Elder Tyler Fullmer – It’s really freaking cold here

SO I have 4 points you need to listen to, and need to tell Jonathan and Scotty.
1. Mostly for Scotty… it’s freaking cold here. You don’t have a dryer… bring 2 towels. Most of the time the one is slightly soggy and that’s no fun.


*** I told him to buy a stupid extra towel then…geez***


2. Bring a photo book,  I need one please, just full of random family stuff and the Brazilians love it, and their so sad to know you’ve only got 2 pictures and NONE OF YOUR MOM.


*** Told him waahhhh, I don’t do pics of me, but I’m actually putting together one to send.****


3. Make sure you know how to cut your toe nails. Ingrown toenails are not cool and fun fact I just got over one and it’s not fun. Really hurts and the tithing has to be used so please warn them. Can I just say it hurts a lot and no one wants it to get infected.


***Am I the worst mom ever….thought the toe nail thing was a no brainer  🙂  ***


4. It’s really freaking cold here. 14c and it felt way colder. Plus Sunday naps are something to cut out. Sundays are killing me here. Anyways be prepared for the cold.

What I mean is we get refunded when we have a medical problem and that’s tithing money. I felt dumb asking to go to the doctor for something preventable.


The coat and blanket have come in handy so much I can’t even tell you. Right now because of that I’m doing good.  I don’t need anything else, but thank you for asking. It makes me laugh because people made fun of me for having both of those things.  There’s this one area named chapeco where the mission had to buy a space heater and sometimes their clothes freeze.


*** I made him take his fleece blanket and heavy duty wool coat.  He didn’t want to squeeze them in but I insisted.  Glad he didn’t ditch them in the MTC***


Anyways I was really worried about the fast and testimony meetings, but surprisingly they are so much better here. There are actual testimonies. I gave mine for the first time and everyone is always surprised when I start talking and I tell them I’ve been here for two months. Plus yesterday was my first time giving the spiritual thought at a lunch.


The thought is just like, after we eat we give them a little message you know. The missionaries do it here too. Pretty much it was just asking for help. I used scriptures about missionary work and then one about not being scared because the lord is going to strengthen us.  It went well and I think they understood.

Man,  I eat so much here. I’m going to be fat when I go home. I was up 20 pounds in the MTC. I don’t think I’ve gained more,  and I’ve come to love rice and beans… haha.

R. João Serafim 2020
888-00000-Santa Luzia-Criciúma-SC

My address, only send your letters.  Send packages to the mission home.

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