Elder Tyler Fullmer – The future of missions

Today was good and as always this week we had a lot to do. President
got back and acted like his whole world had changed which parts did
and maybe there is more that he did not tell us but for now this was
enough. The first main thing is the flip chart the President Queiroiz was
having us do is out…done. It will be removed from all houses and is
going to be taken from the mission. The First Presidency is getting all
missions on the same level. The second is that in 2 years all missions
will have iPad and iPhones. We’re thinking the iPads will come quicker
than the phones. The biggest one was that the president has said that
now music is Motab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) or nothing. We can only listen to the Motab right
now. No classical, no music soundtracks nothing. My comp is going
crazy because he loved the EFY music. Oh well I was talking to another
missionary and he said that in their mission it’s just hymns so I told
my comp that it could be worse.

On that note i said that I was talking to another missionary in
another mission. Turns out that all missions have this thing called
office communicator that we can use to talk to anyone that we need to.
So I turned that on and its made it easier to get in touch with the
missions analyst in São Paulo. I had to attend a meeting using the
Cisco meeting system which is actually cool. Dad i don’t know if you
have had to use that but it’s cool. The church uses it to hold their
meetings with large groups of missions. It’s cool we hear them talk on
the phone and then they have a screen that you can see theirs so they
can put up a power point of something a video to explain their point.

So those were the big parts of the week. Really not much else
happened. We taught this one guy name Guilharme this week and he was a
cool guy. He seems kind of sketchy but we went there and taught him about the Restoration and its was good that he really is searching to do
what is the best. He doesn’t have a church that he goes to for sure yet
and he has a friend that is Mormon so he decided to give us his address
and let us come over and teach him. The sad part was at the end I kind
of had to burn him. We challenged him to be baptized and he said well
I kind of have a date to be baptized in the Assemble (Assembly of
God) and I looked at him and was like “No church but ours will save
you.” This is because none of them have the priesthood which as we have
said gives us the right to baptize. I hope he’s thinking about what
we told him. He seems like a good kid.

Floripa is way humid right now. Just hot and nasty at times. All of
our investigators are either too busy or traveling. Which I guess
should be put under the heading of too busy. It seems like their
moving forward very slowly. We’ve taught a lot of good first lessons
and we’re excited to be getting going on our own. The worst part is
contacting. I really hate finding the time to contact. Me and my comp
are trying to find a place to get scripture cover for our Triple and
our Bibles but were not finding them. We know of one but they don’t look
really nice and the others shut down. I think some Elder made them mad
complaining. I will however at the end of my mission buy a map from
them because they look really nice and the lady will mark your areas
specifically and if you want will list you comps off to the side. Well
got to go. I also got your letter about the package mom…I just hope
it’s intact as well.

E. Fullmer

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