Elder Austin Fullmer – Ahmeeehrika


So these weeks are going pretty ridiculously fast and so, I have to go back through my planner before I send out this emails, to make sure that I actually know what I did. We had an austausch (companion exchange) this week. It was pretty cool. I stayed here in Bergedorf because I know the area really well and Elder Guthrie doesn’t since he has only been here two weeks now. Elder Tanner, a Zone Leader, came down to Bergedorf (which as a side note means Mountain City, although there are no Mountains or even hills here in Hamburg). We had a good time. Two of our appointments fell out, but we helped a member with his home teaching. We went with him to the Brook’s home. I think I have talked about them before. She is German, but he is an American. Brother Brooks was in Afghanistan for the past year and just got home a couple of weeks ago. Sister Brooks was living here because here parents and and sister live here (her sister’s husband is our Branch President). It was cool to be there. Brother Brooks is in the reserves so he has to leave and go back to America before his family, so he can look for a new job in Arizona were his unit is. Bruder Rade, Elder Tanner, and I got to give Brother Brooks a blessing of comfort. Bruder Rade spoke and in was auf Deutsch, which was really nice for Sis. Brooks. Brother Brooks will be able to find a job when he gets back to Arizona.

On Friday we have six appointments planned. I was pretty excited, but nervous because the bus schedule here is really crazy and I was worried about getting to them all on time. Good news: We got to all six appointments on time and as planned. Bad News: all but one of them fell out. The one that ended up being fest was the eating appointment. It was with our Gemeinde’s Relief Society President, who has only been a member for three of four years. She is way cool and has two twin toddlers (ha! an alliteration. I didn’t even try for that). Her husband is not a member, so we were glad that we could give them a spiritual thought.  That is sort of the norm here. We present the message and people choose whether or not they want to here what we have to say.

On Saturday we went over to the Richter’s house. This old little man has the knees of a 100 year old, but the spirit (and aspirations of a 20 year old). That being said we helped him insulate his greenhouse/shed thing. First I went up to the roof (their house and shed are cut into a small hill (also I just said that there are no hills in Bergedorf, I guess I was wrong)) and cut all the plants back that were creeping into the shed through the opening between the roof and walls. Then we went through and put insulation in between all of these cracks. It was hard work, but really fun and I am glad that we got the chance to help the Richters out.

So the last two weeks I have seen a huge improvement in my German. I have been praying more to have the spirit with me instead of help with my German. Also, I have heard that for many missionaries they see a big improvement during their third transfers. We had an eating appointment on Sunday at the Imbeck’s house. It was way cool because, while I didn’t understand the whole conversation, I felt like I really got most of it. Sweet.

Thanks everyone for your emails and support. I love hearing about your lives in the grand ole America. Or as my U.S. History teacher at the American would say, ”Ameeehrika.’ Now that I spell that I not really sure it one would pronounce that word the way I am thinking. Oh, well, you will just have to ask Cate Giguere. She took that class with me.

Love you all. Good luck with your endeavors this week.





Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

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