Elder Austin Fullmer – Advent of Peace

Hallo Freunden,
I have to say this has been one of the best weeks on my mission so far. So last week, I think I talked a little bit about der Advent der Wunder, the advent of miracles. Boy, has it been. This week has been pretty amazing. We have this big calender up in our apartment and every day we write down the miracle of the day. This week I have given out five Books of Mormon, we made out at least one new appointment everyday, and we had two walk-in appointments (that is when we are just going door to door, and get invited in on the spot). Pretty amazing. Truly some miraculous stuff. Yesterday night we had one of the walk-ins. Her name is Frieda. The funny thing is I thought she said that her name was Frieden, which means Peace. I thought that was pretty cool because this week is der Advent des Friedens, or the advent of peace. She lives in a house with a couple other people, but she was the only one there. She has some really cool ideas about God and Prayer. We set up another appointment for Wednesday. The sad thing is that I am going on a Tausch to Schwarzenberg that day, so I won’t get to be there for it.
Last Monday, we went to the Weinachtsmakt. It was really cool to get to go on a P-day. I bought some Christmas Presents. The whole place smells like candy, hot chocolate, wurst, and mustard (for the wurst). It is a pretty fantastic combination.
So like I said this week is the Advent of Peace. Last night my Companion and I lighted our second Advent candle and had a devotion of sorts about peace. I came to the conclusion that when I think of peace I don’t think of ‘world peace.’ I know I am a missionary and I should think otherwise, but ‘world peace’ has just never seemed to realistic to me. We I think of the Advent of Peace. I think more of inner peace. Not living a stress free life (that also doesn’t seem to realistic to me), but rather living in a way that despite your stresses and trials, you still fell peaceful. You choose to be happy, you choose to be content. In German the words content and peace are actually very similar. Zufrienden and Frienden. They are almost the same word. By no means am I always happy. I am definitely a stresser, but I try to live in a way that I can be content, so that I can have that inner peace. Not an easy thing to do. Try it out this week.
Sweet. Good luck this week with finals. I know my friends, and beautiful sister have finals at NMSU this week. Academy, you still have a week to breath easy.
Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer
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