Elder Austin Fullmer – Easter already?!

12 December 2011,


Well another week has gone by. Weird how fast the time flys. I have been in Annaberg for a month now and we only have two more weeks until the next transfer call. There wasn’t a whole lot of significant stuff that happened this week, but I will fill you in with what did happened. My favorite appointment of the week was with Sister Christa Pfob. She is a member of the church, but is really, really, old and can’t come to church anymore because she has to stay in the Old Folks home that she lives in. When tried to visit her twice this Friday, but both times she was busy with Old Folks home activities. She is young enough to realize who we are and that she wants to meet with us, but too old to know when she would be free. So we tried visiting here a couple of times. Finally, we meet with there at 1500 on Saturday. We read with her one of my favorite scriptures from Deuteronomy. It says ‘Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.’ That didn’t take too long, because she doesn’t talk very well, so I asked her is she gets to read very often from the scriptures. She said no because she can’t see very well. So I thought, ok let’s read now. I asked her where she wanted to read she said Mosia (which is Mosiah im Buch Mormon). We read chapter 2 together. I just felt so good reading out loud with her and my companion. The entire Old Folks home was listening to us. When we had to leave I shook hands with Sister Pfob and the other old lady at the table with us. The other woman took my hand and put it up to her face like a lot of old Germans will do to you. That or they will take their hand and rub your face with it. We are going back this Saturday too.

We had the Christmas Party at our Ward on Saturday, actually after the appointment with Sister Pfob. It was beyond fun. Germans know who to celebrate Christmas. They had this little play that that the Primary President wrote in which the Elder Quorum President played Santa Claus oder auf Deutch der Weinachtsman. It was way funny. Then families in the ward took turns singing songs or reading from Christmas story books to the congregation and to Santa Claus. Elder Van Miltenburg and I sang Jingle Bells together. Then Santa Claus handed out Christmas Presents to all the little kids. Once he and Mrs Claus (the Primary President) had finished with the kids they said that they had two other special kids. They call the two missionaries up. It was pretty funny. They gave us a bunch of German candy, socks, body wash, and some tissues. The whole thing ended up way funny when Mrs. Claus said there was no one to give Santa a Present. So the Elder Quorum President’ First Counselor came out dressed in an Easter Bunny costume came out and gave him a present. It was very funny because this guy is one of those giant mountain German men and he was dressed up as a bunny with two buck teeth. I died laughing. Then we ate a lot of good food.

I appreciate your prayers and support. I pray for you back in America.






Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

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