Elder Austin Fullmer – Ballard Week

22 August 2011

Familie and Freunde,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEYENNE! You are an awesome, wonderful, inspiring, loving, caring, beautiful, young woman. I am privileged to be your brother. I got your letter in the mail and I am writing one back to you; it should be in the mail today. I hope you like your birthday present that I sent you!

This week was super busy. It was called the Ballard Week. A Ballard is when you talk to ten people on the streets or on the buses that you normal would not talk to. You are supposed to get one Ballard and your companion is supposed to get a Ballard too. You get the third Ballard when you make out an appointment with an individual that seems to be interested in the message. President Pimentel is getting rid of the Ballard system, so this past week our goal was for the entire mission to get 21 Ballards as a companionship. That is three a day. We usually have quite a few appointments, so this was a challenge. We ended up staying out past 2100 a couple of nights to make out the appointment. It was a good experience though. It helped me to get better at talking to people and hopefully some good will come out of it.

Our most steady investigator is Thorston Wegner. We meet with him twice this week and he committed to live the Word of Wisdom, which is the health code that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lives by. It can be a pretty challenging thing to accepts especially here in German where EVERYONE smokes, including Thorston. He agreed to stop smoking. We having been working with him through a Stop Smoking Workshop. I have faith that he can succeed! It will be difficult, but he can do it.

Good luck to everyone at the Academy this week. CAAP week is over and school starts today.

Today I deep cleaned our apartment. It was super dirty and I do not have that much time to clean, so it was pretty gross. Today I took 2.5 hours and just cleaned it all. The bathroom and the kitchen mostly. It was pretty crazy. I do not think my companion was really fond of staying in the apartment all morning, but the apartment is clean now, so I do not really mind. 🙂 Some of those cupboards had not been cleaned in ages. I drew this conclusion from the five Frank cents that I found. Germany has not used the Frank in like ten years.

This week is leadership training. My companion is the District leader so we have to go up to the main city of Hamburg. I think I will get to meet up with some of the Goldens again, because the trainers have to go to leadership training too. I am pretty excited for that.  Looks like a good week.


I love you all good look with school and work this week.



auf Wiedersehn,


Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


elderfullmer.wordpress.com (there should be a couple new pictures here).


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