a lot faster than Elder Egito did with me. By the way it’s been 6 months that I have been here and I know have 10 months in the mission. Isn’t that crazy? I wonder where I am going to go next. I really want to go out and baptize the world. One last year to bring it out strong. I have a feeling president might have me train a new missionary when I get out and i guess that would be cool.

We taught this old man the other day…well no I went on a division with a kid in the ward and the other two went to the diamond ladies house. I taught the guy about how families can be forever. The problem is that he has studied a lot in his life and knows a lot of church doctrine. He keeps talking to me about all of the things he knows and what I just did was straight up asked him If he thought that the church was right or not and he said that he thinks families can be forever and that all churches are different but he wouldn’t judge any one way or the other. So I asked him to read just Moroni 10:4-5 and pray about the church. So well see if he does that. I know he is going to get baptized one of these days I just hope I can be here to see it happen. The member that I was teaching walk out with me looking like I was crazy and said “how did you know?” i said “how did I know what” he then began to tell me that the two questions I asked him were the ones that he himself was going to ask but he felt to shy or out of place to do it. Just little miracles happen all the day peeps. All we can do is try to look for them in our lives.

That’s sick you guys are getting snow there. There is no sign of that here it’s so flipping hot that I am dyeing. I am going to get out of the office when the heat is going away though. It won’t be gone but it will be much less of a problem. I really hope I don’t get sent to Lages or Chapeco because right now is when it starts to get down to freezing temperatures and that is never any fun for missionaries. I do have that crazy huge coat though. Right now is when I really do need to get a package off to you guys. My comp just showed me pictures from his house and I guess they are having the worst Ice storm on record up there. Pretty crazy stuff, I don’t know what’s going on, I mean it’s hot here but were sitting pretty. Good thing you know that our house is not going to flood.

I really don’t have a whole lot to write today. I love you guys though. I want you to know I am praying for you guys and i am always happy when I get your letters and all of you emails.



Elder Fullmer


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