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Elder Austin Fullmer – The love that Heavenly Father has

Familie und Freunde,

One more week in the transfer and thus, one more week as a Golden. wierd. I have already spent more time in Germany than I did at the MTC. The MTC seemed to go on forever while I was in it, but the time in Germany has flown. So we have transfer calls this Saturday. Either Elder Lingard or I are going to be transferred. I think it is a little more likely that Elder Lingard gets transferred because he has already been here in Bergedorf for three transfers, but he is district leader and he has stayed four transfers in every one of his transfers except for this Golden city. So I really wouldn’t be surprised either way. Honestly I would like to stay here in Bergedorf for another transfer, but you never know and it is the Lord through inspiration to President who decides anyways. Be ready for the news next Monday.

This past Tuesday was pretty interesting. First off we had five appointments. Only three of them went through, the other two either were not at home, or told us that they didn’t have interest anymore. We had one appointment with a woman from Ghana. Her name is Marie. She is what Germans call an auslander or foreigner. She like many auslanders lives in a community compound that is provided by the German government. It was crazy to see the poverty that some people live in. It was super humbling. The craziest part about it is that there are people in the world who live in such greater poverty that Marie does. We went from her house to the Urbanscyk family. They live a lifestyle quite different from Marie. Herr Urbanscyk is a layer and he and his wife live in a very wealth part of Hamburg. The stark difference really made me ponder my own blessings. We should be very grateful for all of the success that we have. One of my favorite parts of being on a mission is getting to know people. Seeing people in a light that I never have before. I hear so much about people’s lives, their worries, their faith, their families. There are so many people in this world and everyone has a story. I have grown in my testimony of the love that Heavenly Father has for every one of these people.

We had President Interviews this week. That is when our Mission President Interview every missionary in the mission. He spends a day in every Zone (some Zones combine). He was here with the assistants to the president (a set of missionaries who are called to support and help the president) in Hamburg on Friday. He gave a lesson on the Atonement and then interviewed everyone individually while we went to different workshops. It was good. My testimony of the Atonement was strengthened. I hope that you all have a fantastic week and lots of success. Remember how blessed we are!




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


Elder Tyler Fullmer – Gifts of the Spirit

So guess what… I found out something I thought was really cool. We have someone from our stake coming to this mission. I don’t recognize the name, maybe he is new or something. His name is Patrick Andrew Mitchell. The funny thing is that I didn’t even recognize that he was from our stake. When I looked at his “profile” I just saw that he lived in Sheridan and thought “wow that’s close” then

saw that his bishop(not the ward name) lived in Grand Ronde. I had already clicked away before I really got what was going on. So I jumped back and saw President Peterson’s name and was like ” this is crazy I can’t believe someone from my stake is coming here.” I don’t know him though, maybe you guys told me he was coming but I don’t remember and I thought it was cool. I hope he gets his visa so he comes when I’m secretary and  can welcome him here. If you guys see him, or more likely his bishop, tell him we’re all praying for his visa because we need more missionaries. I think we’ve got 4 people stuck in the US. One was liberated that we know for sure we think.  Two more are, but not for sure, and the other one still has visa by his name so he doesn’t have it.

So today is the big day. We have my first baptism today. It’s a baptism and marriage. Should be way cool. I’m not baptizing her. I made my comp ask her who she wanted to do it. He just wanted to be like “Oh and by the way Elder Fullmer will baptize you”, but he asked and she quietly, like something was wrong with her choosing one, asked him to do so. It’ll be nice, he wants me to talk, but of course I don’t know what I’m going to talk about. So that will be fun. Her whole family is coming, we think we’ll have around 70 nonmembers there. We just hope we have enough food.

My comp is training the new executive secretary so we’re in a group of three right now. We had some major problems with one AP and president was like “I’m done, he’s going to be demoted to senior his last transfer” so we did some changes in the set up and now my third comp for right now is Elder Bateman. He’s cool, I like him a lot. It’s cool to have an American comp again, but the odd thing is that he’s got less time in the mission than I do right now. So he’s kind of freaking out like I was when I got called here, but as we can see things are going good now. It’s going to be good cause he’s really ready to work and just go go go which I kind of need right now.

 The postal service is still out-of-order….. because the time has come for the government to decide how much more they will all make next year. So Elder Machado says that this happens every year but last time was shut down for 30 days. All of the missionaries are freaking out. No letters mean that everyone here starts to die. Today was way sunny to start the day out, but now it’s all cloudy and dark. I do love this town a lot. I need to find a safe way to send my two sd cards home. I’ve got a lot of pictures to send home. And I still have a third to use. Thank you memory cards.

So we met a Baptist today who was this crazy American guy who wanted to talk in English but got stumped by some 19 year old guys haha. He told us that you can’t do anything to gain salvation just accept Christ. If we try to do anything good, that’s trying to buy your
way into heaven. I was like “well we need faith and a scripture says ‘faith without works is dead…..I’ll show you my faith through my
works…..” and then he cut me off to say” no no no that’s trying to buy your salvation and Christ already paid.” He showed us a picture
from “the Passion of the Christ”(which was disgusting) and was like, “he paid.” then he said that he didn’t want to argue just was nice to talk in English, and then this struck me as funny he said “Man if I could have the gift of tongues that would be such a blessing, but we know that those things stopped in the first century.” Haha… he has been here for 4 years and doesn´t know how to speak very well.
I wanted to say “I have 6 months and I know this language better than you. That’s the gift of tongues showing you the right church.”

Anyways my job is to sit at a computer and to put all of our financial things into the mission system to send to São Paulo to be approved. Then if we have a problem, I have to make the calls to fix it. I go to the bank and make payments, but the thing I do the most is make sure things are filled correctly and make sure that all our payments are going smoothly. For example, I just got word from São Paulo that two of our land lords have banks that the church can’t work with anymore so next Tuesday I have to talk to them about how I can change that or if we need to cut that house. I just make sure things go well. A lot of times I’m just making sure missionaries are getting the money they need.

Anyways this picture is something that someone spray painted on a wall close to our house and I thought it was funny. There is also a
fountain I need a picture with, but there’s always a doorman there and I bet he’ll think I’m odd if I’m taking a picture with this fountain.

Oh mom, I had an investigator freaking out over your album the other day. She was like “oh my gosh I can’t believe your mom scrapbooks as well.” Hehe so you might need to do some more.

hey last week if forgot to write about my audit, but I don’t have time this week someone write me and remind me about it next week. Let’s just say it went ok.

Love you all,


Elder Austin Fullmer – In our language, those are called Owls

Familie und Freunde,

I hope this lovely Monday morning is good for you. This week was good here in Bergedorf. I have to admit that for this letter I had to look through my planner to make sure I remembered what happened this week. This week went by fast. We had some good lessons this week. We met three times with Thorston Wegner in his Garden and taught more the third lesson from Preach my Gospel. We broke it up to take about couple of days. The third lesson is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The five principles are Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. We met with the crazy Lithuanian man. Which instantaneously made me think of Mark Erickson (a friend of mine in Connecticut) who served his mission in Lithuania. We got to this man’s house the first time and he was not there. So we left a pamphlet in his mailbox. Later that day we realized we had missed his call and he had left us a message to come back later. We missed that appointment because we did not get his call. So we called him back and set up a time for the next day. When we got there he let us in, we gave him a Book of Mormon in Lithuanian and then he promptly told us he had to go to the bank and that we would have to leave. Weird. We are planning on giving him a call later today and trying to set up a new appointment with him.

The past two weeks or so, I have been working on a Plan of Salvation puzzle or flow chart of sort made out of construction paper. I looks pretty sweet if I do say so my self. I am sending a picture to my parents and it should get put on soon. I decided to make it because we are teaching to younger kids Elias (12) and Janos (10). I am trying to make it a little bit more exciting and involving. We see how that lesson goes this week. I am going to bring the cutouts with me and my companion.

This week we ate President and Schwester van Impelen’s home twice. Ben van Impelen is the head of the congregation. Anyway their children are hilarious. Their daughter is 4. She made some pretty funny comments. 1. Elicia (the 4 year old) and I were reading from this big German book of animals. Elder Lingard was telling here the names of the animals in English. Finally when we got to the ‘Owls’ she said in a very sassy little German voice, ‘In unser Sprache, das heißt Eulen.’ Which means ‘in our language, those are called Owls.’ (Italics added). It made me laugh. 2. She wanted me to read this book out loud, but animal names in German are surprisingly difficult to pronounce. She looked up at me and said, ‘Sprichst du unser Sprache?’ Which means ‘do you speak our language?’ I replied, ‘Mein Muttersprache ist Englisch, aber Ich kann Deutsch auch.’ Which means my first language is English, but I know German as well.’ Her Mom told her, ‘Elicia you have had four years to learn German. Elder Fullmer has only had two months and it is as good as yours.’ I love their family!

I hope that your weeks are fantastic and that you have success with school and work.




Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

P.S. I dropped the auf Wiedershen for the more common tchüsch, which means bye.

Elder Tyler Fullmer – 6 months!

So as my pictures show yesterday was the big 6 months. It felt way weird to see how fast this mission goes. I called Elder Emerson and got to talk to them for a bit and I found a crappy tie in the closet that was mostly…….well completely dead and well……you see what happened. It was actually a trial to do. We had to figure out how to burn it without matches. It was nice though, Elders  Baker and Bateman helped me out a lot with it. Sad news is that correos (postal service) is down. They’re on strike. The last time it happened it lasted for 30 days.

I’m feeling a little bit better about my job here. So that’s always a plus. Transfers are here again and this time I get to say hello to the new missionaries. We just had a big emergency transfer and we closed areas and opened some. We had some people going home and
we’ve got more when the transfer completely is finished. Our wedding is going to be next week and we added another baptism marked for that day so I’m feeling a lot better about things here. The english classes help keep my mind off stuff. It’s funny we started teaching them songs to help them recognize things that we are teaching. Brynn will love this….we started with “Imagine”. It was funny the guy who works with all the house stuff had a video clip of Glee singing the song so we played that to show them what the tune was but then I felt completely unable to sing so it was kind of a terrible idea.

I cleaned my room… office was really messy and so after i went through our records of august and July I cleaned out my cabinet so that now i know where everything is. President is way cool and he’s making a lot of changes to the mission. They’re all needed but he’s got a lot of people, let’s just name the assistants as the first ones that are dying from all of the things that he’s changing. Because everyone thinks that everything that President Quiroiz did is written in stone. The major thing he did was said that he wants us all to not
practice using the picture chart that we have. It’s called the flippy and everyone can´t teach without it. We’re not teaching, whole, by the spirit. It’s really sad and it needs to change in the mission. Not going all GH (Gloria dos Homens) on you, but me and my comp started to change the way that we were teaching a while ago. That’s how we marked the seconded baptism we have for the 24th. It’s crazy september is almost done pretty soon it’s going to get hotter than heck.

But what’s crazier is that the next transfer is in November. Sorry im scraping the bottom of the barrel here I don’t know what to talk
about. I guess things are going good with Elder Machado. Its kinda bad but i was way mad at him the other night and then I got way mad at myself for being so mad about something stupid that he didn’t really mean to do, but I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him about it so I just sat around in another room until the others got there and the next day he was like why are you mad at me and I let it all lose he
was looking really sad and i storm out and i felt really bad so i went back to talk to him, but he was bawling and I didn’t know why so I
started talking to him turns out more crap with his mom happened and she was yelling at president over the phone. So we talked a lot and things are better, but I still don’t know. There’s just something about him. He’s so obnoxious at times. I don’t know what it is with the Brazilians but I have yet to live/have a companion that is brazilian the is not one of the strangest people I’ve ever met. We were sitting on the couch this morning and pulled the whole “poke, poke,poke,…..” until I couldn’t handle it anymore.

We as you can see its life as normal here. Learning to live with people who are completely different from what I was used to…well not
completely sometimes it’s like having Connor with me here. So Connor you can sleep easy your job has been taken care of here. Really everything is good here. Love you guys and please pray for me, I think we have the auditor coming this week. I know we haven’t done anything wrong but it’s still a worry they came for round 2.

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Treasure Hunt

Familie und Freunde!

I hope that your week was outstanding! My week started of so much fun. Last Preparation Day, we were asked to help out at a Primary Activity for the kids in the Begedorf Geminde. We went out into the woods with about 8 or 9 kids and three other adults. It was boys against girls. The missionaries took the boy and two of the adult women took the girls. We created a treasure hunt for the other team and hid a box full of unknown stuff. Once we were done we went on a treasure hunt for the other box. Elder Lingard did most of the searching with the older three boy and I followed behind with the three and six year old. They are about my level of German so it was fun to speak with them. One of the moms there usually lives in America, but her husband is in Afghanistan right now, so she spent the last year living here in German near here parents who are the Imbecks. We talked for a while in English about her husband and my dad who are both officers in the Army. It was funny to hear her speak in English. She makes the transition from Native German to Patriotic-Mormon-American Mom really fast.

Better food this week. I had both Schnitzel and Spetzel. My two favorite Deutscher foods.

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of September Eleventh. I was a good time for me to ponder. I am so grateful to be an American and a member of the Coast Guard. My thought and prayers were with the people that lost family on that day. It is crazy to think that that day was ten years ago. I was a fifth grader in New Baltimore, Michigan on that day. My school went on lock down and I ended up being one of two kids left in the class room by the end of the day. 10 years later I am a 20 year old serving the Lord and learning German very far away from that fifth grade class room.

We continue to look for people who are ready for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Chirst, das Wiederhergestellte Evangelium Jesu Christi. Most people are not. We went on exchanges this week for a day. I went down to Lauenberg which is south of Hamburg and was companions with Elder Colton.

It was a good week. I hope that everyone has success with school, work, and play this week.

auf Wiedersehn,


Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


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Elder Tyler Fullmer – The roots run deep

This first part i am writing for all but specifically make sure this gets to Austin…..

“E. Fullmer I get your emails and I can´t help remembering what it was like to be a kid and running around with you thinking up crazy things and here we are running around speaking different languages trying to bring people to the gospel of Christ. Actually I think one of your AP’s is a friend of an elder I’m serving with. I don’t remember the name of the AP but his friend is Elder Eide. I wanted to write you about an experience I had this week. I’ve been down on myself because of my new “calling” and because of the problems that have been going on. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say salt lake actually sent a big sum of money out to half of the mission. I’m lucky most of the elders are honest here. Then we found out were going through another audit, but this one is going to be in depth and 2 or 3 days. But missions always have high points. One thing that I wanted to say is remember your heritage. Remember the rich beginnings we have in the church. I know people here just think well this happened in the USA and doesn’t reach out here. If you didn’t know, our family has a relative in D&C 124 something. It’s a random list of names but our great great great…….uncle is in the list David Fullmer. I use that for members more than investigators, but I have a story for you.

We were teaching a girl and she had major problems about Joseph Smith and all I could think was I need to testify, I have to testify and my comp didn’t give me any space, but he did something I didn’t expect he said, Come to the church at 430 tomorrow we’ll watch a movie with you. The movie is Joseph Smith prophet of the Restoration. I love that movie, and it also has our ancestor in it. Not a name just a part where Joseph is leaving to go to Carthage and 6 other men are riding on horseback with him. One of them is our ancestor. So after the movie I got to testify using that image. I told the story of why he was baptized and all. By the time I was done I was crying, my comp was crying she was crying, and we were all testifying. In the end she looked at us and was like I know I have to say yes, because we gave her a baptismal date, but something is telling me go home now be alone and pray. She left and I have no doubt she will be baptized. The spirit was so strong I can’t help but wonder why our name is embedded in this history, but is relatively unknown. I do know one thing that it can make all the difference when you’re testifying about something that “doesn’t matter” when your history is
embedded there.

Fica Firme,

Elder Fullmer.”

Well know you know the best part of my week I don’t know what else I can say that will live up to that. We have that new auditor that’s
coming. Should be fun, president is kind of freaking out and at the same time just saying “eh we’ve been here for two months so before if
there’s a problem it’s not our fault.” Although I’m not as confident as he is but let’s see what will happen. He was going to come this coming Monday but now it’s going to be to Monday after.

Plus everybody left the house, well everybody but one of the assistants. He and his comp are staying in our house for the time being. The other two were kinda mad because they thought that they would have left as ZL’s, But one left as senior and the other as a
junior. We’re going to have a counsel of the ZL’s this coming week, so that will be cool. I get to speak to them all and act like I’m some one important hehe. It’s been getting better here. I’ve just been trying to forget things and just do my job but it’s just odd coming in here. Every day going to work just looking at computers and working with paper. I’ve been able to use English a lot here. There has
been times where we’ve had people call that only speak English so that was nice to know that I had been able to do some good but really
nothing beats the experience that I want Austin to get. I love you guys a lot and it’s nice to know you guys don’t live on the east coast.

Tell the ward I’m thinking about them and that I know for sure that their sons and daughters in Brazil are being taken care of. People
here are really nice. You get fed well, I mean look at how much weight I gained in criciúma because of the food I was eating. So the
pictures today are this.

1. The Wedding invitation that was made for our baptism(they’re poor and her dream was to have a wedding with invitations and a cake and the ward has really pulled together to help.)
2. Just one of the pictures of them
3. Is a picture of this lady from the area where my comp used to live.
4. She was selling food he hadn’t eaten in a long time so we took a picture of the food.

-the bun was made of mashed and fried white beans
-it had shrimp (the part i didnt like)
-a pepper sauce
-and mashed veggies/roots

My comp asked her for photo which was funny because this other lady that was from the same area came up and was……well crazy to say the least but she took the photos for us so it was nice. Well that’s about it for me see you guys and stay safe.

Elder Fullmer

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