Elder Austin Fullmer – A chilly morning

10 October 2011

Family and Friends,

How was your week? It was freezing here. Es is schon Winter. On Sunday at church Bruder Richter kept telling me ”It was -2 C this morning.” Crazy cold. This probably seems even colder than it really is because it is in Celsius. That translates to like 28 F. I guess that is pretty cold. I wore both my pea coat and suit jacket to church. All the members were complaining about how summer this hear was like fall and how fall is turning in winter already.

So Tuesday was transfer day. I went up to Hauptbanhof (Central Station) in Hamburg and dropped Elder Lingard off on a train south. Then I had to wait in the station by myself until another Elder whose companion was getting transfer showed up. It was only like 25 minutes, but it was still really weird to be by myself. I just buried myself in my scriptures and sat in the Burger King. Then I saw off one of my friends, Elder Cloward. He was serving north of Hamburg and now is going to Bad Bentheim near the German boarder with Holland. Then a third Elder showed up and the three of us when out in Hamburg ate lunch and did some street contacting while we waited from our new companions to get in. Just going up and talking to people is still super scary for me. Most of the time they just say ”keine Zeit” (no time) and keep walking, but sometimes they do stop and listen. I talked with this lady for a long time about the church. We spoke Danglish switching  back and forth between English and German. I ended up giving here a Book of Mormon. Hopefully she reads some of it. She seemed interested.

My new companion, Elder Guthrie, showed up around 1500 and we went quick back down to Begedorf because we had an appointment at 1700. The appointment was with a woman heißt Marie Johnson. She is pretty cool. She is African and from Ghana. Except now that I just wrote that I feel like I have talked about here before a couple of weeks ago. Either way she is really cool and we had a really good lesson. I really like my new companion. He seems like a hard worker and I am excited to get to work with him.  He is from Mesa, Arizona and graduated high school in 2009 from the same high school that Elder Lingard, my last companion, did. Weird. The funny thing is that they didn’t even know each other.

Good luck this week with your endeavors.




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

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