Elder Tyler Fullmer – Dead Lizard

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Not that it makes a difference here but 4 random people and the guy (who lived in America and loves all things American) told us.

I’ll start out with the obvious one the scarves got here [we sent him a pair of Portland Timbers scarves] and I thought I said that in an email but I guess not. I’ll have my comp take a picture with me and him wearing them and ill send them next week.

So as I sit here on I see all the many things I have to give up to be on this mission. I’m half crying here thinking about grandpa and looking at all the pictures you guys have been sending. ‘Ive been terrible about them this week. Man it just goes to show that it is the greatest thing in life to know that we have the ability to know about the plan of salvation. Keep going strong tell grandpa I love him and i’m sad that I can´t be there but keeps me going knowing that im giving the same hope that we have to other people all over Santa Caterina.

I’m going to apologize to Connor cause this week was full of many exciting bus rides whoop. In all I spent like 8 or 9 hours on the bus towards the end of the week. The beginning of the week was normal we got a lot of lessons in not a lot of time. Then as this feeling of amazement at home many of our plans were working my comps job as Zone Leader kicked in. We got 4 calls about baptismal interviews that needed to be done by the end of the week so how this worked out was impressive to me cause for some reason in Brazil at the end of the week busses run less.

On quinta feda (Thursday) We went to Tubaraõ to rededicate the Sisters house. They had white washed the area of Elders and then because of problems rededicated the house. All fine but just wanted to be sure.Then scince my comp served in that area before we went to a guy the Elders stopped going to and prepared him for the sisters.  We had missed lunch but we had the Irma make up a pack lunch for us. Then that night we had enough time for a lesson and then on a bus for a baptismal interview in Içara. Which went well and she’ll be baptized on the 9th. Got home [and] passed out.

The next day we studied got some lunch then had to get on a bus around 430 for Imbituba so we had to leave straight from lunch. The bus was a ping pong (makes a whole lot of stops) so we got to Imbituba around 830. Ate some dinner and then went to bed. They next day we did splits and i went with the other ZL and went back to Tubarão for an interview and then Elder Hansen went to another city for another. The walk from the Rodoviaria was really long about 30 min and then the lunch was 45 min past that. so by the time we got back to Imbituba it was 7:30 pouring rain and we had to walk 40 min for a church invite and then get on a bus back to Criciúma [and] here is where the fun started.

The buses in Criciúma stop around 12 so we called a member and said if we get in and there are no busses can we CALL you for a ride. Well we got back all was fine went to bed and passed out. We get to church and the member is pissed he just decided to go to the Rodoviaria and wait there instead of for us to call. He waited till 12:45 to call(the wrong number), 2 to go to our house, and at 3 return to the Rodoviaria. So my comp had a fun talk with him before priesthood and then the next 2 hours are fine and he gets up to bear testimony and was like “I got a call from the missionaries to give them a ride and then I waited for the missionaries at  the Rodoviaria till 3 but anyways my testimony is on service….” I was embarrassed and mad. Cause we said we could get a bus but if we didn’t could we call him. We have hard times getting the ward to help let a lone after that i was mad.

The rest of the day was good. Lunch was good we had beef and pork chorrhasco. The beef was salty but the pork was perfect. We saw some of the Emma Smith movie hey speaking of which if you can get me the “Joseph smith: Prophet of the Restoration”. That would be sick. It’s a long movie, not like the twenty minute movie, “The Restoration”. Sunday was good we taught a recent convert family that night and they know a lot so we watched”The Testiments” with them and my comp proceeded to give his little message and then they talked for ever so I didn’t give a message. A lot of times he and everyone else forgets i can talk about the church stuff. Oh well its hard to butt in[to the conversation] but if we don’t get time oh well.

So the pics are one of the house. The yellow thing is the mail box your letters are always shoved in and if it rains sometimes the stuff in there gets wet haha. Theres two of me and the card is talking about my pet lizard who escaped and got squished between two Books of Mormon gross right. Well one is of my district on a bus coming back from the mission conference this time it was a rented bus(were missing a sister and my comp Oops). Last is of this kid my comp baptized and he’s pretty thug right haha

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