Elder Tyler Fullmer – The house

My comp and me are going to be trunky for a week because of the last “Harry Potter”, haha.  Anyways it’s going good with Elder Torres but he is very annoying and now my comp was like i understand your stories about him now. His comp is not in a good mood and its been this way since Elder Torres got here so that’s not a good sign.

I had to give a talk last Sunday and that was cool but scary. Everyone came up and was like “good job I understood you” but im scared they didn’t actually listen to what I was saying. I tried to awaken our ward to a sense of wanting to reactivate the army of less active people that we have but well see. This week was kinda lame with pictures sorry.

I got your last package sadly the silly putty did not make it through the mail the same i when you sent it. That or silly putty has become really lame. Thank you for the blue drink and can i just say that beef jerky is so much better than the last stuff you sent. One of the AP´s was there and tried it and was utterly disgusted by it. Not much else happened. The APs love me which might not be a good thing. We are having more work but still no baptisms marked. I want to get an email off to Scotty and Jonathan but I don’t know if I will have time today whats Scotty’s adress?

The APs were here to tell us to clean the house and then rededicate it [be]cause of some problems in the mission. It seems like the new pres is getting a work out already man. We’ve heard of a couple of emergency transfers and one affected us so it seems like things are hitting home for him already.

That’s about it for here love you guys I might send some more later.

Elder Fullmer

A little explanation for the last one that’s us our ward mission leader (Sergio) e our gospel principals teacher (Francielle) they’re not married but our secretary wanted us to take a picture with them.

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