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Elder Austin Fullmer – Der Advent der Wunder

Liebe Familie,

Thanksgiving this week was pretty fun. We had our dinner with the other Missionaries in Schwarzenberg on Monday. Elder Van Miltenburg and I did all of the cooking at our place. We made a chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cooked carrots, and garlic bread. It was all way good, but none of it taste like it does in America. I had to use a ton of different ingredients. You would be surprised how different a German grocery store is from an American one.

This Christmas Season, our Mission President has come up with a cool event for us to work on. It is called Der Advent der Wunder or The Advent of Miracles. We have this poster in our room that is an Advent Calendar. We have a bunch of ideas that we can do for each week as Advent Gifts. Every morning before we leave our apartment, we say a pray on our knees asking for our Heavenly Father to help us see Miracles.

The Christmas Mart is beautiful. Gorgeous. This Saturday Elder Van Miltenburg and I sang with the choir at the Mart. Good news, it was really good. Bad news, during the duet of The First Noel that Elder Van Miltenburg and I sang, I totally came in wrong. It was sort of embarrassing, but regardless it was way cool to sing. I stood there on the platform (a little German looking house/shed thing) and could see most of the Market and the rest of down town going up the hill. It was too cool. We then went to an old folks home and sang the whole program again. This time our duet was much better, I came in at the right time! Yea! We also sang a second duet at the old folks home, Jingle Bells. Most of the rest of the songs were in German, but our director, Sis. Richter decided that since she had two American Missionaries who could both sing, she gave us the English songs as duets. Good Day.

This week I finished the Book of Mormon. The first time on my mission. Every time you read it different things seem to be emphasized based on your circumstances. I started to read it auf Deutsch. I have gotten through the first 25 pages. I understand a lot of it, but not all. I guess I would say 75%?  Reading is a lot easier for me than listening is. It is interesting to read it in a different language. Again, you get different insights. Some words and verses in German stick out to me more in than they would in English. I would also like to read the Old Testament in German, but that is going to have to wait for a little while. The Bible in German is a much older, harder German to understand, so maybe I will conquer that reading in a couple of months.

So yesterday, was sort of hard. My companion and I walked around Innenstadt (the down town) and did contacting. I tracted into this one guy would just wanted to argue. I understood everything he was saying and his argument, but I got flustered and stumbled over my German. I ended up just giving him a card and told him that the website could explain it better than I could. I was feeling sort of down, so I just sat down on a windowsill in the crowded Innenstadt in the dark (it was night time) and prayed. I asked for strength. Sometimes it is hard to keep going when person and person tells you that you are wrong or they just aren’t interested. I felt the comfort of my Savior and I kept going. We were able to make an appointment that night. I know that we all have challenges, we all have flaws, we all have things we need to work on. It is through the Lord that we can accomplish such things.

You guys are awesome. I hope your Thanksgivings were awesome!




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Roasted Chickens

Bom dia tudo mundo,

As you can tell I’m going to have another baptism today. He asked
one of his friends to do it so That’s going to be nice. The friend is
actually a recent convert as well. I’m excited to see how it all goes.
I hope his family comes. The baptism was kind of fast and he was 18 so I
never had to go meet his parents. Just hoping it’s a good experience
for him. I really wanted to speak but i don’t think I will. They
normally only have one speaker and that will be the kids friend so i
will probably just hang out being the missionary. That’s one of the
things that i really love doing now. i love giving talks. Sadly the
missionaries here don’t give them all to often cause the wards here
are very much independent from the missionaries. They can do these
things themselves you know. Haha just thought that was funny but keep
trying to do things with them. This baptism has really got them a
little bit more excited than usual.

I’m glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. I wasn’t quite sure how
hard it would be to explain. No one here gets the point. We taught
them the story but they just don’t seem to get it. Just doesn’t make
sense. We didn’t have the time to do something special. My companion
wanted to buy one of the roasted chickens that they sell here but that
was a bust. Mostly because I went and did a division (exchange) with another
Elder. It was the first one of two that I did this week. We’ve found
lots of people to teach but not all of them are in my area so were co-
teaching them for the time being. That sound really weird but oh well.
President was gone all last week. He had a lot of interviews to do so
he was always somewhere else. We got a new Elder while he was gone. I
had to burn a lot of papers…it was a fun week while he was gone. You’re
probably wondered why I was burning any papers in the middle of
Floripa but it’s simple. I had to get rid of some of the old documents
and its easier to burn them than to cut them up. That was of course
until the neighbors started to complained and me not being Brazilian
enough to talk my way out of it just gave up and said ok I’m done.

Anyways we don’t have all the details about how we are going to call
home. As of right now we know only phone calls because president has
not got the ok to use Skype right now. We’ve heard other missions can
so I’m thinking we will but as for length and how we’ve got to call I’ve
got nothing. I’m thinking we will have a thunder storm today cause the
skies are black and its really hot so if it starts to rain its going to
be crazy. It’s gotten so hot here right now and the people here are
saying that’s its only going to get worse. Im sorry it’s so short today
Im kind of running around crazy because we forget to factor the (baptismal) font
into play and its having problems again.


E. Fullmer

Elder Austin Fullmer – Annaberg-Buchholz


Well guys, I am officially not in Bergedorf / Hamburg any more. I can’t believe that my last email actually was written in Bergedorf. I feel like I have been in Annaberg for a long time already. The city of Annaberg-Buchholz is beautiful. We are right next to the Czech Republic in the Mountains. It pretty much went down like this: some German a thousand years ago was hiking through the mountains and thought to himself this mountain top is pretty…. let’s build a city right here on top. I think it is beautiful. It is a quite a change from Bergedorf. Hamburg is really just a German version of NYC or Chicago. Annaberg has a population of about 22,000 while Begedorf itself has about 222,000. The Annaberg area is also about three or four times the size of the Bergedorf area.

The Ward here is awesome. It is a really big Ward for how small the population is. We have about 80 to 100 active members every Sunday. That is way bigger than the Ward in Bergedorf where we had about 40 people each Sunday. Elder Van Miltenburg and I sing in the choir here. And this Saturday the Ward Choir is singing at the opening of the Weinachts Markt, the Christmas Mart. I am way excited about it, but also way nervous. Sister Richter the Choir director was sort of really, really excited when she heard Elder Van Miltenburg and I singing before choir practice. She promptly declared that is was wonderful that she had two missionaries that could sing and gave us to duets to sing at the performance. Meine Gute. We are singing Jingle Bells and The First Noel. It is this Saturday. I will let you know how it goes.

So this week is Thanksgiving, I think. I think it is the third Thursday in November. No one here celebrates Thanksgiving. It is way American. So my district is celebrating it today. I have a small district again. Only four elders ( side note: Elder Stovall one of my MTC Companions is in my district. Way Cool). After this Elder Van Miltenburg and I are going to go buy food and then we are all going to cook it together. I would like to take a moment to think about the things that I am grateful for. 1. I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 2. I get to spend Christmas in Annaberg, Germany. 3. I have an awesome family that loves me. 4. I have amazing friends all over the county (Connecticut, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Utah and Michigan to name just a few). 5. I was privileged to attend the USCGA for two years. 6. I have an awesome ward and stake president in both Connecticut and Michigan. 7. I am starting to understand German better. 8. Prayer is real.

The pictures. The first one is of me in the Harbor in Hamburg. You might think me a nerd, but I say that Buoy and I thought, ‘oh my goodness I buoy. I want to be an a buoytender some day.’ so… I took a picture with the German buoy. The second is of me and me last companion. I finally got him to take a picture with me. I think you can tell that Elder Guthrie does not like taking pictures with me. The third picture is of my new desk in Annaberg.

Also I the address I gave you was sort of wrong. I talked with Elder Van Miltenburg over the phone to get it and I heard him wrong. I accidentally wrote E instead of B in the street name. Also there are no dashes. So here is the correct address:


Elder Austin Fullmer

Karlsbader Strasse 25

09456 Annaberg-Buchholz.


If you already sent something it will probably get to me anyways.

You guys are awesome. Good luck this week and for you all at the Academy: two day ’til Thanksgiving break. You made it.




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Surprise! Another baptism

Boa tarde, quasi escrebei bom dia

This week has been good but hard. I’ve been woken up a little bit we
had a couple good lesson that got me a little more focused even though
one of the ladies is a little crazy. She says she sees spirits but she
didn’t even flinch when we told her it was probably the devil using
her gift against her. “She was like well than how do I use this for
good?” so we taught her the first lesson to here and challenged her to
be baptized and sadly she said no but she’s close. She just said she’s
54 years old and cant afford to make a mistake again. So we are
working to get her ready to be baptized.

We also marked a baptism last night. He’s come to church three weeks in
a row and we just never had a chance to teach him. Then last night his
friend’s came up to us and said that he would like to get baptized
so we taught him and then challenged him to accept baptism so it wasn’t too
scary because we knew he would say yes but I still count it as ours.
In the end when we were starting the prayer this other kid walks in
and we just sat there and stared at him. We sat there no one said
anything….then finally he breaks the silence with…….”I have
food?” and he just backed out. We were laughing so much it was so
funny. Anyways we are going to meet his family and see if we can get
them to accept his baptism.

Other than that not much has been happening. We have a new missionary
coming from the us so he will be with us for a week or two because
president is gone traveling doing all the interviews. It’s been nice to
just get to do our thing here. I think that all of this happened
directly from the Lord. The two people we taught who are really close
we didn’t even know before this week. One we taught right after the
English class she just happened to show up at. And it’s lucky because we
had an appointment marked for that time but he couldn’t do it.

Só para terminar agredicer vocês. realmente eu tou muito grato para
todos as cartas de vocês. eu amo todos de vocês. Eu estou trabalhando
aqui em nome de cristo por qué eu sei esta igreja é dele. Nos
precisamos ter fé nele para fazemos todo nos podemos para voltar.Nos
somos filhos de deus e ele nos ama.

Um grande abração, as they say in Brasil
E. Fullmer

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Christmastown

14 November 2011


I got transfered…. I have mixed feelings about it all. I absolutely love Bergedorf and Hamburg. I have really enjoyed my time and service here in Northern Germany. My ward is amazing and I know that I certainly have made connections here that will last for a very long time. So transfer call was on Saturday. President read off the transfers starting with Hamburg Zone and then going in Alphabetical order. So I found out very quickly that I was getting transfered. President said that Elder Guthrie would be getting a new companion in Bergedorf. So that took away some of the suspense. I knew that I was getting transfered. Then he went through all the other Zones. City after city based by and my options were limiting. I turned about that he got to the last Zone the Dresden, Germany Zone and my name still had not been called. The suspense was certainly building back up again. He went through each city and still my name was not being called. He got to the last district and then the last city. I was the last name that he said. So, I figure with this long explanation, you are also ready to hear where I am going. Annaberg, Germany.

I don’t really know a whole lot about this city, but here is what I do know. It is way little. Bergedorf is part of the second largest city in Germany, so that will be way different, to got to a really little town. Annaberg is really close to the border with the Czech Republic. I will be in another District with only four Elders. One of the Elders in the other city in my new District is Elder Stovall. Elder Stovall was one of my companions at the MTC. I am way excited to get to see him regularly for a couple of weeks. Also Elder Burnett, my other MTC companion, is in the Dresden Zone. I will get to see him at President Interview and Zone Conference. Lastly Annaberg has the nickname amongst the missionaries as Christmas-Town. Apparently my area is the hub of all things Christmas in Germany. I must admit, I am pretty excited about that.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity. To go on a Tausch (Exchange) with Elder Wride in Lauenburg. It was way cool. We taught a long time investigator named Walter. He has pictures with every single missionary that has ever entered his apartment. So we took a picture and I gave him my address. That evening we did street contacting in the Altstadt (the old town). The church that is old town was build in 1598. That’s right, before James Town. American is so young. We contacted into this man from Bayern which is Bavaria in English. We was way cool and got really excited when I told him that I was born in Bayern too. We talked with him about what were were doing and our message. In the end he did not want to take a copy of the Book of Mormon, but he did take our card. I am always amazed how Heavenly Father, but us where we need to be. I know that that German Truck Driver felt prompted to walk down to Altstadt and look at the beatiful Elbe River. We were supposed to find him there. I was able to place my Book of Mormon a few minutes later with this young guy who was just getting back from playing soccer. Hopefully he reads something and can feel the spirit. Also, as a side note: Lauenburg has a car and your American license is good for the first six months in Germany. So I got to drive the whole day since Elder Wride just hit his 6 month mark in Germany. I got to drive on the Autobahn. Sick.

I love you all. I hope that you have success this week. I have to pack today and then have a 5 hour long train ride to the former GDR, German Democratic Republic. Go Communism Go. That was a joke.

My Address in Annaberg is:

Elder Austin Fullmer

Karls-Eader-Strasse 25

09456 Annaberg-Buchholz


But as always the safer bet is the address at the mission home especially for things bigger than letters:

Elder Austin Fullmer

Deutschland Berlin Mission
Zerbster Strasse 42
12209 Berlin

Sweet. Talk to you later.




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – The future of missions

Today was good and as always this week we had a lot to do. President
got back and acted like his whole world had changed which parts did
and maybe there is more that he did not tell us but for now this was
enough. The first main thing is the flip chart the President Queiroiz was
having us do is out…done. It will be removed from all houses and is
going to be taken from the mission. The First Presidency is getting all
missions on the same level. The second is that in 2 years all missions
will have iPad and iPhones. We’re thinking the iPads will come quicker
than the phones. The biggest one was that the president has said that
now music is Motab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) or nothing. We can only listen to the Motab right
now. No classical, no music soundtracks nothing. My comp is going
crazy because he loved the EFY music. Oh well I was talking to another
missionary and he said that in their mission it’s just hymns so I told
my comp that it could be worse.

On that note i said that I was talking to another missionary in
another mission. Turns out that all missions have this thing called
office communicator that we can use to talk to anyone that we need to.
So I turned that on and its made it easier to get in touch with the
missions analyst in São Paulo. I had to attend a meeting using the
Cisco meeting system which is actually cool. Dad i don’t know if you
have had to use that but it’s cool. The church uses it to hold their
meetings with large groups of missions. It’s cool we hear them talk on
the phone and then they have a screen that you can see theirs so they
can put up a power point of something a video to explain their point.

So those were the big parts of the week. Really not much else
happened. We taught this one guy name Guilharme this week and he was a
cool guy. He seems kind of sketchy but we went there and taught him about the Restoration and its was good that he really is searching to do
what is the best. He doesn’t have a church that he goes to for sure yet
and he has a friend that is Mormon so he decided to give us his address
and let us come over and teach him. The sad part was at the end I kind
of had to burn him. We challenged him to be baptized and he said well
I kind of have a date to be baptized in the Assemble (Assembly of
God) and I looked at him and was like “No church but ours will save
you.” This is because none of them have the priesthood which as we have
said gives us the right to baptize. I hope he’s thinking about what
we told him. He seems like a good kid.

Floripa is way humid right now. Just hot and nasty at times. All of
our investigators are either too busy or traveling. Which I guess
should be put under the heading of too busy. It seems like their
moving forward very slowly. We’ve taught a lot of good first lessons
and we’re excited to be getting going on our own. The worst part is
contacting. I really hate finding the time to contact. Me and my comp
are trying to find a place to get scripture cover for our Triple and
our Bibles but were not finding them. We know of one but they don’t look
really nice and the others shut down. I think some Elder made them mad
complaining. I will however at the end of my mission buy a map from
them because they look really nice and the lady will mark your areas
specifically and if you want will list you comps off to the side. Well
got to go. I also got your letter about the package mom…I just hope
it’s intact as well.

E. Fullmer

Elder Austin Fullmer – Fullmer Family Bran Muffins


First, Mom, I love the cookbook\notebook that you sent me with all of your recipes. I don’t know why I haven’t kept you up to date with my cooking adventures, but I thought I would take a moment and share. To date I have made: Pasta, Sausage and Veggies; Chicken Noodle Casserole; Broccoli Cheese Soup; Chili; German Potato Salad and Wursts; Tuna Salad; Baked Potatoes; Egg Salad; Pancakes; Biscuits; Fullmer Family Bran Muffins; Gravy; and Camping Cookies. Wow. I was so tired of eating Spaghetti. Seriously, that is all that missionaries eat, and it was basically the only thing that Elder Lingard and I ate until I got the recipes. Way better. A few quick stories in relation to this food. I actually made the camping cookies this past week. We have been meeting with two younger kids Elias and Janos Jeromin (12 and 10). Their Mom is a member of the church, but really inactive. We found out that her two children wanted to be baptized. The problem was that they were never coming to Church and their Mom didn’t want us to meet in their house because it was always messy. So for a month we were meeting in a park nearby their house. Finally, it just seemed silly to keep meeting with them when their Mom wasn’t trying to help the situation. The mother is a single mom and super stressed out, so we took a couple of steps back. This past week, I baked those cookies, and Elder Guthrie and I wrote our testimonies out and with an invitation to Stake Conference: we dropped by their house and rang the door bell. She came to the door and was really happy to receive our gift. The woman literally looks like she is always about to cry. So I think we cheered up her day. I hope so, anyways. Hopefully they come to Stake Conference. We have it this weekend. It should be pretty cool.

This past week we had Zone Conference. We have a Zone Conference once a transfer during the fifth week of the transfer. This time the Zone Leaders called my companion and I and asked us to give a talk\workshop on Motivation. The ironic thing was that night I really need to think about motivation. That night we were halfway through the week of our door to door challenge. That night three old ladies told me that could not understand my accent, one man told us we would not have any success at this apartment building, and then another literally walked us out of his apartment building and told us to move on. I got the message. I needed to be thinking about motivation. The next week, I thought about this idea of motivation a lot. I sort of felt like I was back in LT.Halvorson’s Leadership and Organization Behavior class – mostly because we talked a lot about motivation. Elder Guthrie and I came up that a couple things that missionaries can use for personal motivation. First the ”whats”: music, the Scriptures, goals, and our testimonies. Second the ”whos”: our families, ourselves, our investigators, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Maybe some of these ideas can help you motivate yourselves this week. We used a scripture for the topic of ourselves and says, ”verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; for the power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves.” Also, and the risk of sounding a little sacrilegious, I just thought of a cool quote. It come from a song that The Fray sings: ”Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.” Good Job, The Fray. Right on the Money.

The rest of Zone Conference was way fun. I have made some good friends with Elders in the Hamburg Zone. The Neumünster Zone was also there, so I got to see Elder Turney. That was way fun. He was in my Golden group. We traveled to Germany together.

Well I love you all. Good luck with everything this week. Also, Aunt Jana, and Dad, be safe in the Middle East this week. You are actually closer to me there then the people in America. So you should count yourselves lucky, just saying.

The pictures are from some families in the congregation here.




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer