Elder Austin Fullmer – Twenty

20 June2011

Mutter und Vater und Familie,

20. How did this happen? I’m TWENTY. Auf Deutsch: Ich bin zwanzig. It is super crazy to me that I’ve been alive for two decades. Weird. You know what is also weird. On Wednesday, I’ll have been at the MTC from 4 weeks. A month. I was super excited when I got my birthday pacakage from you guys. The mail person took a couple of the package slips back at the same time. When he passed out the packages he said, “Elder Jackson, Elder Young, and Birthday Boy.” I’m was pretty excited. It was really cool to find a Birthday cake inside the package. It was a little smashed, but I’m sure it will taste delicious! I am going to take it with me to class tonight and share it with my district. Thank you for the ties too! They are beautiful. The was probably the most missionary-y thing I have ever type. But regardless I loved them!

Last Friday because of some mix-ups my companions and I had to teach three times. Once to both of our investigators (Marcello und Dirk) and then at the TRC. The TRC is the Teaching Resource Center. Every Friday my district goes here and as companions we practice teaching and talking to individuals who are already members. It is really nice to practice my German with little old people who won’t judge my bad Deutsch. I actually spoke a lot, and while I still don’t understand very much, I did understand a little. In the critique they give us, an elderly lady we taught wrote, “Elder Fullmer’s efforts were delightful.” I’ll take everything I can get.

We got two new districts in our Branch this week. They all seem pretty cool. There are six new elders and five new sisters. Which doubled the sister missionaries in our Branch. All eleven of them are going to Alpine German speaking mission.

Dad! I want to wish you a happy Father’s Day! I wrote you a letter on Wednesday, so hopefully you got it on Father’s Day. I love you very much! I’m so grateful that you are my Dad! I’m going to write you another hand written note today! Be excited!

This coming week is the new Mission President Seminar. All the new Mission Presidents who will be reporting to their missions in July will be here for a seminar. The coolest part is that 10 members of the Quorom of the Twelve and all three members of the First Presidency will be here! The MTC turns into Church Headquaters for the week. Way Cool. The main building is completly closed down for the next week, except for the Cafeteria. On Friday we have a special devotional where hopefully we’ll get to hear from someone in the First Presidency. That would be soooooo coooooool. That Friday night, the new Mission Presidents talk to their missionaries. Both the Alps mission and the Frankfurt mission are gettting new Mission Presidents, but Berlin is not. So my companions and I will be going to another big meeting for all those that don’t have a new Mission President. My Mission President is Br. Pimmentel (I think that is how you spell his name). He and his wife have been serving in German for the last two years and still have their third year left.

So like I sometimes do…. I was feeling a bit discouraged about my language weakness. My companion noticed and gave me a letter that his mom sent to him. It was a blog that some one wrote about the Atonement. It said, “There is no weakness that Jesus Christ cannot make strong. There is no flaw that his unable or unwilling to polish into glittering perfection.” I was so grateful to hear and know that.

My companion Elder Burnett and I both bought Primary Hymn books in German. They are so much fun. I sort of thought to buy it, because last Tuesday we heard from the German Primary President, President Rosemary Hixom. She was awesome to hear from and she had us all sing a few Primary songs. All 2000 of us!

Thank you for all the birtday wishes! I love you all!

Love, auf Wiedersehn, Peace,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

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