Elder Tyler Fullmer – Batismo Sábado


Ok so today as you can see is “batismo sábado”. Which means that, yes today is my first baptism where I get to baptize, and next week you should be getting pictures of that adventure. Let’s hope I
don’t get the words wrong or she might sense that it’s a sign from our heavenly father that this is not the right thing to do hehehe.

We showed her the font and she asked “Nossa vai ser sheio com agua e você vai entrar comigo no agua?” which means like “this is going to be full and you’re going to be in the water with me?”  My comp and I just kind of looked at each other and laughed, she’s a funny person. She knows that this baptism is necessary but is having doubts about the whole calling in the church part.

Other than that the mail strike “ended” last Wednesday but they still haven’t brought us any cards yet. So we’ve all been really mad with the postal service. The banks are finally getting out of strike. They have so many strikes. First the school strike went on for 3 months, then the correios for 1, and the banks for 2-3 weeks. It’s so crazy here that people just go on strike and then they were getting mad at the government because they wanted the government to pay for the days they were on strike for. Brazilians can be so lazy. This one lady at the post office however was so shocked by the fact that we had so many letters going to one address.

Grandma to answer your question we have about 140ish missionaries in this mission right now. We have one German coming. He’s straight from Germany and he’s in the CTM brazil right now. He’s going to get here in December. We all really excited. We’ve got three visa waiters that are coming this Quarta-Feira(wednesday). We’re excited and pres is about ready to die he’s so happy. That and we’ve got 2 more that got to the CTM brazil. We’ve got a lot of people waiting for the visas in Provo but we’ll see what happens with them. 2 are set to be reassigned and 9 are set to come during the next transfer.

Sundays we eat at a member’s house, one day a week we get to eat one day in the mission home and then every other day we just go and eat at restaurants. So all is good here in the good ol´ SC.

Well let’s just say that all I really need is ties, gel, and garments.
So if you could just send those and some of that kind of stuff. I really do love and miss you guys and send me more pictures I miss seeing you guys. It’s really the thing I miss the most, seeing friend and family.


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