Elder Tyler Fullmer – The Book of Mormon challenge

Hey guys I’ll try to get to all of your guys questions and i think I’ll
be able to do it. I don’t have too much to talk about. We’ve had a crazy
week this week. With the mail strike done letters have started coming
again normally which has made the missionaries very happy here. I got a
lot from mom and yes Brynn I got yours too and also, surprisingly, I
got one from the Sayers. It was a puffy yellow envelope with socks and
sour patch kids. Needless to say it made me really happy. I sent them
a letter in return but could you thank them as well. I don’t know if I
already told you guys that but it was really nice of them. Thank you
for the letters guys it makes me feel a lot better when I get them. I
was pretty down with the whole ton of work that we have here some
days. I spent most of the time fighting with the people that we rent
from not having updated bank accounts or not sending me the payments.

Oh and by the way i just got grandpa’s tie and wore it but forgot to
take a picture for you guys. I really did love it even though I cried.
Just a little bit. It made me way happy just to have a bit of him with
me. I never told you but it made me kind of angry when I wasn’t able
to be there and I was angry that I was the only one who couldn’t be
there but I’ve come to be very glad. Because I would have been one of
the people completely bawling in the back. I don’t know if I told you
this story already but I was watching a movie in our English class
called Charlie and in the end I got thinking about grandpa and then
started to break down, then everyone started to stare so I booked it
out of the room. Really embarrassing but what can you do, right?

Thank you for sending pictures Jana. And the snake is in my room
again? You moved things around? It’s only been 71/2 months…..holy
crap 7 1/2 months I’ve been gone so long. Well at least my family is
still writing me. Thank you for all your prayers we need them here it’s
getting hard to find people to teach and president is getting more and
more pushy which is what he’s got to do but my work load here has
gotten so big. I broke down last week. I now know why the Lord has got
me here but I must say I’m not liking it so much but it needs to
happen. The Lord is helping me get over my terrible habit of
procrastinating. I’m not necessarily procrastinating but I could be
working harder some days and last week I got caught in a hole but I’m
slowly getting better, talked to president and we had a good talk as

I love to scriptures I want you to know that my personal testimony of
the scriptures has been growing inside of me. Remember the part in
“The Otherside of Heaven” he sits on the beach and just reads the
“Bible”, which was really the book of Mormon but oh well, after he’s done
he can speak (Tongan) not perfect but he was given help with the language. Well
I’ve been taking on the challenge of reading the Book of Mormon all
the way through because prophets have always said that if we read the
Book of Mormon in another language we will be given more help with
that language. Well…..I’ve completely felt that help in my last few
weeks, I just got out of the Isaiah part of second Nephi and I’m
starting on Jacob an I feel more confident when i speak and people
have commented on how my language has improved so much and i can only
say that the lord has been there for me in this time.

Eu sempre tenho uma oração para vocês em minha coração. Eu te-amo
muito, muito mesmo. Eu sou muio grato para minha familia e todo vocês
fazem para mim. Eu sempre sei qué deus podia me-ajuda mas como todos
pessoas as veses eu estava um pouco durro e queria fazer todo sozinho
mas isso mudou um pouco. Brigado para todo. Eu sei thomas s monson é
nosso profeta e ele fala cara cara com deus. todo ele disse e vai
dizer é escritura.

E. Fullmer

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