Elder Austin Fullmer – Travel Plans

11 July 2011


Dad, Mom, and Family,


We get our travel plans in three days on Thursday! I honestly can’t believe that we will be leaving in two weeks from Today or Tomorrow. Wow! The oldest group of missionaries left the MTC today fro the Alpine German speaking Mission. That means my group of German speakers is the oldest in our Zone. I got released as District Leader. I suggested and President Dunn asked my companion Elder Burnett to be the next district leader. I really enjoyed being District Leader a lot. I hope I was a help and support of those in my district.


We got a new teacher. Bruder Evans got a new job at a Physical Therapy Clinic. I believe he will be a manager of some sort. He wants to go to Physical Therapy School so this is perfect for him. Our new teacher seems pretty awesome. His name is Bruder Luna (which reminded me immediately of both the moon and Luna Lovegood; thus, radishes as well). His German is amazing to listen to. He spent most of his mission in Southern Germany were we lived. So maybe that is why I love his dialect so much? He is an awesome teacher too. He made reflexive verbs seem kind of easy. Whey they are actually really hard.


I my have already said this, but the Provo Temple is closed fro the rest of July for cleaning. So we don’t get to go on P-days anymore. Luckily they asked my district to help clean next Monday. That should be a unique experience and I am looking forward to it. With the departure of German speakers, we got new Missionaries last Wednesday. Two of them are from the Air Force Academy. One did two years like me and the other only one. It was cool to talk to someone else who had experiences like mine.


The German is coming along (this just made me think of the India Flag, I think that is the right one…). It is still hard for me to hear and understand, but I am getting much better at speaking. We learn so much here. It is kind of amazing. I love you all and I hope this next week is great. Think of me on Thursday! Hopefully my district gets their travel plans that day!



auf Wiedersehn,


Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

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