Elder Austin Fullmer – Treasure Hunt

Familie und Freunde!

I hope that your week was outstanding! My week started of so much fun. Last Preparation Day, we were asked to help out at a Primary Activity for the kids in the Begedorf Geminde. We went out into the woods with about 8 or 9 kids and three other adults. It was boys against girls. The missionaries took the boy and two of the adult women took the girls. We created a treasure hunt for the other team and hid a box full of unknown stuff. Once we were done we went on a treasure hunt for the other box. Elder Lingard did most of the searching with the older three boy and I followed behind with the three and six year old. They are about my level of German so it was fun to speak with them. One of the moms there usually lives in America, but her husband is in Afghanistan right now, so she spent the last year living here in German near here parents who are the Imbecks. We talked for a while in English about her husband and my dad who are both officers in the Army. It was funny to hear her speak in English. She makes the transition from Native German to Patriotic-Mormon-American Mom really fast.

Better food this week. I had both Schnitzel and Spetzel. My two favorite Deutscher foods.

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of September Eleventh. I was a good time for me to ponder. I am so grateful to be an American and a member of the Coast Guard. My thought and prayers were with the people that lost family on that day. It is crazy to think that that day was ten years ago. I was a fifth grader in New Baltimore, Michigan on that day. My school went on lock down and I ended up being one of two kids left in the class room by the end of the day. 10 years later I am a 20 year old serving the Lord and learning German very far away from that fifth grade class room.

We continue to look for people who are ready for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Chirst, das Wiederhergestellte Evangelium Jesu Christi. Most people are not. We went on exchanges this week for a day. I went down to Lauenberg which is south of Hamburg and was companions with Elder Colton.

It was a good week. I hope that everyone has success with school, work, and play this week.

auf Wiedersehn,


Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


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