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Elder Tyler Fullmer – Beans, beans, the magical fruit

Ok so im trying more pics I don’t know why it didn’t work.  Anyway, this week has gone ok. We have a baptismal date for the 4th but……….she didn’t come to church so now we have to push it back. I mean she prayed about the Book of Mormon and said she saw a ball of light and heard that the church was true, I mean how much more does she need.  Except she does have a coffee problem. So there’s her, and we had three other investigators  at church and the mom of the two daughters met her old bible study friend who is now the wife of the 1st counselor in the stake presidency, so that was a blessing. Who knows what will happen with that, but we can hope. The member seems like she knows what we need help wise, so that should be good.

I’m sure dad wouldn’t tell you I mean, come on its dad. He won’t tell you anything.

***I was telling him in my email that we now have to open the second overflow on Sunday’s to fit everyone and it seems like we should be splitting the ward, but that if Bill knows, he’s not saying  🙂  ***

I figured the pictures out so that’s helpful.  Yeah life is good here, but our area is huge. So big we can’t get to barely any of it. Food is great as always and I’m always eating beans haha.

Sorry about not getting the address to you, but we’re in the middle of some emergency transfers and I don’t know who’s going yet. This mission has had some problems with rules. So letters sent to the mission home I get not very often, but until things get figured out it’ll have to do.
Elder Fullmer

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Elder Austin Fullmer – Off to the MTC

Dear Friends,
I’m in Las Cruces, NM right now for my sister’s graduation and I am visiting friends from high school. Tonight is my last night before I leave for the Missionary Training Center. My flight leaves from the El Paso Airport at 6:10 tomorrow morning, so the day is going to start pretty early. I report into the MTC at 1:00 PM tomorrow afternoon, and I’m super excited. Honestly, I have to keep reminding myself that this R-day will not be anything like the R-day I experienced two years ago. Hopefully there won’t be twenty-somethings yelling at me tomorrow.

In the future, I’m not exactly sure how communication is going to work. For now I am a 100% sure that I can receive mail by post.

My address is going to be

Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer
MTC Mailbox # 224
GER-BER 0726
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

I would love letters! I’m not sure when I will be allowed to use my email or what the rules will be with my email. Obviously you can always email me; I’m just not sure if I will be able to email you back. Regardless, I will be allowed to email my parents once a week and my mom will be forward that email to all of you!
Her email is  Also, my cool cousin Clifford has created a site for another cousin of mine who is also on a mission and myself. He will be posting all of my emails on that site. Right now you’ll find great letters from my cousin Tyler Fullmer who is serving in Brazil. The site is Hopefully my emails will start appearing there. If I get to send home any pictures, they will be at this website.

Well, wish me luck! I’m off to the MTC. Hopefully the German language treats me well.

Love Elder Austin Arthur Fullmer

A note

One of the blessings of such a big family is that on occasion we have the wonderful opportunity to have several missionaries out at the same time. Currently we are experiencing such an occasion as Tyler’s cousin, Austin has now left for the Missionary Training Center in Provo as he prepares for his mission to Germany. Now as both Elder’s email home we will have the privilege of following a pair of the Lord’s servants as they diligently share the restored gospel. Each post will be marked so that it’s clear who wrote it and make sure to keep both of them in your prayers as they serve.

Elder Tyler Fullmer – Arrival at Criciúma

I got sent to Criciúma and its way nice here. I love it. I’m going to try to send pictures in a separate email. I haven’t had time to take some here, but I’ll send some I took from the CTM.

The only letters I’ve gotten here so far were ones that got sent to Provo after I left. They got sent on to the mission, not the CTM… haha… so I got a couple old ones and no packages have made it through yet.

I’m Really glad I did not get sent to Floripa. They call my Zone the pit, says my comp, but the area is one of the best in the mission. Sadly yes, my mission president is going to change in a couple of weeks, but he’s been good and the mission has been improving massively. He’s also close to having to shut his job down. It’s gone down the toilet since he’s been on his mission. So that’s kind of sad, but you can really see that they love the missionaries they work with. We’re all going to miss them.

Well I had my first lesson a couple days ago and not much to say there, because I didn’t say a word.  I had my First ward activity and that was way cool. Broke my shoes in playing soccer, and no shock, was being beaten by 12 year olds. We had some good old fashioned churasco(bbq) I hope that’s how you spell it.  It was way good.

We haven’t had too many investigators lately.   They, the previous elders(and my comp admits it), focused a little too much on four people that were close to baptism, and they were baptized.  We have been working hard to find new investigators though.

Yesterday was interesting. It was the 50th anniversary of the church here, so the two wards had a special meeting.  Oh there’s 2 areas and 6 missionaries( 4 elders in my area and 2 sisters in the rich part). It was cool, I didn’t get a whole lot out from it, but it was cool to see. Then we had lunch, which is a topic of interest.  We have very small breakfasts, huge lunches, and no dinner, but we have a snack at like 930 or 10pm when we get back. The members do a lot for us and we do eat a lot. They say we never eat dinner, but members feed us, or investigators feed us, so we do get a lot of food.   Its always really good.

So we taught a lesson to a inactive family. We got invited over for cake and my comp started in about the sacrifices of the early members in Criciúma and moved into Joseph Smith and the early members, and that temples are so important.  He put in a DVD clip from “The prophet of the restoration”, great movie, and at that point one of the daughters started getting teary and I knew I had to think of something and prayed for the spirit. Well, the movie got done and I know I’ve got to say something, so I break out D&C 124:135 I believe, where it mentions David Fullmer, and talked about the early church, our family, and temples. Which in and of itself is not crazy, but I was near tears, half the family was crying, and I didn’t stutter, I spoke correctly and without mistake. I can’t do it now and the only explanation was that the spirit gave me what I needed to say.

And so here I am on a computer in a lanhouse(an internet cafe without food) telling you that it’s all good here. I know I’m out doing God’s work no matter how many people look at me like I’m crazy.

I love you guys, I’ll email you next week, bye.

Elder Fullmer

So he did send pictures, but in a weird nonformat.  Sooooooo…..still no pics.  I emailed back that he needs to send them again, but he needs to upload them in jpeg.  It’s killing me to have NO pictures.  Sigh!

Elder Tyler Fullmer – All I really want is Old Spice

Ok so I have to start out with the Elder Fullmer vs Elder Torres epic part 2.  I almost had to be companions with him again. I had to talk to the scheduling guy about it and we got that whole thing worked out. I said, “I will be his companion if I have to, but honestly we didn’t get along.”  The guy saw Elder Torres and made a joke about us being comps and fighting.  To that he responded with, “we never physically fought, but I wanted to”. That made me laugh.  Elder Emerson, in my old district, asked him why he didn’t like me and the biggest thing he could think of is that I went to the bathroom too much. HAHAHA.  It made me laugh so hard and yet made me mad. So I will not be his companion in the field, after explaining the situation to the president.

*****So as a mom I’m torn between being irritated by some 19yr old kid being mean to my 19 yr old kid and knowing that it’s an amazing growing experience.  The lessons they learn about living with and getting along with others over these next two years are amazing.  I’m also amazed at the growth and maturity all of these interpersonal lessons will bring.*****

Anyways on to happier notes…. I did get the SD card, but nothing was on it so I didn’t see anything. That made me sad.

****At Easter we made a little “Hi Ty” video on the sd card we sent back to him, hoping he would be able to watch it on his camera…sounds like no luck***** 

We got to hold a “baptismal” service. I got to be the investigator for that one, so that was cool. We did it all in Portuguese so we could practice everything. It was legit, someone conducted, we had a special musical number, and everything. It was way cool to do.

The speakers this week were really good. One brought his daughter. She was 13 when he got his call as a mission president. So she and her older sister(back at BYU) have been here for the full 3 years. I had no idea they called people on missions when they still had kids at home, let alone a foreign one.

The next was a question and answer time with the 1st counselor in the Brazil area presidency. I was almost late for that one. My district had no idea that it started one hour earlier so we had to book it up the stairs.

****Once again details…geez I keep asking for details. Would like to hear what the topics and answers were…sigh****

Anyways, I would send you guys stuff but things around here are really expensive so until I’m in Florianopolis I don’t think I’ll send anything. People think they can rip missionaries off here.

****I told him sending a few goodies home as he goes out shopping would be awesome and not turned away..ha…we can keep his debit card balance up so no problem….sigh…us girls are dying to know what we are missing…..  🙂    ******

The only thing that I really want or need is more Old Spice deodorant, but that’s about it.

***The Old Spice commercial with the guy on the horse just went through my head….good news, the box in the mail has Old Spice deodorant in it, I anticipated the need…hahahaha, what a cheap date.  I had asked him if he needed anything in the box I’ll send this month****

I might be able to call in the airport. It would be at like 7 am here so way early there. So look out. I don’t think I will unless my mission president tells us to call, but it might happen. Oh and Dad the reason I asked about BF Johnson was because one was mentioned in our heritage.

See you guys, I love you.

*****I’m still whiny about not getting a Mother’s Day phone call and had asked him if they get to call on the way to Florianopolis.  They don’t get to call from the MTC on holidays since I suppose, there’s too many missionaries and they haven’t been gone that long if they are still in MTC…I still find it irritating…   😦     Sorry if my notations throughout were irritating, he tends to respond to some of the questions or comments that I’ve made in my emails/letters*****

Two weeks before Elder Tyler Fullmer hits the streets

Hey, this week has been crazy. I asked pres. and he said I could take a camera to temple once so I could get a picture.  Well our whole district did, so I quickly got a picture today. I can’t believe I have officially 2 weeks left at the CTM today.  That’s so crazy. I feel like I just got to Provo.

We went out to the busiest street in São Paulo last Friday and placed three mores Books of Mormon and got way more funny rejections that day. One guy found out we were Americans and just laughed at us and said he wouldn’t believe since we were Americans. Then some guy was nice till we introduced ourselves and then he just angrily walked away. I guess one of the books maybe doesn’t count, because the guy was crazy and probably homeless, but he wouldn’t leave us alone so we gave him one.

So the other day I met Elder Halstrom(a member of the 70) and Elder Marco Antionio Precito( an area 70). I love it here. It’s so small you meet a lot of people.  We didn´t talk to Elder Halstrom for too long, but Elder Precito´s wife talked to us for a long time.  She just told us to keep working hard and we’ll do a lot of good down here.

Well our teacher just quit and nobody knows why. Just didn’t show up for a couple of days and then they told us that he quit, so now we have a new one. He’s good and he’s really pushing us to cut out English in his class, and by that I mean he doesn’t respond to English haha. Well other than that not much else new here.

I get your letters really often. About every other day. Sometimes I get 2 at once. Everybody in the district thinks it’s crazy that I get so many, but I love it, thank you. Half my district is going crazy in the CTM. Our Brazilian roommates leave next week.  Hopefully we will get new ones, because they are amazing people and extremely helpful.

As for Brazilian food I don’t know how I could describe it. It’s not so different and my teacher tells us that it isn’t even close here to what it will be. What I eat outside though is really good. Like I said last week, I had some wild boar and that was really good. The main thing is that they spice it differently and they use a whole lot of fat. They don’t seem to mind it that much, the fat I mean. The desserts in the CTM aren’t that good, but there’s a drink here called guadana that is really good. It’s made from a fruit only found in the Amazon. Speaking of the fruit here, they have the best pineapple, and its white. When I first tried it I didn’t know what it was, but yes it is white pineapple, and way better that the U.S.

Well I love you guys.

Elder Fullmer