Elder Tyler Fullmer – Goes to AA

This week has been good. I can’t believe Connor is soooo old now. It’s really crazy. The transfers are coming up. They should happen on the 10th but I won’t find out till this Saturday if i’m leaving or not. We had the festa dos pioneros in our ward today and it was actually kinda fun.  Lots of good food and stuff like that.

I’m sorry about how short this ones gonna be [because] I wrote a long letter to grandpa. In this area we’ve been working with the inactive members a lot. In times past we’ve had bishops and councilors that went up to people and said, “If you’re not going to change right now, never come back [because] we don’t want you here.” At some point Elder Hansen and I have been wanting to go and strangle some people.

We also went to the AA to see one of our inactive members, sober for 8 years, and see how it is so that we can bring investigators to it. I also met these ladies the other day who said that in 1 Corinthians 11 it says that women can’t cut their hair because their power is in their hair and if one hair on their head is cut all their power is gone and they just need to have a shaved head. They also told us that no one could paint Christ cause no one seen him so all pictures of him are wrong, a little crazy but these are the people we have to teach. Haha.

However I have a story to that point. We were giving one of the blessings we do and this lady was like “oh good we need one” [and as] we talk, [we] throw in a video about Christ ask them what things they’d ask Christ for. Then she says “oh can you bless Celesia´s daughter?” we say yes to which she responds “good well go get some clothes of hers” haha she ran off to the room with Elder Hansen yelling “we don’t need her clothes to bless her.” Oh they crazy people I meet.

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