Elder Austin Fullmer – In our language, those are called Owls

Familie und Freunde,

I hope this lovely Monday morning is good for you. This week was good here in Bergedorf. I have to admit that for this letter I had to look through my planner to make sure I remembered what happened this week. This week went by fast. We had some good lessons this week. We met three times with Thorston Wegner in his Garden and taught more the third lesson from Preach my Gospel. We broke it up to take about couple of days. The third lesson is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The five principles are Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. We met with the crazy Lithuanian man. Which instantaneously made me think of Mark Erickson (a friend of mine in Connecticut) who served his mission in Lithuania. We got to this man’s house the first time and he was not there. So we left a pamphlet in his mailbox. Later that day we realized we had missed his call and he had left us a message to come back later. We missed that appointment because we did not get his call. So we called him back and set up a time for the next day. When we got there he let us in, we gave him a Book of Mormon in Lithuanian and then he promptly told us he had to go to the bank and that we would have to leave. Weird. We are planning on giving him a call later today and trying to set up a new appointment with him.

The past two weeks or so, I have been working on a Plan of Salvation puzzle or flow chart of sort made out of construction paper. I looks pretty sweet if I do say so my self. I am sending a picture to my parents and it should get put on elderfullmer.wordpress.com soon. I decided to make it because we are teaching to younger kids Elias (12) and Janos (10). I am trying to make it a little bit more exciting and involving. We see how that lesson goes this week. I am going to bring the cutouts with me and my companion.

This week we ate President and Schwester van Impelen’s home twice. Ben van Impelen is the head of the congregation. Anyway their children are hilarious. Their daughter is 4. She made some pretty funny comments. 1. Elicia (the 4 year old) and I were reading from this big German book of animals. Elder Lingard was telling here the names of the animals in English. Finally when we got to the ‘Owls’ she said in a very sassy little German voice, ‘In unser Sprache, das heißt Eulen.’ Which means ‘in our language, those are called Owls.’ (Italics added). It made me laugh. 2. She wanted me to read this book out loud, but animal names in German are surprisingly difficult to pronounce. She looked up at me and said, ‘Sprichst du unser Sprache?’ Which means ‘do you speak our language?’ I replied, ‘Mein Muttersprache ist Englisch, aber Ich kann Deutsch auch.’ Which means my first language is English, but I know German as well.’ Her Mom told her, ‘Elicia you have had four years to learn German. Elder Fullmer has only had two months and it is as good as yours.’ I love their family!

I hope that your weeks are fantastic and that you have success with school and work.




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

P.S. I dropped the auf Wiedershen for the more common tchüsch, which means bye.

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