Elder Austin Fullmer – The love that Heavenly Father has

Familie und Freunde,

One more week in the transfer and thus, one more week as a Golden. wierd. I have already spent more time in Germany than I did at the MTC. The MTC seemed to go on forever while I was in it, but the time in Germany has flown. So we have transfer calls this Saturday. Either Elder Lingard or I are going to be transferred. I think it is a little more likely that Elder Lingard gets transferred because he has already been here in Bergedorf for three transfers, but he is district leader and he has stayed four transfers in every one of his transfers except for this Golden city. So I really wouldn’t be surprised either way. Honestly I would like to stay here in Bergedorf for another transfer, but you never know and it is the Lord through inspiration to President who decides anyways. Be ready for the news next Monday.

This past Tuesday was pretty interesting. First off we had five appointments. Only three of them went through, the other two either were not at home, or told us that they didn’t have interest anymore. We had one appointment with a woman from Ghana. Her name is Marie. She is what Germans call an auslander or foreigner. She like many auslanders lives in a community compound that is provided by the German government. It was crazy to see the poverty that some people live in. It was super humbling. The craziest part about it is that there are people in the world who live in such greater poverty that Marie does. We went from her house to the Urbanscyk family. They live a lifestyle quite different from Marie. Herr Urbanscyk is a layer and he and his wife live in a very wealth part of Hamburg. The stark difference really made me ponder my own blessings. We should be very grateful for all of the success that we have. One of my favorite parts of being on a mission is getting to know people. Seeing people in a light that I never have before. I hear so much about people’s lives, their worries, their faith, their families. There are so many people in this world and everyone has a story. I have grown in my testimony of the love that Heavenly Father has for every one of these people.

We had President Interviews this week. That is when our Mission President Interview every missionary in the mission. He spends a day in every Zone (some Zones combine). He was here with the assistants to the president (a set of missionaries who are called to support and help the president) in Hamburg on Friday. He gave a lesson on the Atonement and then interviewed everyone individually while we went to different workshops. It was good. My testimony of the Atonement was strengthened. I hope that you all have a fantastic week and lots of success. Remember how blessed we are!




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

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