Elder Tyler Fullmer – Roasted Chickens

Bom dia tudo mundo,

As you can tell I’m going to have another baptism today. He asked
one of his friends to do it so That’s going to be nice. The friend is
actually a recent convert as well. I’m excited to see how it all goes.
I hope his family comes. The baptism was kind of fast and he was 18 so I
never had to go meet his parents. Just hoping it’s a good experience
for him. I really wanted to speak but i don’t think I will. They
normally only have one speaker and that will be the kids friend so i
will probably just hang out being the missionary. That’s one of the
things that i really love doing now. i love giving talks. Sadly the
missionaries here don’t give them all to often cause the wards here
are very much independent from the missionaries. They can do these
things themselves you know. Haha just thought that was funny but keep
trying to do things with them. This baptism has really got them a
little bit more excited than usual.

I’m glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. I wasn’t quite sure how
hard it would be to explain. No one here gets the point. We taught
them the story but they just don’t seem to get it. Just doesn’t make
sense. We didn’t have the time to do something special. My companion
wanted to buy one of the roasted chickens that they sell here but that
was a bust. Mostly because I went and did a division (exchange) with another
Elder. It was the first one of two that I did this week. We’ve found
lots of people to teach but not all of them are in my area so were co-
teaching them for the time being. That sound really weird but oh well.
President was gone all last week. He had a lot of interviews to do so
he was always somewhere else. We got a new Elder while he was gone. I
had to burn a lot of papers…it was a fun week while he was gone. You’re
probably wondered why I was burning any papers in the middle of
Floripa but it’s simple. I had to get rid of some of the old documents
and its easier to burn them than to cut them up. That was of course
until the neighbors started to complained and me not being Brazilian
enough to talk my way out of it just gave up and said ok I’m done.

Anyways we don’t have all the details about how we are going to call
home. As of right now we know only phone calls because president has
not got the ok to use Skype right now. We’ve heard other missions can
so I’m thinking we will but as for length and how we’ve got to call I’ve
got nothing. I’m thinking we will have a thunder storm today cause the
skies are black and its really hot so if it starts to rain its going to
be crazy. It’s gotten so hot here right now and the people here are
saying that’s its only going to get worse. Im sorry it’s so short today
Im kind of running around crazy because we forget to factor the (baptismal) font
into play and its having problems again.


E. Fullmer

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