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Elder Austin Fullmer – Survivor

Guten Abend,

This week was pretty uneventful. A lot of our appointments fell out this week. I am not really sure why. I am not sure if the word uneventful would actually be accurate. It certainly was busy, or felt that way at least. We have awesome Missionary Leadership in the Hamburg Zone. I love our Zone Leaders, Elder Tanner and Elder Walter. They are both awesome guys. Anyways, they and the three district leaders came up with the idea of having a ‘Survivor Hamburg Edition’ – basically that translates into us having a different ‘challenge’ every week. This past week the challenge was to do as many doors as possible. So Elder Guthrie and I knocked on the doors of 673 doors. I can decided if that is a lot or not. Our goal was a 1,000, but doing 673 doors was quite the challenge. The thing is that we didn’t make out a single appointment. Weird. But, you know, our message has a lot to do with what is called Entscheidungsfreiheit – Germany for Free Agency. We share the message and people have to choose whether or not they want to hear.

The lesson we did have with investigators was awesome. I really felt the spirit testify through me. This family – a mother and a son – believe in God, but they had never thought that we lived with him before this life. It was really cool to help them to understand where we came from. My companion and I continued this theme, topic, with the member lessons that we had. We talked to everyone this week about Romans 8: 16-17. ”16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God. 17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ…” I know this is true. The spirit has borne witness to my spirit that we are the children of God. Regardless of what religion you are, will you think about people as if they were your brothers and sisters, because they are. This world would be full of so much less hate if we all just saw each others as brothers and sisters.

Preparation day was way fun today. The reason that this email will probably get to you later than normal is that I am writing it at the end of my P-day, when normally I write it earlier in the morning. We had a Zone P-day in Hamburg Proper. We went up to a church building there and a bunch of Elder were there. People played basketball, football, and we got a grill out and some charcoal. It was pretty sweet.

Meine Gute, My Goodness, it is dark here. We just had daylight savings time here on Saturday. They move the clocks back and hour like we do. Except now it gets dark 5PM. Yup, it is dark by 5PM and pretty much pitch black by 6PM. It gets light about seven in the morning though. I think that it why they still more the time. Most German kids go to school by 7 and get out by noon or one in the afternoon. I didn’t get out of high school until like 4PM so this whole getting dark at five thing wouldn’t have flown down in New Mexico.

Well, love you all. I hope that your weeks are great. I pray for you. Hopefully this week see a little bit more success. I have the hope!





Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


Elder Tyler Fullmer – The Book of Mormon challenge

Hey guys I’ll try to get to all of your guys questions and i think I’ll
be able to do it. I don’t have too much to talk about. We’ve had a crazy
week this week. With the mail strike done letters have started coming
again normally which has made the missionaries very happy here. I got a
lot from mom and yes Brynn I got yours too and also, surprisingly, I
got one from the Sayers. It was a puffy yellow envelope with socks and
sour patch kids. Needless to say it made me really happy. I sent them
a letter in return but could you thank them as well. I don’t know if I
already told you guys that but it was really nice of them. Thank you
for the letters guys it makes me feel a lot better when I get them. I
was pretty down with the whole ton of work that we have here some
days. I spent most of the time fighting with the people that we rent
from not having updated bank accounts or not sending me the payments.

Oh and by the way i just got grandpa’s tie and wore it but forgot to
take a picture for you guys. I really did love it even though I cried.
Just a little bit. It made me way happy just to have a bit of him with
me. I never told you but it made me kind of angry when I wasn’t able
to be there and I was angry that I was the only one who couldn’t be
there but I’ve come to be very glad. Because I would have been one of
the people completely bawling in the back. I don’t know if I told you
this story already but I was watching a movie in our English class
called Charlie and in the end I got thinking about grandpa and then
started to break down, then everyone started to stare so I booked it
out of the room. Really embarrassing but what can you do, right?

Thank you for sending pictures Jana. And the snake is in my room
again? You moved things around? It’s only been 71/2 months…..holy
crap 7 1/2 months I’ve been gone so long. Well at least my family is
still writing me. Thank you for all your prayers we need them here it’s
getting hard to find people to teach and president is getting more and
more pushy which is what he’s got to do but my work load here has
gotten so big. I broke down last week. I now know why the Lord has got
me here but I must say I’m not liking it so much but it needs to
happen. The Lord is helping me get over my terrible habit of
procrastinating. I’m not necessarily procrastinating but I could be
working harder some days and last week I got caught in a hole but I’m
slowly getting better, talked to president and we had a good talk as

I love to scriptures I want you to know that my personal testimony of
the scriptures has been growing inside of me. Remember the part in
“The Otherside of Heaven” he sits on the beach and just reads the
“Bible”, which was really the book of Mormon but oh well, after he’s done
he can speak (Tongan) not perfect but he was given help with the language. Well
I’ve been taking on the challenge of reading the Book of Mormon all
the way through because prophets have always said that if we read the
Book of Mormon in another language we will be given more help with
that language. Well…..I’ve completely felt that help in my last few
weeks, I just got out of the Isaiah part of second Nephi and I’m
starting on Jacob an I feel more confident when i speak and people
have commented on how my language has improved so much and i can only
say that the lord has been there for me in this time.

Eu sempre tenho uma oração para vocês em minha coração. Eu te-amo
muito, muito mesmo. Eu sou muio grato para minha familia e todo vocês
fazem para mim. Eu sempre sei qué deus podia me-ajuda mas como todos
pessoas as veses eu estava um pouco durro e queria fazer todo sozinho
mas isso mudou um pouco. Brigado para todo. Eu sei thomas s monson é
nosso profeta e ele fala cara cara com deus. todo ele disse e vai
dizer é escritura.

E. Fullmer

Elder Austin Fullmer – Woltorf

24 October 2011

Hallo everyone,

Good week here in Begedorf, Deutschland. I hope that it was a good one for you all in the grand old USA. We did not have as many appointments as usual this week, but the ones that we did, were very good. We met with a woman name Brigett Boysen. Elder Lingard and I met with her often the first two transfers that I was here, but we sort of lost contact with her. She called us this week and asked it we could meet. It was convenient and I am pretty convinced that is what the Lord wanted seeing as we had an appointment fall out five minutes before we got here call and we were maybe 200 m away from her door. We talked about prayer and how important it is. We read from the Doctrine and Covenants Joseph Smith’s prayer in Liberty Jail. It was cool.

We also met with the Lekhler Family. They are Russian, and don’t believe in God. We talked with them about our pre-earth life and then read Alma 17 with them. For those of you that are familiar with the Book of Mormon, you might wonder why we would read that particular chapter of the Book of Mormon. It gives an account of a prophet missionary named Ammon, who goes among a group of people who do not believe in God. Chapter 17 is about how he wins the trust of these godless people. We asked the couple to read Alma 18 this week and we would talk about it with them when we met this next week. Chapter 18 describes the interactions and discussion that Ammon has with the King about God. Pretty cool.

In the evenings this week we went door to door in a city called Woltorf. We are finished with half of the city. We haven’t seen a whole lot of success there, but missionaries have done much in this city for a very long time.

Sorry this email is short this week. I guess nothing too excited happened. I do want to leave you with a scripture from Doctrine of Covenants 25. This section was revelation directed to Emma Smith, the wife of Joseph Smith. Verse two says, ”A revelation I give unto you concerning my will; and if thou art faithful and walk in the paths of virtue before me, I will preserve thy life, and thou shalt receive an inheritance in Zion.” May we walk on the paths of goodness.



and as always, peace,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – A little hike


So this week was pretty crazy. It went by really slowly. Mom i’ll try
and get off the sd cards that I have with me to you guys in this letter that I send off and pictures are going to come in another letter.

Oh well so I hear that it’s fall there and kinda cold? It’s flipping hot here and now we’re six hours apart well most of us. I do really like it here. President is making  changes so that’s always nice. People are
getting their visas like crazy right now so I’m thinking the kid from
our stake might be coming soon, but who knows. I hope he does so I can be here to welcome him. That’d be so sick. Actually you will get the pictures and stuff in this letter. I’ll have to find a better way to do this next week. I’ve got some movies for you guys cause I’m sure you all want to hear me talk hehe.

The baptism went well in my extremely small baptismal pants
which made my companion and the lady I was baptizing laugh to no end . I sent you a picture of that. This file is going to be really big. Sorry guys.

I really miss you guys. We got 3 new American elders from the
states 2 days ago. They’re pretty cool.  One of them is going to stay with Elder Machado so good luck to him. He seems like a good kid.

So today was quite the day. We most literally hiked a mountain but it wasn’t a “hike” because we were on a road. It took us so long to get up. Mainly because of the sun that we are “privileged” to be
getting. I am quite literally the most tired I have ever been. I’m going to pass out tonight.

I’m glad things are going ok back at home. I’m glad
to hear that Jana is back or was back for a little while. I’m going to try and get around to making a package for you guys one of these days. I don’t send them mostly because there is not anything to buy and send back to you. It’s not like this is Paraguay. It really very similar to the EUA and there is not much cool things besides food.

So speaking of food we found this great place supermarket for rich
people that has make you own pastries. It’s like a pastry subway and it’s only around 3.50!!!!!That’s crazy. It’s so crazy I almost bought 2. So were going to be going back there a lot I believe.

Ugh I’m so tired right now I’m sorry this letter is a little short.

Love you guys,

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Ahmeeehrika


So these weeks are going pretty ridiculously fast and so, I have to go back through my planner before I send out this emails, to make sure that I actually know what I did. We had an austausch (companion exchange) this week. It was pretty cool. I stayed here in Bergedorf because I know the area really well and Elder Guthrie doesn’t since he has only been here two weeks now. Elder Tanner, a Zone Leader, came down to Bergedorf (which as a side note means Mountain City, although there are no Mountains or even hills here in Hamburg). We had a good time. Two of our appointments fell out, but we helped a member with his home teaching. We went with him to the Brook’s home. I think I have talked about them before. She is German, but he is an American. Brother Brooks was in Afghanistan for the past year and just got home a couple of weeks ago. Sister Brooks was living here because here parents and and sister live here (her sister’s husband is our Branch President). It was cool to be there. Brother Brooks is in the reserves so he has to leave and go back to America before his family, so he can look for a new job in Arizona were his unit is. Bruder Rade, Elder Tanner, and I got to give Brother Brooks a blessing of comfort. Bruder Rade spoke and in was auf Deutsch, which was really nice for Sis. Brooks. Brother Brooks will be able to find a job when he gets back to Arizona.

On Friday we have six appointments planned. I was pretty excited, but nervous because the bus schedule here is really crazy and I was worried about getting to them all on time. Good news: We got to all six appointments on time and as planned. Bad News: all but one of them fell out. The one that ended up being fest was the eating appointment. It was with our Gemeinde’s Relief Society President, who has only been a member for three of four years. She is way cool and has two twin toddlers (ha! an alliteration. I didn’t even try for that). Her husband is not a member, so we were glad that we could give them a spiritual thought.  That is sort of the norm here. We present the message and people choose whether or not they want to here what we have to say.

On Saturday we went over to the Richter’s house. This old little man has the knees of a 100 year old, but the spirit (and aspirations of a 20 year old). That being said we helped him insulate his greenhouse/shed thing. First I went up to the roof (their house and shed are cut into a small hill (also I just said that there are no hills in Bergedorf, I guess I was wrong)) and cut all the plants back that were creeping into the shed through the opening between the roof and walls. Then we went through and put insulation in between all of these cracks. It was hard work, but really fun and I am glad that we got the chance to help the Richters out.

So the last two weeks I have seen a huge improvement in my German. I have been praying more to have the spirit with me instead of help with my German. Also, I have heard that for many missionaries they see a big improvement during their third transfers. We had an eating appointment on Sunday at the Imbeck’s house. It was way cool because, while I didn’t understand the whole conversation, I felt like I really got most of it. Sweet.

Thanks everyone for your emails and support. I love hearing about your lives in the grand ole America. Or as my U.S. History teacher at the American would say, ”Ameeehrika.’ Now that I spell that I not really sure it one would pronounce that word the way I am thinking. Oh, well, you will just have to ask Cate Giguere. She took that class with me.

Love you all. Good luck with your endeavors this week.





Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Batismo Sábado


Ok so today as you can see is “batismo sábado”. Which means that, yes today is my first baptism where I get to baptize, and next week you should be getting pictures of that adventure. Let’s hope I
don’t get the words wrong or she might sense that it’s a sign from our heavenly father that this is not the right thing to do hehehe.

We showed her the font and she asked “Nossa vai ser sheio com agua e você vai entrar comigo no agua?” which means like “this is going to be full and you’re going to be in the water with me?”  My comp and I just kind of looked at each other and laughed, she’s a funny person. She knows that this baptism is necessary but is having doubts about the whole calling in the church part.

Other than that the mail strike “ended” last Wednesday but they still haven’t brought us any cards yet. So we’ve all been really mad with the postal service. The banks are finally getting out of strike. They have so many strikes. First the school strike went on for 3 months, then the correios for 1, and the banks for 2-3 weeks. It’s so crazy here that people just go on strike and then they were getting mad at the government because they wanted the government to pay for the days they were on strike for. Brazilians can be so lazy. This one lady at the post office however was so shocked by the fact that we had so many letters going to one address.

Grandma to answer your question we have about 140ish missionaries in this mission right now. We have one German coming. He’s straight from Germany and he’s in the CTM brazil right now. He’s going to get here in December. We all really excited. We’ve got three visa waiters that are coming this Quarta-Feira(wednesday). We’re excited and pres is about ready to die he’s so happy. That and we’ve got 2 more that got to the CTM brazil. We’ve got a lot of people waiting for the visas in Provo but we’ll see what happens with them. 2 are set to be reassigned and 9 are set to come during the next transfer.

Sundays we eat at a member’s house, one day a week we get to eat one day in the mission home and then every other day we just go and eat at restaurants. So all is good here in the good ol´ SC.

Well let’s just say that all I really need is ties, gel, and garments.
So if you could just send those and some of that kind of stuff. I really do love and miss you guys and send me more pictures I miss seeing you guys. It’s really the thing I miss the most, seeing friend and family.


Elder Austin Fullmer – A chilly morning

10 October 2011

Family and Friends,

How was your week? It was freezing here. Es is schon Winter. On Sunday at church Bruder Richter kept telling me ”It was -2 C this morning.” Crazy cold. This probably seems even colder than it really is because it is in Celsius. That translates to like 28 F. I guess that is pretty cold. I wore both my pea coat and suit jacket to church. All the members were complaining about how summer this hear was like fall and how fall is turning in winter already.

So Tuesday was transfer day. I went up to Hauptbanhof (Central Station) in Hamburg and dropped Elder Lingard off on a train south. Then I had to wait in the station by myself until another Elder whose companion was getting transfer showed up. It was only like 25 minutes, but it was still really weird to be by myself. I just buried myself in my scriptures and sat in the Burger King. Then I saw off one of my friends, Elder Cloward. He was serving north of Hamburg and now is going to Bad Bentheim near the German boarder with Holland. Then a third Elder showed up and the three of us when out in Hamburg ate lunch and did some street contacting while we waited from our new companions to get in. Just going up and talking to people is still super scary for me. Most of the time they just say ”keine Zeit” (no time) and keep walking, but sometimes they do stop and listen. I talked with this lady for a long time about the church. We spoke Danglish switching  back and forth between English and German. I ended up giving here a Book of Mormon. Hopefully she reads some of it. She seemed interested.

My new companion, Elder Guthrie, showed up around 1500 and we went quick back down to Begedorf because we had an appointment at 1700. The appointment was with a woman heißt Marie Johnson. She is pretty cool. She is African and from Ghana. Except now that I just wrote that I feel like I have talked about here before a couple of weeks ago. Either way she is really cool and we had a really good lesson. I really like my new companion. He seems like a hard worker and I am excited to get to work with him.  He is from Mesa, Arizona and graduated high school in 2009 from the same high school that Elder Lingard, my last companion, did. Weird. The funny thing is that they didn’t even know each other.

Good luck this week with your endeavors.




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer