Sad for the Sayers so that’s why Hillary never answered more than one of my letters but that’s really sad for Shelby. She was so nice. As for me after office hours i get to be a regular missionary. Should be cool right but it just kinda sucks to leave and go out. Some days you’re just really tired. We’re working on a lot here. We’re trying to change the way our mesadas(allowance) works and that’s a pain but after its done i won’t have to do so many reimbursements and as well were working on getting all of the water and electricity bills paid by me so that’s been a bigger hassle but will be good as well. We live in an apartment building a ways away from the mission home. We have a dryer…a dryer mom I’m so happy hehe. As for my comp he does the same thing but he buys passages, makes what we call DVD power (DVD with video clips to help us teach), all the travel stuff. So he’s doing things when I’ve got my stuff. I think by the end of this week hopefully I’ll be doing all of this stuff by my own.

Well The English classes are going good. The ward here is a little better but it’s really weird being out of a small town. Criciúma was big but still felt really small. The apartment buildings are dumb i don’t like them at all. It’s hard to do the work here but like you are going to see we have a lot of not favelas but barrios that don´t have the apartment buildings. My new comps a little odd but i like him. He’s had a hard life and I’m surprised he’s even out here so that’s really good. I don’t have a whole lot this week. WE don’t teach a lot but it think we’re going to have a wedding/baptism in October. That’s crazy but he’s stopping his marijuana habit and here coffee habit is coming a long a little slower but were working.

The hardest part of Brasil is that no one is married. Marriage is nothing here and it’s really sad but this is happening worldwide.

I’ll talk about the pictures right now. So the picture of the rock was we were walking along a “beach” to get to a recent converts house cause were now teaching his mom. So i decided to take pictures and I’m not sure my comp was happy but there was nowhere to contact and no one to talk to so i stopped. The same with the other beach picture.

The next two one is of a hill we went up and then the other is of the backside of that hill. It killed me and my comp was like “wow i didn’t think it was going to be this bad. It was crazy but the back side was kinda cool looking.

I don’t have too much more to say. I love you guys. I hear that Austin’s doing well. There’s a guy Elder Eide whose serving in my mission who has a friend who is one of the APs in the Frankfurt mission i don’t know if that’s Austin’s or not i can’t remember right now. I love you guys a lot. One phrase that we say a lot is ” Fica Firme” and I like it a lot more than what is in English “stay strong” I don’t have any doubt you guys won’t have any problems but like with Shelby anything can happen.

Eu sei essa vida é dificul as vezes mas nós temos que fica firme. Sé nós não podemos fazer isso essa vida não vai vale a pena. Que dor na? Realmente eu tenho um conhecimento que eu tenho que servir aqui eu não sei por que mas eu sei isso. Jesus cristo sofre para todos nós e agora nós temos que fazer todas as coisas certas. Eu amo portuguese e eu quero usar portuguese para minha vida entera não sei como mas eu vou. Eu te amo.


E. Fullmer

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