Elder Tyler Fullmer – A little about food

So these last couple of weeks have been full of walking, but they have been good because we’ve been finding a lot of new investigators. We have hopes that this week we will have a lot more lessons. I’m still loving my comp, his name is Elder Hanson. He’s a great guy and he’s from Sacramento.  Where do uncle dennis and aunt willy live in Sacramento? Anyways he swam as well and since he swam, also plays water polo.  Yeah he’s pretty sick and we get along really well which is good. Bread here is so cheap and we never get it at lunch and it makes me really sad.

However we went to an investigators house to teach the first lesson and to see how the blessing went and she just filled the table with food. All of it some bread product and it was so good.  I really miss bread so much. I mean, I love rice and beans, but sometimes you want a good roll or two.  Really the food down here is way good and they feed us a lot more than they should and sometimes you know it’s all they have. I haven’t had to deal with a whole lot of fish though.

So the pictures I’m sending are me and my comp at the study desk  It’s my last two weeks in the first transfer.

Anyway, so we had to go give an interview for baptism, well my comp did, in a town called Atenangua? I don’t know if that’s how it’s spelled, so we got there all right and did all the interviews, 4 boys, the parents aren’t married yet so in about 30 days someone will be going back, and everyone passed, some good news there. We’ve had some problems with people just passing people to pass them, but these are good people. The parents are going to be married soon. They fed us cachorro quench(hot dog), you eat it here on french bread and its cut up and their more boiled in a sauce and its so good. It sounds really weird but its not at all. Oh fun fact for connor on hot dogs and hamburgers they they put things like peas and corn on them and its sooooo good.

So before we ate we called the bus service, sorry connor, I ride a lot of busses, and the bus we took out was the last one going to our city so we stayed there that night and were late for church the next day. We were freaked out, well my comp was, cause he had to speak.

My companion went to talk to our new converts, who we got to go to the temple, but she hates skirts. So when she asked what they needed to bring to the temple, we neglected to say you need to wear a skirt in the temple. So she shows up in pants to the bus which is normal cause its way cool and all the women were wearing pants and changed into skirts, but guess who didn’t have one. That’s right our recent convert. So they couldn’t go in…………….but we luckily had a member that was driving up and lied saying “oh yeah I never planned on going in but here is a skirt for you to use”, so we got them in. It was all happy in criciúma brazil.

Hey I gotta go, but I love you guys. Wish I was there playing games with you guys. When we get our money and reiembursments ill get more bread haha bye.


***I had written that if he misses bread and it’s cheap, why not buy some….ha****

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