Elder Tyler Fullmer – Presents

Hey guys so a lot happened in the world of food this week. We’re going to a rodisio pizza place this Friday with a recent convert couple. They are way cool and were excited for that. The wife(the two in the picture I sent like two weeks ago)made us this avocado smoothie, more like shake, which sounds really bad, but was so good. I can’t tell you. Oh so many fruit that we never eat because people don’t eat it for lunch I guess.

Well the letters you’ve sent to the house have been coming now, so you’re good. The package came to floripa a couple weeks ago but I just got it last week because my comp is a new zone leader and went to a conference, so we got our packages.

First I’ll explain the pictures. The 4 of us and the kid is of a new missionary. He’s going to the north. So the box is the present we gave him. In Brazil you bring presents to a party like that. So just so you know a deodorant you just sent and a white shirt(one I hadn’t worn yet) went to him cause he really needs it. I just thought you should know this stuff doesn’t help just me. His moms such an alcoholic that people who don’t know her think she’s mentally handicapped.  That’s how little she functions.

Thanks for all you guys send to me. The drink packages are going to help and I already ate all of the food, so thank you so much.

The work here is going really well and its getting faster. Last Thursday I had to lead a missionary around my area because his comp and my comp had to go to the conference. His comp was the old ZL and mine is the new one. The cool thing is that we did so much and I knew where to go and who to teach. It felt really good and I set up a lot of times to come back to people.

Cool to hear that Scotty finally is getting to the temple, but way sad about grandpa. Keep me in the loop. I won’t worry, but just let me know what happens.

So I love you all I’ll write you next week.

elder fullmer

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