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Elder Austin Fullmer – “Preach My Gospel” Missionaries

Dad, Mom, and Family!

I love you all so much!

This week have been awesome! I very good one if I do say so myself. On Wednesday marks our fifth week of being at the MTC….. and in four weeks from Today I will be flying over the Atlantic Ocean towards Germany. Crazy. I still really like everyone at the MTC. My companionship is still getting along well. Sometimes we get a little annoyed with each other, but I guess that is to be expected. In fact last night at a devotional we heard from Brother Allen, the head of the missionary department in SLC (If the name sounds familiar, he was the first person that we heard at our first Sunday night devotional). Anyways Brother Allen talked to use of the stages of the MTC (or he said companionship relations, new areas…). 1. Honeymoon 2. Hostile 3. Grin and Bear it. 4. Endure to the end. It was a way cool talk about how we can deal with conflicting emotions. This place is like a rollercoaster. You feel really happy with your successes and then quite sad with your mistakes.

German is coming a long well. I finally feel confident enough to not take written notes into our lessons. Which is really good! I try not to compare myself to other people’s German capabilities. Just compare myself to my own progress. We also started to teach each other. The sister missionaries in my District (Sister Shaerr and Sister Openshaw) teach the dritt and we teach them. There investigator names are Serina and Katrin. They are sisters who own a clothing store in Germany. They both believe in God, but are having a hard time understanding Jesus Christ and the Atonement. For the Sisters, my companionship is three roommates all going to University. My name is Nataniel and the others are Matt and Gustav. It is interesting to teach more than one person at a time. We all have different ideas about religion and God. For example Nataniel is a Protestant who understand a lot, while Elder Burnett is acting as Gustave, who is an Atheist. It gives the lessons a cool dynamic.

So on Friday we have a devotional with 7 members of the Quorum of the 12. None of the First Presidency was there, but it was still awesome. The members there were Elder Nelson, Oaks, Ballard, Scott, Holland, Bednar, and Anderson. Elder Bednar spoke to us. It was awesome. He is one of my favorite members of the Quorum of the 12. He spoke to us about becoming “Preach my Gospel Missionaries.” The lesson was really great. We learned how to better teach and understand people as individuals. One of the big things we talk about here and in particularly in this talk was: Teach People not Lessons.

To my favorite people at the Academy: I think today (Monday the 27th of June) is R-day. If it isn’t today then it is next Monday. Either way, I wish you luck. I wish I could be there with you in this big day for 2013. I know you are going to be Awesome. I love getting your letters about school and your summers. Specifically to Cate: I am getting your letters. You mentioned in one that you didn’t know if they were working. They are! Good luck to all of you! Cori: I just got your email with a bunch of pictures! They are awesome! I haven’t gotten to read it yet, but I will love it.


auf Wiedersehn,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer


Elder Tyler Fullmer – He’s wrong about the pizza

So teaching has been way sick. We found a really shickey familia to teach and their story is crazy. They lost their son and a year later the dad gets in a moto (motorcycle) accident and has been in bed rest for a year and a half (included is a 3 month coma) so crazy. They were a investigators suggestion and their a little out of the way but the mom loved our explanation of the plan of salvation and after the lesson of the restoration we got the other son and dad to accept baptism(no date yet). AS weve taught them ive been able to testify about things without knowing they had a question about it. So its been amazing the spirit is very strong when we go there. The mom still has questions but that’s what we are here for.

Rodisio is sick. whether your there for pizza or chorrasco(bbq) nothings better than all you can eat when the waiters bring you the food. So this week we got the pizza place for half price because we had recent converts who bought a promotion. So this week was the first time for pizza in brazil. So much better than home. Plus they bring around many different types of pizza so you’re not stuck with just one and can i say that who in america hasn’t thought of dessert pizza. Can I just say that white chocolate strawberry is the greatest pizza in the world. The sad part is that you don’t eat the crust. It takes too much room. I ate half of mine with the crust and did not have a whole lot of room left. The funny part was that every Brazilian goes through any meal with a knife and a fork, pizza included, so i looked like the one dork not eating that way but it was really funny cause instead of that the guy yells “this kid knows how to eat pizza you must be american” hahaha. Even my comp has been here long enough he doesn’t eat pizza with his hands.

Not much else we had a mission conference. Pres e sis. Queroiz are leaving in a couple of days so the transfer conference was a whole mission affair. So that was a whole lot of people we have around 140 people in the mission right now. It’s a good time to be a missionary. They have made a new mission website that’s gonna be way cool for when i get back home and i can use it all the way. It’s really just a way that sister queroiz can keep an eye on us haha she way funny.

Mail news – I do get your letters and I got the package you sent on june 2nd when we were at the conference which was really nice. My comp thinks the thinks you put in my packages are way cool. He gets a lot of food but not so many of the funny things you send so keep it up mommy. Not to be all ungrateful and stuff but I do need pictures. Everybodys getting a little annoyed with me that I just had those two magnets cause my comp has like 3 albums haha.

I’m getting so fat here mom I don’t know what to do haha and yes its still really cold. Its was cold then 2 weeks ago warm and sunny, last weeks warmish and rainy, now its way cold buts clear skies and really windy. Everybody is getting sick cause its changing so much here. People are talking possibility of snow. What the heck this is Brazil!

Anyways that’s way cool to hear that Connor loved that part of girls camp. It’s always really exciting getting into a house and teaching the people. Its even better because our president implemented a new technique well [actually] two. One is that we use a flippy (flip chart or pictures) so that when we teach people actually pay attention to us and that helps especially in the first vision. The coolest thing is the blessings we give to people. In Luke 10 it talks about the Seventy [who] were sent out and told to bless the houses they entered with peace, heal, and preach the gospel  [and] President wondered why we didn’t do that and how none of the missions he had been in did that, so [now] we do. The first time you go to a house most of the time we talk to them and then tell them about our authority (I have to get a line of authority mom please) and we ask them what they would ask of Christ and then we bless the house. I’ve seen miracles through this. Families literally brought together through this effort.

I want you guys to know i’ll be praying for you and grandpa. I know that all us (me included) wish we could lay our hands on him and heal him instantly. Which as i’ve learned and seen happens but under the Lord’s direction. I wish grandpa could have that same blessing, who knows maybe he will. The greatest gift on this earth is the fact that we have the power to lay our hands and call down the powers of heaven for people. The second is our temples. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve talked about temples with people and they have got wide eyed and asked how they can have that. Now a lot of them don’t follow up on the things that we need to do but I have no doubt in my mind whatever happens to grandpa we will be a family forever and we will have that because of those very temples that we have a hard times getting to. I miss going once a week, [it’s] hard knowing I won’t ever got again in Brazil. I love you guys this gospel is true and we will all be together if we follow our Heavenly Father’s laws. These laws only make us happier that is one thing that is very clear in Brazil. I love you guys and I hope your call does not come soon.

Elder Fullmer

Elder Austin Fullmer – Twenty

20 June2011

Mutter und Vater und Familie,

20. How did this happen? I’m TWENTY. Auf Deutsch: Ich bin zwanzig. It is super crazy to me that I’ve been alive for two decades. Weird. You know what is also weird. On Wednesday, I’ll have been at the MTC from 4 weeks. A month. I was super excited when I got my birthday pacakage from you guys. The mail person took a couple of the package slips back at the same time. When he passed out the packages he said, “Elder Jackson, Elder Young, and Birthday Boy.” I’m was pretty excited. It was really cool to find a Birthday cake inside the package. It was a little smashed, but I’m sure it will taste delicious! I am going to take it with me to class tonight and share it with my district. Thank you for the ties too! They are beautiful. The was probably the most missionary-y thing I have ever type. But regardless I loved them!

Last Friday because of some mix-ups my companions and I had to teach three times. Once to both of our investigators (Marcello und Dirk) and then at the TRC. The TRC is the Teaching Resource Center. Every Friday my district goes here and as companions we practice teaching and talking to individuals who are already members. It is really nice to practice my German with little old people who won’t judge my bad Deutsch. I actually spoke a lot, and while I still don’t understand very much, I did understand a little. In the critique they give us, an elderly lady we taught wrote, “Elder Fullmer’s efforts were delightful.” I’ll take everything I can get.

We got two new districts in our Branch this week. They all seem pretty cool. There are six new elders and five new sisters. Which doubled the sister missionaries in our Branch. All eleven of them are going to Alpine German speaking mission.

Dad! I want to wish you a happy Father’s Day! I wrote you a letter on Wednesday, so hopefully you got it on Father’s Day. I love you very much! I’m so grateful that you are my Dad! I’m going to write you another hand written note today! Be excited!

This coming week is the new Mission President Seminar. All the new Mission Presidents who will be reporting to their missions in July will be here for a seminar. The coolest part is that 10 members of the Quorom of the Twelve and all three members of the First Presidency will be here! The MTC turns into Church Headquaters for the week. Way Cool. The main building is completly closed down for the next week, except for the Cafeteria. On Friday we have a special devotional where hopefully we’ll get to hear from someone in the First Presidency. That would be soooooo coooooool. That Friday night, the new Mission Presidents talk to their missionaries. Both the Alps mission and the Frankfurt mission are gettting new Mission Presidents, but Berlin is not. So my companions and I will be going to another big meeting for all those that don’t have a new Mission President. My Mission President is Br. Pimmentel (I think that is how you spell his name). He and his wife have been serving in German for the last two years and still have their third year left.

So like I sometimes do…. I was feeling a bit discouraged about my language weakness. My companion noticed and gave me a letter that his mom sent to him. It was a blog that some one wrote about the Atonement. It said, “There is no weakness that Jesus Christ cannot make strong. There is no flaw that his unable or unwilling to polish into glittering perfection.” I was so grateful to hear and know that.

My companion Elder Burnett and I both bought Primary Hymn books in German. They are so much fun. I sort of thought to buy it, because last Tuesday we heard from the German Primary President, President Rosemary Hixom. She was awesome to hear from and she had us all sing a few Primary songs. All 2000 of us!

Thank you for all the birtday wishes! I love you all!

Love, auf Wiedersehn, Peace,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Presents

Hey guys so a lot happened in the world of food this week. We’re going to a rodisio pizza place this Friday with a recent convert couple. They are way cool and were excited for that. The wife(the two in the picture I sent like two weeks ago)made us this avocado smoothie, more like shake, which sounds really bad, but was so good. I can’t tell you. Oh so many fruit that we never eat because people don’t eat it for lunch I guess.

Well the letters you’ve sent to the house have been coming now, so you’re good. The package came to floripa a couple weeks ago but I just got it last week because my comp is a new zone leader and went to a conference, so we got our packages.

First I’ll explain the pictures. The 4 of us and the kid is of a new missionary. He’s going to the north. So the box is the present we gave him. In Brazil you bring presents to a party like that. So just so you know a deodorant you just sent and a white shirt(one I hadn’t worn yet) went to him cause he really needs it. I just thought you should know this stuff doesn’t help just me. His moms such an alcoholic that people who don’t know her think she’s mentally handicapped.  That’s how little she functions.

Thanks for all you guys send to me. The drink packages are going to help and I already ate all of the food, so thank you so much.

The work here is going really well and its getting faster. Last Thursday I had to lead a missionary around my area because his comp and my comp had to go to the conference. His comp was the old ZL and mine is the new one. The cool thing is that we did so much and I knew where to go and who to teach. It felt really good and I set up a lot of times to come back to people.

Cool to hear that Scotty finally is getting to the temple, but way sad about grandpa. Keep me in the loop. I won’t worry, but just let me know what happens.

So I love you all I’ll write you next week.

elder fullmer

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Elder Austin Fullmer – A brother named Dirk

Dad, Mom, Family, and Friends!

I cannot believe that it has already been three weeks. Well, almost. I guess the three week mark is actually this Wednesday. It has been a very rewarding but difficult experience. My friend Nate wrote to me that he thought the MTC sounded a little bit like Swab Summer. In a way it does. While nobody is yelling at me, the schedule is really fast paced as Swab Summer was. It feels like we are always going to the Cafeteria and once I even forgot what meal I was going to. The days feel really, really long, but the weeks have gone fast so far. It is already another P-day.

We get to hear from awesome people here at the MTC. Last Tuesday, Elder Kikuchi from the 1st Quorum of the Seventy came to speak to us. He was awesome to hear. He talked about missionary work (I guess that is pretty obvious), the First Vision, and his own conversion. He lived in Japan during WWII during which his father died when a US Sub destroyed his father’s commercial fishing vessel. He grew up paying for his high school education by working during the day at a factory and then taking night classes. When he was 14 or 15 he got really sick and had to go to the hospital. At the hospital he was scared and prayed. A couple of days later two American missionaries knocked on his door. He was the only one home and answered it. He told the two missionaries that he hated Americans and that they should leave (remember that his father just died because of an American sub a few years earlier). The missionaries told him that they had a message about a young boy just his age. He told them that he would give them ten minutes. Within those ten minutes he felt the spirit and now is a General Authority. What a powerful testimony.

On Sunday, President Dunn called my two companions and I into a class room. President Dunn is my Branch President. He is awesome! Anyways, he talked to my companions and I about our companionship and how were getting along. My heart was beating so fast, because I new it time for new leadership in the Branch. He asked me to serve as the District leader for my District. I guess I’m excited. I don’t really know. The last three weeks our District leader was Elder Hymas and for the next three weeks it will be me. The final three weeks with be somebody else. My job is to lead the District for the next three weeks (right now there are four districts, three of which all reported in on 25MAY like me). I’m supposed to conduct meetings that we have as a district, check the mail twice a day, interview with all the senior companions, and report to the Branch President. I also have to go to Branch Council on Sunday mornings and Leadership Council on Tuesday evenings. President Dunn asked me what type of leader I thought I should be. I told him my philosophy was servant leadership.

Ok, so for some comic relief: Yesterday when I was walking to the temple (we get to go on temple walks every Sunday) I passed beneath a tree and felt a thump on my head. Why did I feel a thump on my head you may ask. I was cautiously asking the same question. I slowly reached my head toward my head and touch the top of my head. When I brought my hand down and saw my finger tip I started to laugh. A BIRD POOPED ON MY HEAD. I told everyone that was around me. Half the MTC probably knows that I got pooped on. Then I walked into the nearest MTC building and proceeded to wash my hair. What on earth are the chances of that!

We had two districts of Elders leave for the field today. I will really miss a lot of them. Fortunately my favorite, Elder Whitehead, is going to Berlin. I really hope that I will get to be his companion at some point. They all got here at some point in April. So there nine weeks ended in June. A new set of Elders and Sister will be coming in on Wednesday. New German-speakers come every third Wednesday. All of these missionaries will be going to the Alps mission which includes part of Germany, part of Switzerland and then all of Austria. Pretty cool.

I am still really loving my district. They are all awesome people. My companions too. Elder Burnett and Elder Stovall are really helpful and are fun to be around. We’ve become good friends. I’m glad that we are all going to Berlin, so that we won’t really have to say goodbye. I’ll be sad when we have to say goodbye to the four Elders in our District who are going to Frankfurt.

I have a new favorite Hymn here at the MTC. It is now “Come Thou Fount.” It is an original German hymn that used to be in English Hymn book, but isn’t anymore. I love it. My favorite part about learning German is singing in German. So Good. The German is coming along. Slowly, but surely. I’ve set some concrete goals for my language training, so I think that will help.

We are teaching two new “investigators.” One is Bruder Evans who is playing a Swiss man named Marcello. The other is Bruder DeCosta is playing a German named Dirk. It is way cool to have this sort of practice at the MTC. It makes teaching way more personal. I find myself thinking about these investigators all the time. How I can help them.

I love you all! I’m sorry if these letters are two religious for your liking. I’m primary writing to my parents and then to a variety of friends and family! That is sort of the nature of the next two years of my life.

Also, I only have a week more of teenager-hood. I turn twenty next Monday. Weird.

auf Wiedersehn,

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

Elder Tyler Fullmer – A little about food

So these last couple of weeks have been full of walking, but they have been good because we’ve been finding a lot of new investigators. We have hopes that this week we will have a lot more lessons. I’m still loving my comp, his name is Elder Hanson. He’s a great guy and he’s from Sacramento.  Where do uncle dennis and aunt willy live in Sacramento? Anyways he swam as well and since he swam, also plays water polo.  Yeah he’s pretty sick and we get along really well which is good. Bread here is so cheap and we never get it at lunch and it makes me really sad.

However we went to an investigators house to teach the first lesson and to see how the blessing went and she just filled the table with food. All of it some bread product and it was so good.  I really miss bread so much. I mean, I love rice and beans, but sometimes you want a good roll or two.  Really the food down here is way good and they feed us a lot more than they should and sometimes you know it’s all they have. I haven’t had to deal with a whole lot of fish though.

So the pictures I’m sending are me and my comp at the study desk  It’s my last two weeks in the first transfer.

Anyway, so we had to go give an interview for baptism, well my comp did, in a town called Atenangua? I don’t know if that’s how it’s spelled, so we got there all right and did all the interviews, 4 boys, the parents aren’t married yet so in about 30 days someone will be going back, and everyone passed, some good news there. We’ve had some problems with people just passing people to pass them, but these are good people. The parents are going to be married soon. They fed us cachorro quench(hot dog), you eat it here on french bread and its cut up and their more boiled in a sauce and its so good. It sounds really weird but its not at all. Oh fun fact for connor on hot dogs and hamburgers they they put things like peas and corn on them and its sooooo good.

So before we ate we called the bus service, sorry connor, I ride a lot of busses, and the bus we took out was the last one going to our city so we stayed there that night and were late for church the next day. We were freaked out, well my comp was, cause he had to speak.

My companion went to talk to our new converts, who we got to go to the temple, but she hates skirts. So when she asked what they needed to bring to the temple, we neglected to say you need to wear a skirt in the temple. So she shows up in pants to the bus which is normal cause its way cool and all the women were wearing pants and changed into skirts, but guess who didn’t have one. That’s right our recent convert. So they couldn’t go in…………….but we luckily had a member that was driving up and lied saying “oh yeah I never planned on going in but here is a skirt for you to use”, so we got them in. It was all happy in criciúma brazil.

Hey I gotta go, but I love you guys. Wish I was there playing games with you guys. When we get our money and reiembursments ill get more bread haha bye.


***I had written that if he misses bread and it’s cheap, why not buy some….ha****

Elder Tyler Fullmer – It’s really freaking cold here

SO I have 4 points you need to listen to, and need to tell Jonathan and Scotty.
1. Mostly for Scotty… it’s freaking cold here. You don’t have a dryer… bring 2 towels. Most of the time the one is slightly soggy and that’s no fun.


*** I told him to buy a stupid extra towel then…geez***


2. Bring a photo book,  I need one please, just full of random family stuff and the Brazilians love it, and their so sad to know you’ve only got 2 pictures and NONE OF YOUR MOM.


*** Told him waahhhh, I don’t do pics of me, but I’m actually putting together one to send.****


3. Make sure you know how to cut your toe nails. Ingrown toenails are not cool and fun fact I just got over one and it’s not fun. Really hurts and the tithing has to be used so please warn them. Can I just say it hurts a lot and no one wants it to get infected.


***Am I the worst mom ever….thought the toe nail thing was a no brainer  🙂  ***


4. It’s really freaking cold here. 14c and it felt way colder. Plus Sunday naps are something to cut out. Sundays are killing me here. Anyways be prepared for the cold.

What I mean is we get refunded when we have a medical problem and that’s tithing money. I felt dumb asking to go to the doctor for something preventable.


The coat and blanket have come in handy so much I can’t even tell you. Right now because of that I’m doing good.  I don’t need anything else, but thank you for asking. It makes me laugh because people made fun of me for having both of those things.  There’s this one area named chapeco where the mission had to buy a space heater and sometimes their clothes freeze.


*** I made him take his fleece blanket and heavy duty wool coat.  He didn’t want to squeeze them in but I insisted.  Glad he didn’t ditch them in the MTC***


Anyways I was really worried about the fast and testimony meetings, but surprisingly they are so much better here. There are actual testimonies. I gave mine for the first time and everyone is always surprised when I start talking and I tell them I’ve been here for two months. Plus yesterday was my first time giving the spiritual thought at a lunch.


The thought is just like, after we eat we give them a little message you know. The missionaries do it here too. Pretty much it was just asking for help. I used scriptures about missionary work and then one about not being scared because the lord is going to strengthen us.  It went well and I think they understood.

Man,  I eat so much here. I’m going to be fat when I go home. I was up 20 pounds in the MTC. I don’t think I’ve gained more,  and I’ve come to love rice and beans… haha.

R. João Serafim 2020
888-00000-Santa Luzia-Criciúma-SC

My address, only send your letters.  Send packages to the mission home.