Elder Tyler Fullmer – A little hike


So this week was pretty crazy. It went by really slowly. Mom i’ll try
and get off the sd cards that I have with me to you guys in this letter that I send off and pictures are going to come in another letter.

Oh well so I hear that it’s fall there and kinda cold? It’s flipping hot here and now we’re six hours apart well most of us. I do really like it here. President is making  changes so that’s always nice. People are
getting their visas like crazy right now so I’m thinking the kid from
our stake might be coming soon, but who knows. I hope he does so I can be here to welcome him. That’d be so sick. Actually you will get the pictures and stuff in this letter. I’ll have to find a better way to do this next week. I’ve got some movies for you guys cause I’m sure you all want to hear me talk hehe.

The baptism went well in my extremely small baptismal pants
which made my companion and the lady I was baptizing laugh to no end . I sent you a picture of that. This file is going to be really big. Sorry guys.

I really miss you guys. We got 3 new American elders from the
states 2 days ago. They’re pretty cool.  One of them is going to stay with Elder Machado so good luck to him. He seems like a good kid.

So today was quite the day. We most literally hiked a mountain but it wasn’t a “hike” because we were on a road. It took us so long to get up. Mainly because of the sun that we are “privileged” to be
getting. I am quite literally the most tired I have ever been. I’m going to pass out tonight.

I’m glad things are going ok back at home. I’m glad
to hear that Jana is back or was back for a little while. I’m going to try and get around to making a package for you guys one of these days. I don’t send them mostly because there is not anything to buy and send back to you. It’s not like this is Paraguay. It really very similar to the EUA and there is not much cool things besides food.

So speaking of food we found this great place supermarket for rich
people that has make you own pastries. It’s like a pastry subway and it’s only around 3.50!!!!!That’s crazy. It’s so crazy I almost bought 2. So were going to be going back there a lot I believe.

Ugh I’m so tired right now I’m sorry this letter is a little short.

Love you guys,

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