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Elder Austin Fullmer – Pig Brains

29 August 2011

Familie und Freunde,

How are you all this week. We had transfer calls this week. They were basically the highlight of my week. My companion and I got on the conference call, turned the speaker phone on, and listened. I had my little green notebook that Tom Cogley and Cate Giguere gave me (which has turned in to a recipe \ address \ quote \ thoughts \ transfer book), and wrote down all the names my Golden group. President Pimentel got on the phone and told us where everyone is going. All of my friends from my Golden group stayed in the same cities with their trainers. That means that I will be in Bergedorf in Hamburg. Way Cool. I am super excited to stay here in Bergedorf because I love the city. I have to admit I was pretty positive that this was going to happen (typically people stay in their Golden city for at least two transfers), but I was still nervous that I might get moved somewhere else. That means if anyone sends letters you can still send it to the Bergedorf address. There is still the chance that I might not get them, because of long mailing times or quick transfers. Mail to the mission office to guaranteed to get to me. Every three weeks or so it might actually be the better way. Being in Bergedorf a second transfer with the same companion means that one of us is going to stay next transfer too. So either I will be here for three tranfers or my companion will be here for four. I do not know what will happen.

This week was pretty white. Which means that your planner day is white with no writing. It was not really white, but we did have a lot of appointments fall out. People have been to busy to meet with us or just do not show up at our appointments. It was a tad bit discouraging, but I found comfort is singing hymns. I hope my companion does not think that I am too crazy, but it helps me keep a good attitude. That is one of my goals while I am here on my mission, to always have a good attitude. Frankly, it you do not love what you are doing what is the point of doing it. I want to be here and I am excited to be here; thus, I always need to have a good attitude!

I want to share a quote that President Pimentel shared with us a couple of weeks ago. I think it particularly applies to everyone at the academy where the ´´vision´´ is often lost. President Thomas S. Monson (who is the president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) said, ´´Vision without effort is day dreaming; effort without vision is drudgery; but vision, coupled with effort, will obtain the prize.´´ So often I feel that we are the second part of that quote, or at least I am. I am just running, running, running, busy, busy, busy. I do not take the time to see where I am actually going. Here on the mission my vision is to help people come unto Christ. At the Academy it becoming an officer and graduating. A shorter term vision might just be getting through the current semester. Just food for thought.

Crazy food this week! The movie “The Best Two Years”. I am not sure how many of you have seen it seeing as it is a movie about Mormon Missionaries. If your have not look it up on Netflix. It is actually a lot more like missionary work that I would have guessed. Anyway there is this part where they make the Golden eat this weird fish stuff. He holds it over his mouth and takes a bit. Then proceeds to through it up. Can you say Austin. Our Ward Mission Leader (this guy in our congregation that helps us with missionary work) invited us to his house on Monday for Family Home Evening. My Companion and I, re-acted out that scene and ate that fish stuff. So GROSS, but I am glad I did it. Other stuff I have eating, pig brain (it tastes a lot like bologna) and raw pig meat that you put on sandwich meat. We had that at our Branch President´s house. He is really cool and young, has two children and his wife is really cool too. She made me try it and kept calling it lecker which means delicious. It actually was pretty good.


Good luck with school and work this week.



auf Wiedersehn,



Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


Elder Tyler Fullmer – A short visit

You think its dull there come to Florianopolis, Brazil.  I bought a hammock and who would have thought that it would weight three hundred pounds. But its really nice. I’ll have to take a picture of it and send it to you guys. We went to the Morro Da Cruz last week which was way cool. I’ll be sending those pictures today. So the big news is that I’ve been signed off to work on my own here and Elder Egito will be leaving for another area. I can’t stand him and his companion. They are so obnoxious and they eat every scrap of food. I didn’t buy a lot of food all at one time last week because they believe that all of the food in the kitchen is theirs. So there’s some good news.  We’re doing away with all reimbursement of transport. So fun time here. I had to figure out a way to give people more money depending on where they are. Fun times but then the money went out to the people early. I know what to do next time, but it’s just a pain. So Elder Jairo Mazzagardi Came to the mission last Wednesday. Pres. Fernades gets a call at like 8 Monday and E. Mazzagardi was like “how full is your schedule for this week” to which president responded “it’s completely full of travel and interviews for the next 2 weeks. To the surprise of president fernades he heard this response “that’s nice….president do you think i could have a meeting with your mission I’m free the next 2 days” ha-ha. So we were all scrambling to get things ready. one day to plan and two days for Elder Mazzugadi to have meetings. When he got here I was up in the “escritorial” and he came in and shook all our hands while he stared right into your eyes and you just felt like he was really searching your soul. It was really crazy but all’s good. He’s way cool. Pretty soon each house is going to have a portable DVD player to use to study, because that’s not going to be misused at all. oh and don’t forget the iPods that every mission will have as an area book. The church is moving up in technology people. In Brazil that means that our houses are going to be targets, because dumb missionaries are going to be yelling about what we are using to work and they’re going to tell about all the cool stuff the church sends. Anyways today is off to the dunes. We’re going to play ultimate Frisbee for the other 2 guys’ last pday in Floripa. They’re not happy about leaving but I think Elder Machado is. Elder Machado is my comp, he’s a Brazilian from I think Salvador. A place people nickname the Baiia(?) I don’t know how to write it. He moved to São Paulo to work and go to school and that’s where he found the church. He just showed up at the church after hearing a little bit about us from some inactive member. Anyways his family situation is fairly messed up. His mom pretty much disowned him for coming on a mission, won’t talk to him and keeps saying that he deserted her. It’s really sad. Four of the pictures are from the Morro da Cruz (I took the shadow picture in remembrance of Connor. wasn’t nearly as cool though). The one is of the famous bridge of Floripa (terrible picture) which isn’t used now. It’s close to falling down. The last is from a member’s balcony. it’s a great view. Oh inspiring story of the week. The day the bridge picture was taken we were going to give a blessing. One of the special ones the missionary’s in this mission give. I don’t know how many other missions do it. We got there and he was smoking and acting really weird. He was way jittery and nervous and would not stop talking. He said things about spirits and things like that so we knew we had to bless him. The sad thing was he said that he didn’t know if he had faith to change. So we gave this blessing in a house that smelled like smoke. Completely just years of smoke. The minute my comp said “now in the name of Christ we command any evil spirit leave so that the Holy Spirit can be here” all of the smell of smoke was gone. Like something was retreating. It was crazy! Testimony builder and when the prayer ended he didn’t have anything to say. He was calm and everything was better, we’ll see what else happens with him. Well love you guys.

Love E.Fullmer

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Ballard Week

22 August 2011

Familie and Freunde,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEYENNE! You are an awesome, wonderful, inspiring, loving, caring, beautiful, young woman. I am privileged to be your brother. I got your letter in the mail and I am writing one back to you; it should be in the mail today. I hope you like your birthday present that I sent you!

This week was super busy. It was called the Ballard Week. A Ballard is when you talk to ten people on the streets or on the buses that you normal would not talk to. You are supposed to get one Ballard and your companion is supposed to get a Ballard too. You get the third Ballard when you make out an appointment with an individual that seems to be interested in the message. President Pimentel is getting rid of the Ballard system, so this past week our goal was for the entire mission to get 21 Ballards as a companionship. That is three a day. We usually have quite a few appointments, so this was a challenge. We ended up staying out past 2100 a couple of nights to make out the appointment. It was a good experience though. It helped me to get better at talking to people and hopefully some good will come out of it.

Our most steady investigator is Thorston Wegner. We meet with him twice this week and he committed to live the Word of Wisdom, which is the health code that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lives by. It can be a pretty challenging thing to accepts especially here in German where EVERYONE smokes, including Thorston. He agreed to stop smoking. We having been working with him through a Stop Smoking Workshop. I have faith that he can succeed! It will be difficult, but he can do it.

Good luck to everyone at the Academy this week. CAAP week is over and school starts today.

Today I deep cleaned our apartment. It was super dirty and I do not have that much time to clean, so it was pretty gross. Today I took 2.5 hours and just cleaned it all. The bathroom and the kitchen mostly. It was pretty crazy. I do not think my companion was really fond of staying in the apartment all morning, but the apartment is clean now, so I do not really mind. 🙂 Some of those cupboards had not been cleaned in ages. I drew this conclusion from the five Frank cents that I found. Germany has not used the Frank in like ten years.

This week is leadership training. My companion is the District leader so we have to go up to the main city of Hamburg. I think I will get to meet up with some of the Goldens again, because the trainers have to go to leadership training too. I am pretty excited for that.  Looks like a good week.


I love you all good look with school and work this week.



auf Wiedersehn,


Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer (there should be a couple new pictures here).

Sad for the Sayers so that’s why Hillary never answered more than one of my letters but that’s really sad for Shelby. She was so nice. As for me after office hours i get to be a regular missionary. Should be cool right but it just kinda sucks to leave and go out. Some days you’re just really tired. We’re working on a lot here. We’re trying to change the way our mesadas(allowance) works and that’s a pain but after its done i won’t have to do so many reimbursements and as well were working on getting all of the water and electricity bills paid by me so that’s been a bigger hassle but will be good as well. We live in an apartment building a ways away from the mission home. We have a dryer…a dryer mom I’m so happy hehe. As for my comp he does the same thing but he buys passages, makes what we call DVD power (DVD with video clips to help us teach), all the travel stuff. So he’s doing things when I’ve got my stuff. I think by the end of this week hopefully I’ll be doing all of this stuff by my own.

Well The English classes are going good. The ward here is a little better but it’s really weird being out of a small town. Criciúma was big but still felt really small. The apartment buildings are dumb i don’t like them at all. It’s hard to do the work here but like you are going to see we have a lot of not favelas but barrios that don´t have the apartment buildings. My new comps a little odd but i like him. He’s had a hard life and I’m surprised he’s even out here so that’s really good. I don’t have a whole lot this week. WE don’t teach a lot but it think we’re going to have a wedding/baptism in October. That’s crazy but he’s stopping his marijuana habit and here coffee habit is coming a long a little slower but were working.

The hardest part of Brasil is that no one is married. Marriage is nothing here and it’s really sad but this is happening worldwide.

I’ll talk about the pictures right now. So the picture of the rock was we were walking along a “beach” to get to a recent converts house cause were now teaching his mom. So i decided to take pictures and I’m not sure my comp was happy but there was nowhere to contact and no one to talk to so i stopped. The same with the other beach picture.

The next two one is of a hill we went up and then the other is of the backside of that hill. It killed me and my comp was like “wow i didn’t think it was going to be this bad. It was crazy but the back side was kinda cool looking.

I don’t have too much more to say. I love you guys. I hear that Austin’s doing well. There’s a guy Elder Eide whose serving in my mission who has a friend who is one of the APs in the Frankfurt mission i don’t know if that’s Austin’s or not i can’t remember right now. I love you guys a lot. One phrase that we say a lot is ” Fica Firme” and I like it a lot more than what is in English “stay strong” I don’t have any doubt you guys won’t have any problems but like with Shelby anything can happen.

Eu sei essa vida é dificul as vezes mas nós temos que fica firme. Sé nós não podemos fazer isso essa vida não vai vale a pena. Que dor na? Realmente eu tenho um conhecimento que eu tenho que servir aqui eu não sei por que mas eu sei isso. Jesus cristo sofre para todos nós e agora nós temos que fazer todas as coisas certas. Eu amo portuguese e eu quero usar portuguese para minha vida entera não sei como mas eu vou. Eu te amo.


E. Fullmer

Elder Austin Fullmer – Pictures

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Girlfriends

You guys have the main news of the week already.
I’m sending 2 pictures of families that were way cool in Cricúma so watch out for those. The big family is the Machados (I think) and I don’t remember the other families last name. They were both way cool and it helps that both of them always fed me when i went there right. That was always a perk. But really they were way nice the really big family had children with every problem known to man. I felt really bad because they were all way cool and the mom helped us out so much but the dad didn’t really help and then only one son went on a mission and is active in the church. I think their missing kids in the picture that I sent. The other family was a family that we tried to reactivate and they were really close when we left so lets see how that goes. I really hope they start to go back. Because they really were close. I must admit in Brasil she makes the best bread and cake I have had here but once again two of their kids are not in the picture with them cause the other kids are not home.
The sad thing about this country is that every one works a whole lot and they don’t make a whole lot of money but they are always away working. Always always always.
Anyways the other pictures are of me in my office. That’s right I have my own office. I am one of two people in the mission that have offices, and the other is president. Pretty soon there’s only going to be two of us here. right now we have 4 but once im trained the other 2 will leave. President doesn’t want to have the other two in here any more. What the old financial secretary doesn’t know is that normally you stay 9 months and he’s only staying 6 because president wants him gone and out. For good reason to.
Sadly all is not well in wonderland. I wouldn´t call the staff the good ol´boys club but it sure feels that way. We’ve got a lot of people that know who they like and help them out more. In fact we have a AP who most of the rest of the people are fed up with here but I kinda like him. He does things to make people a little annoyed. Nothing big but I guess one of the things he does is tape the door bell so it always rings and he did it the first night I was there and the old financial secretary runs out into the hall, yelling blood in his eyes, throws him up against the wall yelling and said some pretty dumb things and almost hits him. He gets pulled off and goes straight to the phone and calls president to recount the story which went a little something like this.
“Hello president, yes something happened Bingham well……he tapped the door bell and……..well its been going on for a while and we told him to stop…….he does other things too and this time I was just done……….so this time I well I grabbed him I kind of yelled and threw him into the elevator…….No I didn´t hit him I just lost my temper…..But he does this all the time so I just wanna say the blame is all on him this wasn´t me.”
I mean I know Bingham and the things he does can be annoying like everyone else, but the blame was not only his. We’ve also got problem cause when the other companionship of AP´s get together with the other 2 staff who are going to leave in their mind they are in control of everything. I think president is making the necessary changes he already split up the AP´s put them both over 2/3 zones each gave them a newer comp and sent them out and they will change areas every 2 weeks and just try to help the zone.
Now he’s got me training and I think he wants me to be self sufficient in 2 weeks so I can do all this by myself and he can get the other two out of the office. So im trying to get this done. He’s already taught me how to do all of the reimbursements, which is why my training will go slow cause they take up a lot of time. I also know how to take money out of the bank, pay electronically the bill and things that we have. so it will be good im learning fast.
Other than that the time here flies by. We are in here from 10-5 and then we become normal missionaries again. Some times we´re here really late. It’s a good life I chill writing emails and things like that.. Input a lot in the computer.  I just really hope I don´t accidentally screw anything up. I know I won´t but oh well. I had a talk with Elder Bingham and I said “I never wanted this I just wanted to stay junior turn senior and then stay.” It got really quiet and Bingham was like “with President Quiroiz anyone in the office was going to be LZ and very likely AP so good luck buddy” But hey I got 9 months here so it should be a good time to learn. If president wants me to be an LZ or AP I guess that will come anyways. It’s really cool being here and having this time with president but kinda sad seeing the other side of the AP´s when they are going around you don’t see this whole contention and the sad thing is the AP’s are all trying to get me on their “side” you know? Like their almost trying to get me to see things only their way. Well i’ll stop talking about this sad stuff.
We teach an english class which is way cool. In fact we are trying out a new way of teaching the class. This is because president doesn’t want to have them anymore. But that’s another story. It should be a lot better, were using a new form of videos (from the church) and the Liahona to teach everyone. The good part was that every one loved it. They all wanted to keep the talk that we used they wanted to see all the other Mormon messages. My comp said that it was the first time he had felt the spirit in the English class and of course the most important part they all loved me. They all kept asking if I was going to be the teacher or not. “He’s going to stay right? Elder Fullmer is going to be our teacher?” haha actually I got a girl asking “did you leave a girlfriend behind?” To which I responded “no” and another girls (sharp intake of breath) “Really??????” to which the first girl responded “well you move fast”.  Of course my comp being smart was like “we can’t date on the mission” and the one girl who yelled really all embarrassed said “I know..umm…thats not what I meant….but I mean when you guys are done you come back right?” and just to cut everything of that type off he politely said “Actually the leaders of the church tell us never to go back to where we serve our mission to try to keep those two lives separate.” haha
Well I think that is about it, love you guys. until next week.
E. Fullmer

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Sommerfest

15 August 2011

Familie und Freunde,

I loved getting all your emails this week! It really lifts me up to hear from you all. Good news: President Pimentel announced a change in email policy. I am now allowed to email back if I receive an email. That means I can email people everyone back, when in the past I was only allowed to email my direct family. I still can not promise that I will be able to email everyone back every p-day. I only have so much time.

This week was pretty good. We had a lot of success. We challenged three people to baptism and all three agreed. One is a small family. Frau (Ms) Boysen and her son Maurice. They are really nice and absolutely love the missionaries. A little too much almost. They came to church this Sunday which is really good because they can be a little flaky. They really love the geminde (ward in German), which is really good. After a while as missionaries we will be switch to a different area, so we are working really hard are trying to get geminde members to come with us to teach. The other investigator that has a baptismal date is Herr (Mr) Wegner. He is pretty cool, but honestly a little foreboding to me. Not that he is scary, he is just really intelligent and uses a lot of large German words. I can hardly understand normal speakers let alone German intellects. Nevertheless, he is a really cool guy. We meet him at his garden which is really close to the church. It is really beautiful. He has been coming to church for the last three weeks. He is super solid.

Last night we met at a Wohnung Gemindshaft. It is a big apartment in which many people live. This apartment has five people: three young single adults and a young married couple. They are all really solid in their faith. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and why we need it in addition to the Bible. They ask a lot of hard questions, but it really shows their genuine interest. On Saturday our ward had their annual Sommerfest. Which is exactly what the name says, a summer party. It was a really great opportunity to talk to and enjoy the company of the ward members. Germans like to have fun and they like to feed me delicious German food. It was awesome.

Last Thursday was probably one of my favorite days since I have been here. We had Zone Conference. It was really awesome. There are eight Zones in my mission and we meet as couples for Zone Conference. I am in the Hamburg Zone, so we met with the Neumünster Zone. It was a really refreshing opportunity. At the MTC you are with a 2500 other missionaries all day every day, but most of the time out here in the field it is just you and your companion. I am the only Golden in the Hamburg Zone, but their are two Goldens in the Neumünster Zone, so I got to see both Elder Turney and Elder Cloward. So cool. President and Sister Pimentel were their and both gave talks. It was really good to see them and feel their love for us. At Zone conference you hear from the assistants to the President, and your zone leaders. Also we have a big lunch. I got to talk with Elder Turney and Elder Cloward during lunch.

I love you all!


auf Wiedersehn,


Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer